Who will advance in the west

So coming to the near end of the 2007 conference quarter finals round. I was taking a look at who look promising to make it thru to next round and who has a better chance at beating who and moving on the the conference finals. Then of course to the final dance for the drink from greatest trophy in sports. Here are series sums and how they look to finish. I am only focusing on western for one my team is in that conference and it is the most entertaining i think.

Who are the top three players in NHL history?

Ok i’m going to keep this short what I want is for every one to pick there
top three greatest players of all time. Witch I think will never be decided but ill give it a shot.

Realistic expectations for the 2007 offseason

I had a chance to listen to Bob Gainey’s end-of-the-season press conference, and I couldn’t agree more with his assestment of the team: it’s unbalanced.

Standing In The Crease Still A Factor?

I can’t remember the last time I saw a goal waved off because a player was standing in the crease. As far as I know that rule was taken off years ago. Last night I was watching the Anaheim v.s Minnesota game in which the wild won the game 4-1, it could have been 5-1 but the goal was disallowed. Now i can’t remember that part of the game because it wasn’t in the highlights this morning, but I remember the minnesota defender shot it from the point and scored, but the referee waved it off because someone was standing in the crease. All I want to know is if they still disallow goals when players are standing there, because I remember people hated it near the end of the late 90’s and it was taken off years ago, but why are some ref’s bringing it back.

Whats wrong with Antropov?

So I have been reading all of these articles by people talking about what the leafs should do next summer and pretty much all of them list players that we should let go for next season. Every time it’s Peca, Perrault, O’Neill and….Antropov? I’m all for mixing up the team a little and seeing new faces but one of my personal favourite players this season (other than Kaberle, Sundin and Wellwood basically) was Nik Antropov. Let me tell you why….

Bob Hartley Hangs Rookie Kari Lehtonen out to Dry. Pure DisRespect

How a coach can hang basically a rookie goal out to dry is beyond me. I have never seen such disrespect for the game and for a young player then I did tonight.

Bob Hertley can not leave a goalie who was playing his first full season out on that ice like he did.

As a Ranger fan… Thanks Hartley… as a Hockey fan…. this coach needs to be fired.

The Leafs and their fans desire to sign a Stanley Cup…

So with all of the “The Leafs need to sign……” posts lately; it has triggered my thoughts on one important point:

Didn’t you learn your lesson back in the Pat Quinn era?

Leafs to Follow in Canucks Footsteps?

Does JFJ have the guts to do what Nonis did? or will he just flab around and do some annoying pointless thing, we will have to see, I WILL actually check money and contracts so this is atleast kind of realistic but Im not sure if JFJ would have the guts to do something like this, well here are my ideas…

Playoffs Hockey, Non Playoffers Part Deux, Bettman

Hello fellow hockey fans and happy new week to the year. It’s playoffs hockey, but before I get to that, I think the non-playoff teams from the West deserve some very general coverage. Besides, I’d like to hear what those fans think of their teams as well.

Playoffs hockey is the real talk, though, and now that a couple of games have been played there is no need for me to act like an “expert” in analyzing the obvious as others do on TV before the playoffs started.

Annnnnnd……….. Gary Bettman. Yes, this is going to be quite controversial and I dare you to read!

Leafs Untouchables

Well, obviously Sundin and Raycroft are not packing up and leaving any time soon, no matter how much some impatient people want them to but lets talk about a few more of their untouchable players..

2007-2008 Nuck's

I just want to show people what the Canucks team could look like next year, and just writing some ideas.

Leafs Year: 2008-2009

It looks like the Leafs won’t get much help next season from the prospect Pool. Pogge and Earl need more time with the Marlies. Stralman is a few years away from playing in the NHL, Williams needs a good healthy year before being called up, Tlusty and Aubin will join the AHL ranks next season, and Kulemin has signed a 1 year deal in Russia for Next season.

Sidney Crosby mature beyond his years

This is just a short blurb in defense of Crosby against all the critics who enjoy criticizing Sidney.

Go to http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/index launch the video player, sort by NHL on the left, and click on “Is Sidney Crosby The Next Great One?” It’s fairly balanced and even has senile Don Cherry representing the critics, with Wayne Gretzky representing the supporters.

I know who I respect more.