Chris Phillips resigns

Ottawa has locked up Chris Phillips to a 4 year, 14 million dollar deal. It includes a no-trade clause. This comes a day after the Sens resigned his partner, Anton Volchenkov, to a 3 year deal

Playoff Predictions….

So, I figured that I’d make my personal playoff predictions and allow you guys (and gals) to flame me a little. Remember, it’s all my opinions and I don’t care if you agree or disagree, just give a reason for your arguments. Also, feel free to post your own predictions (and prepare for others to flame you as well).

Oh, by the way, GO OILERS GO!!! 2008 Stanley Cup Champions!!! Greatest Franchise EVER!!!

Hawks Win Lottery!

The Chicago Blackhawks will get first pick in the upcoming entry draft. Source:


It’s now time for the Official HTR PLAYOFFS POOL.

Go inside for all the details.

Why Leaf fans will never be happy…

Leaf fans will never be happy and here’s why.

PTS with BOB and JFJ

Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown

Featuring: Toronto Maple Leafs GM John Ferguson Jr.

Monday, April 9th, 2007

Time: 5:00 P.M. EST

Sympathy for Non-Playoff'ers

The playoffs are up, regular season is over and everyone is talking about the playoff teams. Well, I like to be different! I like this place to be different than other Web sites. Everyone is talking playoffs hockey so what is the point for me to do the same and saying not much different, right?

Is the trade deadline overhyped?

Besides Sean Avery, no one who was traded at the deadline has made much of an impact.

Walk the Walker

A lot, I repeat a lot of talk has circulated about, what the Leafs are going to do now. Well, the Leafs always talk the talk, but can they walk the walk too? In other years, the moves have not lived up to the hype, but maybe, just maybe the Leafs will this year.

Panthers' Belfour and Peltonen arrested

Belfour and teammate Ville Peltonen were at the bar when security guards from the club asked police to make Belfour leave, police said.

The 41-year-old goaltender from Carman, Man., refused and walked towards the officer “in a fighting stance” and pushed him, a Miami Beach police report said.

Belfour pulled away from the officer trying to arrest hi

What I would want gainey to do in my dreams

The offseason will be more meaningful, if not more roller-coastery, than the regular season for the Montreal Canadiens.

In the last winning stretch to contend, the Habs were led by a core of young players.
In the two-game meltdown to lose the berth, they were let down by the vets; Kovalev’s give aways and Koivu’s penalties.

Revisiting My Predictions

As some of you may or may not know, I posted an article ( before the games of March 8th giving some insight and Nostradamus-like predictions regarding how the bottom of the Eastern Conference would play out and which teams would make it into the playoffs.

Let’s see how close I was…

Toronto's Offseason

I know that every second article is what the leafs should do with their offseason. I just want to offer my 2 cents, as I am not a leaf fan (go sabres).