The Leafs 2007-08 Team, with a good GM

The leafs have 12 players (including Belak) under contract for next year with a cap hit of $27.55 Million. We would all expect to see Antropov and Poni resigned as well as Colaiacovo and White. So lets say together they’ll be making about $5 mill. So this brings the salary up to $32.55 million.

The Leafs want Sundin back, and they also want their scoring winger and some depth on the second line. In this day of the salary cap, where buying you team is no longer possible it takes a shrewd GM to swallow his pride and make some important and sly moves.


A somewhat reliable penguins source, is reporting that Sidney Crosby played the final month of the season with a broken foot?!?!

Credit Muckler and Murray

First off – Full marks to the Pens and Sidney Crosby in the emerging dynasty’s first playoff series. For all the Crosby haters on this site, wait until he plays your team in the playoffs, you’ll have a level of respect and admiration for the way Crosby plays that will make you a fan of his for life. If you don’ t like the way Sid plays hockey, you should maybe try being a basketball fan.
As Ottawa disposed of the Penguins in 5 games, it was hard not to notice how all the new arrivals in Ottawa played such a huge part in the Sens victory, full marks should go to the coach and GM for rebuilding the blueline and adding the missing pieces to make the Senators playoff ready.

What the Leafs should do…this one's nice and long.

So I am in complete understanding that people are probably tired of reading these but don’t worry, I’m better than all those other idiots who want to trade Kubina and McCabe for Brad Richards or whatever….I’m good.

So anyways I first want to go through the people who we have to sign.

Potential Retirees

Last season, the NHL lost players such as Mario Lemeiux, Brett Hull and Luc Robitaille. While there are not any greats such as these, there will probably be more good players lost to the speed of the game

Worth the Cost?

Now that the massacre is over, it’s now safe to analyze Atlanta’s roster moves for the postseason. Namely Keith Tkachuk and Alexei Zhitnik.

Blue Jackets Fire Maclean

The Columbus Blue Jackets fired their GM and President Doug Maclean. Of course, this is what every columbus fan wanted and expected.

Who will advance in the west

So coming to the near end of the 2007 conference quarter finals round. I was taking a look at who look promising to make it thru to next round and who has a better chance at beating who and moving on the the conference finals. Then of course to the final dance for the drink from greatest trophy in sports. Here are series sums and how they look to finish. I am only focusing on western for one my team is in that conference and it is the most entertaining i think.

Who are the top three players in NHL history?

Ok i’m going to keep this short what I want is for every one to pick there
top three greatest players of all time. Witch I think will never be decided but ill give it a shot.

Realistic expectations for the 2007 offseason

I had a chance to listen to Bob Gainey’s end-of-the-season press conference, and I couldn’t agree more with his assestment of the team: it’s unbalanced.

Standing In The Crease Still A Factor?

I can’t remember the last time I saw a goal waved off because a player was standing in the crease. As far as I know that rule was taken off years ago. Last night I was watching the Anaheim v.s Minnesota game in which the wild won the game 4-1, it could have been 5-1 but the goal was disallowed. Now i can’t remember that part of the game because it wasn’t in the highlights this morning, but I remember the minnesota defender shot it from the point and scored, but the referee waved it off because someone was standing in the crease. All I want to know is if they still disallow goals when players are standing there, because I remember people hated it near the end of the late 90’s and it was taken off years ago, but why are some ref’s bringing it back.

Whats wrong with Antropov?

So I have been reading all of these articles by people talking about what the leafs should do next summer and pretty much all of them list players that we should let go for next season. Every time it’s Peca, Perrault, O’Neill and….Antropov? I’m all for mixing up the team a little and seeing new faces but one of my personal favourite players this season (other than Kaberle, Sundin and Wellwood basically) was Nik Antropov. Let me tell you why….

Bob Hartley Hangs Rookie Kari Lehtonen out to Dry. Pure DisRespect

How a coach can hang basically a rookie goal out to dry is beyond me. I have never seen such disrespect for the game and for a young player then I did tonight.

Bob Hertley can not leave a goalie who was playing his first full season out on that ice like he did.

As a Ranger fan… Thanks Hartley… as a Hockey fan…. this coach needs to be fired.