Florida after Antropov?

Terry Koshan of the Toronto Sun has reported that the Toronto Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers have been negotiating players. Rick Dudley has been told to unload salary and Yushkevich’s $2.75 million is expected to be moved, possibly to Toronto, Long Island, or Los Angelas.

Blues' Goaltending Situation

The St. Louis Blues hockey club has been using goalie after goalie after goalie this season. With Brent Johnson getting injured over the summer, Fred Brathwaite, Reinhard Divis, Curtis Sanford and Cody Rudkowsky have all been used thus far. The team, in hopes to fill a temporary hole in the goaltending department, has signed UFA Tom Barrasso, who has played eighteen seasons in the NHL. But now that Fred Brathwaite has returned from injury and Brent Johnson is extremely close to being 100%, who will be the odd-man out?

Little Latvian longs for a BIG change

First of all, I feel that it is a crime that no one wrote an article about this sooner, and I am doing this because I feel it should be addressed on this website. As a goal tender myself, I must say that Arters Irbe is probably the coolest goalie in the NHL, and he is really ticked off right now. Kevin Weekes has been treated as the #1 guy in Carolina as Irbe is 0 and 3 so far this year. As many of you may know, Irbe is a workohloic and can’t stand to play less than 75 games a year.

Leafs interested in Yuskie?

Leafs looking to bring back Yushkevich

Other teams in the hunt for Yushkevich’s services are believed to be the New York Islanders, New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings.

Sens Sign Rachunek….

Ottawa announced today they signed Rachunek to a 2 year deal. Fine and dandy but will he stay or will he go. Sens d-men are solid right now and mixing up the fray could prove negative. Rachunek is off to Binghamton for 2 weeks for training. More to come but brief story at www.ottawasenators.com .

Stuart, Sharks Reach Impasse In Talks


The agent for Sharks’ holdout defenseman Brad Stuart told The San Francisco Chronicle that his client has left San Jose and returned to his offseason home in Calgary because of an impasse in contract negotiations.

Lindros Bigger than Politics. Devs Fans M.I.A. Flyers as Good as CheeseSteaks. S

Lindros story of being benched was as big as the Republicans winning the Senate and House of Representatives.

Kloucek trade bait.

Continental Airlines can hold 19,040 fans, yet the Devils have not managed to sell out tickets, not even so close.

How about that boost on the offense Lou?

I always loved cheese steaks, and I eat them at the seaport in NYC. Never ate one in Philly, yet! Flyers are off to a good start, but should fans cherish this hot start as much as possible before it….crumbles?!

No chance for Pavel Brendl, he remains the same.

It’s Shut Out Night!!!

Latest Rumors in NHL

Wanna know the latest rumors on some teams? Well i have some on Calgary, Tampa, New York, Colorado, Blue Jackets and Florida.

Flyers flying high

The Flyers have been off to a great start this season, arguably the best team in the NHL right now. However, like every team in the NHL the flyers are going to try and improve themselves as the season goes on. Below I am going to look at a few players who might find themselves playing in a new city sometime this season…

Slegr. Going once. Going twice….. any bidders?


If the Maple Leafs are as keen on defenceman Jiri Slegr as they’ve indicated, they’d better act fast.

Slegr’s agent, J.P. Barry, said yesterday he has been given a deadline by a Russian Hockey League team which also wants the unrestricted free agent to sign in the next few days for about $1 million US.

Tomas Kaberle, A Future Norris Type Defensemen?

At 6″2 200lbs and drafted 204th overall in the 1996 draft. Kaberle has now been recognized as one of the biggests threats from the blue-line in the entire league…

Rumblings and Grumblings from Around the League

Aside from the non-news that is the Kyle McLaren debacle, there isn’t much on the trade rumor front. Still, there are lots of things going on in the world of NHL hockey that are deserving of discussion. I will give my own take on each issue, focusing on the lighter side of things.

Mad Mike: A man with an itch and… NO CORTIZONE!!!

Well last season was nice, The isles break the long playoff draught, start to sell out games again. The old barn haden’t been so loud in years and years. This year these virtually same Isles are skating to vastly diffrent results in the standings and the cheers of a year ago have become a cascade of boo’s raining down from the disgruntled fans.

Islanders rumors

According to Tuesday’s Newsday, 14 NHL teams were scouting the Islanders-Flames game Monday evening to scout the Isles. 2 of the more prominent ones were Florida GM Rick Dudley who is quietly shopping Valeri Bure and members of the San Jose Sharks staff who have an unsigned 22-year-old dynamo defenseman in Brad Stuart and the rights to 26-year-old winger Alexander Korolyuk.

Mclarren to be packaged with Kultanen???

Many Bruins fans noticed that Don Sweeney was a healthy scratch in a few games recently. The seasoned Boston blue liner made the following comment in the Boston Globe on November 1st:

The great advantage of Goalie Masks

The one great thing about the NHL is that they still give the Goalies the advantage of their selection or choice/wish of their very own mask. Unlike baseball catchers or soccer goalies with thier different color clothing our NHL Goalies still have that wonder advantage of their free choice.

I have to say that I do like Turco’s mask and I do like Roy’s as well. I also rather like Hackett’s too. Patrick Lalime has a rather interesting one as well.

Here is a site that has a lot of goalies with their current and past masks. It isn’t up to date as far as having this years Rookies listed. Turco isn’t listed here but again, I do like his mask quite a bit.


Best Small Players

Being a under-average sized player myself, I’ve always looked up (err, sorta) to the other small players that have made an impact in a so-called big mans game, hopefully in the future there wont be such a prejudice against under-sized players, and an emphasis on lumberjacks like Zdeno Chara who have no real skill other than their massive size.

Tradedude's Weekly Rumors


(Nov. 3rd) With Mike Ribeiro set to return from injury next week, La Presse reports winger Donald Audette may be on his way out of Montreal in order to make room, while goalie Jeff Hackett and forward Bill Lindsay may also be dealt shortly. More on that & other rumors.

Peca's Comeback>>Isle's. Lindros Slump>>Rangers. Obstruction Calls>>Refs Don't G

Peca so early? Yay….but not so yay to the 6-1 loss to a Blues team that misses Pronger, Tkachuck, and are playing with Brathwaite.

Lindros just ain’t doing the offensive job, but defensively he is. Not helping the Rangers, and after the seriously unlucky loss to the Bruins, who have a fan club at the Fleet Center of about 9,000 people.

Refs still don’t get it do they? Maybe the old timers should retire and let new refs come in. Obstruction is seen….(more)

DG's Quick Hits- November 2, 2002

Toronto rivaling the entire NHL

NHL: Watch Out For 2004

On the radar screen: the San Jose Sharks, Dave Babych, fleecing Brian Burke, Michael Peca, Dave Andreychuck, the Ottawa Senators and a lot more.