Datsyuk signs 7 year extension!

Detroit’s Pavel Datsyuk just signed a 7 year contract extension worth between 6 and 7 million per season!

Pitt Sens Playoff Preview.

Pitt’s winning percentage in 1 goal-games is .558%, Ottawa’s is .313%. This is a very telling stat. Pitt has won 24 1 goal-games, to Ottawa’s 10. This is the only that could tell you which way the series could go.

Ottawa has scored 282 goals, Pitt has 275.

Ottawa has given up 219 goals, Pitt 249.

Pitt has the 5th best Power-Play, Ottawa has the 14th.

Ottawa has the 7th best Penalty-Kill, Pitt the 17th.

Brodeur Sets New Record*

Last night Martin Brodeur did what no goalie has ever done before and that is win his 48th game of the season. Brodeur can add this to his long list of accomplishments as well as reasons why he might just become the greatest goaltender of all time.

Your All-Star Team

If you could pick any NHL players to be on your team right now, what 5 lines (plus taxi squad) would you make on offense, 4 lines on D (+ 2 on taxi) and what 3 starting goalies (+1) would you pick?

Would you bother with a ‘checking’ line or have all scoring?

why we need Sundin

There is a lot of talk that the leafs should part ways with Sundin and focus on the future. I am here to write that parting with Sundin at this moment will not help us but hurt us more at the present time and in the near future. Reason being we do not have that next star to take over the Maple Leafs, There is no clear or forseable star waitin or up and coming. Everytime since the 90s the leafs have traded a star player another one was ready to take over. Lets take a look.

What to do with McCabe in the off-season

Bryan McCabe is not worthh 5.75mill a season average and most certainly not worth 7.1 this season an next. So lets provide HOPEFULLY our new GM in the off-season with some ideas assuming jfj will (please god) be FIRED.

Nessessary Changes For The Leafs Off-season

First things first, I have to point out some of the Leafs faults during this season.
First: Not being able to bounce back after a big win. Yes I know how much this frustrates you but it is true the leafs have a serious over confidence issue. Think about anytime beat someone by a 5 or more goal difference they lost the next game.

Canucks roster NEXT YEAR?

With Vancouver already locking up the “core” for next season, I wonder what is in store for the rest of the players?

The year's biggest busts

With the season almost over I wanted to know who you guy think has been the biggest busts this season

Changes needed

first move: fire john *****in furgason (jfj) he has not produced any star talent and has overpaid for some of the crap that wear a leaf uniform.
second move. Gotta move McCabe some way…i know he has a no movement clause but if u tell a player ur not wanted here anymore he’ll probably waive it…what u can get is a whole different story..
3rd move gill he does not block shots, hit, move the puck and gets caught in the offensive soon….as he did today when the flyers scored the first goal.
4th move stajan…he’s young has some value so we could get something for him….there is no room for him on the leaf roster….sundin, wellwood, peca and pohl….and i would not switch anyone one of those guys for stajan..

5 players named to team Canada's 2007 IIHF World men's hockey champion

Hockey Canada, along with Team Canada general manager Steve Yzerman, has announced the first five players named to Canada’s roster for the 2007 IIHF World Men’s Hockey Championship, April 27-May 13, 2007 in Moscow, Russia.

The first five players named to Team Canada are:

Who's the worst GM in the NHL?

Because of the firing ridiculous of Claude Jullien (Yes the players, wanted him out, but with 4 games left, come on) I decide to figure out who is the worst GM in the NHL? Just because your the GM of the worst team in the NHL right now, that doesn’t mean your a bad GM, because everyone goes through that, but if your team has been bad for 5 years, and there not going to be good soon, then that makes you a bad GM.

Hasek Is Not The Dominator, But he was

Alright everybody lets look at Dominik Hasek’s amazing GAA. Then the shutouts. Wow he has to be back in old form making spine-tingling rolly polly saves with those kinds of numbers. He is stopping the puck effectively. Right?