Ducks/Leafs on the Verge of a Deal?

With Anaheim basically dumping Bryzgalov on waivers and further watering down the goalie market in the NHL today, it is being reported on some sites that the Ducks and Leafs are on the verge of making a deal. What the components of the deal are is unknown at this moment.

Ilya Available

Now that Anahiem have made Ilya Bryzgalov available through waivers, who will be the takers?

What To Do As A Leafs Fan?

Yet another loss for the most valuable hockey club in the NHL right now…

Illya Bryzgalov

A bit of speculation on my part.

Sourced Trade Rumours 7

Here is the 7th Sourced Trade Rumours article.

Kesler for Carter?

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During last nights broadcast of the Canucks and Oilers on TSN a rumor was mentioned between the Flyers and Canucks.


I believe now is a perfect time for a trade. At the start of the hockey season, I thought (like most) that Plekanec would not be a good fit as #2 center with the Habs… well, Plekanec is proving everybody wrong! Along with Kovalev and Koivu, T.P. has been one of the most consistent forwards on the Habs this year.

If management is going down, they're taking the team down with them.

Its no secret that if the Leafs miss the playoffs, both Maurice and Ferguson will likely go. What many people dont realize, is the devastating effects this could have on the team.

Are the Habs for real?

I have been coming to this site on a daily basis for the last 6 months or so and I finally decided to post an article. this is my first one so please be easy on me.

After about 20% of the season played already, the Habs have been playing some pretty amazing hockey for a team that many were predicting them to finish 13th in the East and I started to wonder, are the teams taking them seriously or should they? Lets look at a few stats.

McCabe to Blackhawks? “offsides” has reported a rumor about the blackhawks asking about the availability of Bryan McCabe.

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