Satan To Be A Leaf???

Its been reported by numerous Experts and sources that the Buffalo Sabres are interested in trading star forward Miroslav Satan, and the Leafs might just get him!….

McLaren to Bolts???

The Boston Globe reports that Tampa has offered forward Fredrik Modin straight up for holdout defenseman Kyle Mclaren.

Kolzing up for grabs?

Howard Eskin of NBC 10 reported Saturday that reliable sources have told him that the Flyers had contacted the Washington Capitals about the availability of goalie Olaf Kolzig. So far there has been no sign as to the Capitals willingness to part with Kolzig, and it is not known what players Bob Clarke offered in return.

Bure Torn ACL. Rumors Start to Fly.

Bure had an MRI on his Left knee and it is clear that Bure has a torn ACL. He is gone for the season. This will be his First Surgery on his Left Knee.

(It sounds dumb but……….)

Rumor has it that the Rangers have picked up all trade talk’s since Bure went down and out.

An inside source has it, that Sather is looking to make a move that could come in a week or 2. Maybe sooner.


Every hockey fan has an opinion about how to run the NHL. There is no question that the league is really hurting right now. Something needs to be done, and fast. Here are a few ideas that I have to make the league more profitable for its teams, and more enjoyable for it’s fans.

The Slow Death Of The NHL

The Slow Death Of The NHL

“The Coolest Game On Earth”, so the saying goes. It’s a catchy saying, but it may soon need to be revised to “The Coldest Game On Earth”. The NHL is failing, and not just a little bit. Recent reports claim that only 4 of 30 NHL teams are actually making a profit (Toronto, Philly, Detroit, Colorado). It’s a sad time for the NHL as the current collective bargaining agreement is about to expire in the summer of 2004 and a bitter, long, and cold war is going to being staged that will either reshape the NHL or destroy it.


Bob Clarke does it again. Pulling off a blockbuster trade that will turn things around for the flyers and put them over the top in the NHL. Ragnarsson. That its. The scoring woes are over. They got Ragnarrsson. Because you know it was all McGillis’s fault right?? BOB CLARKE STINKS AS A GM AND HAS TO GO.

How far are they from the playoffs??????

The Atlanta Thrashers are abetter than their record, that is for sure but just how much better?

Here are the top five reasons the Thrashers could be in the playoffs this spring.

Full Team still not together…….

The fullest Ranger team has still not been seen…..

In the first few games Bure was out with his knee. By the time he came back Holik was out with his hip. By the time Holik came back Richter was out with a concussion. And by the time Richter was feeling a little better Leetch went out with an Ankle. Now With Leetch coming back in a week or so… and maybe Richter in a few weeks…. Bure goes down with his knee again……

Garrioch at it again

The ultimate gossip monger for the Ottawa Senators is at it again today with his latest rants and raves about an “impending deal” with the NYI. Today he is claiming that Muckler is on the phone all the time with Milbury and that the deal is right around the corner. On the block are Bonk, Isbister, Scatchard, and Arvedson. Bonk seems to be the flavour of the week for him as this is the 3rd article this week he has posted with his name and trade in the same paragraph. Here is the story.

Losing Interest in the NHL (NHL BASH Topic COMING SOON!!!)

Hey titans, how are the refs in the minor leagues?

Check out the following events in tonight’s Rangers. DO FEEL FREE TO ADD AS MANY BASHES AS YOU WANT ON THE REFS AND THE LEAGUE.

What Sabres might be on the move, and why is Lindy Ruff Still coaching?

Some info on two players that might be on their way out of Buffalo and the reason why Lindy Ruff will not be fired…for now at least.

Fluery Ready to Play

Chicago coach Brian Sutter says winger Theo Fluey is ready to play. The decision now lies in the hands of two doctors who seem to be taking there time making up their minds. After being suspended for the first quarter of the season, it seems as if he’ll be back in the next few weeks. This is definitely good news for the Hawks.

After a good start to the season, Chicago is one and seven in there last eight games. Mironov requesting a trade doesn’t help much either. Adding Fluery to the lineup would add another scoring threat to this struggling team.

But even with Fluery back, this team is still a solid defenceman and a proven goaltender away from making the playoffs

Jason Allison is Back!!!


Los Angeles Kings center Jason Allison is ready to play tomorrow night and will be a game time decision on Thursday night against the Nashville Predators. His status will be determined following a medical examination on Thursday afternoon by Kings Team Physician Dr. Ronald Kvitne of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthapaedic Clinic.

Wilson to coach Sharks

(Dec. 4th) –- Two days after the San Jose Sharks fired coach Darryl Sutter, it appears they’ve found a replacement.

Ron Wilson, who led the Washington Capitals to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1998, will reportedly be named the next bench boss of the Sharks.

Flyers to get Iginla???

A recent trade rumor has the Philadelphia flyers trading Simon Gagne, Pavel Brendl, Roman Cechmanek and another player for Jarome Iginla and Roman Turek.

I think this trade is good for both teams even though i think just gagne and cechmanek for ignla and turek is good enough. Unless the flames add in Saprikin or Regher or gauthier. Even though i disagree with trading Gagne JUST because he is struggling this season because he is going to become an unbelievable player in this league, however so is iginla so we’ll have to see what happens. What do you guys think about this?

Mariusz Czerkawski placed on Waivers

It didn’t take long for Montreal Canadien’s GM Andre Savard to satisfy Mariusz Czerkawski wishes, placing the Polish winger on waivers on Tuesday. Czerkawski had recently asked for a trade a from Montreal on Monday. So far this season, Czerkawski has had 9 points, 2 goals and 7 assists. Other NHL teams have until Wednesday to claim the forward.

In 605 career games in the NHL, Czerkawski has scored 179 goals with 192 assists.

Comments Taken from (2002).

(In french)

Calgary and San Jose Coaching Jobs allready filled?’s Bob McKenzie is reporting the Calgary Flames and San Jose Sharks may have allready filled there coaching jobs.

McKenzie is reporting the Flames will name Saint John Flames coach Jim Playfair as coach of the Flames.Playfair 38 has been the coach of the AHL Flames for the last 3 years, and led the team to the calder cup in his first year behind the bench.Some arrangements have to be made, but its expected that he will be the new coach of the team.

As for the Sharks, McKenzie is reporting that they have only spoken to 1 man former Capitals coach Ron Wilson for the job. And that sources are reporting that Wilson is in San Jose, and talking to Sharks GM Dean Lombardi, and if it goes well he will be named coach by the end of the week if not sooner.

The Panther Report

The Florida Panthers (7-8-6-4)are off to a surprising start this year by staying around the .500 mark and near or in a spot for the playoffs for the first quater of the season. This is due to a number of reasons.

Habs Czerkawski DEMANDS Trade

Canadiens’ forward Mariusz Czerkawski has asked the team for a trade.

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