Hasek Is Not The Dominator, But he was

Alright everybody lets look at Dominik Hasek’s amazing GAA. Then the shutouts. Wow he has to be back in old form making spine-tingling rolly polly saves with those kinds of numbers. He is stopping the puck effectively. Right?

Claude Julien FIRED!

According to TSN, the New Jersey Devils have fired head coach Claude Julien.

Who is the best player in the NHL?

Who is the best player in the NHL? This is a question in a lot of peoples minds right know, and the first name to come up is usually Sidney Crosby, and as a Penguins fan I bet you all
think I would agree.

The Time to buy out Yashin is now….

he has 4 years left on is 10 year contract and is set to make 7.6 million for the next 3 years and 4.7 for the last. That’s way to much money for a guy who’s not even the best player on the team. Islander management needs to realize the Yashin project is a failure and we will not win a cup as long as this guy is an Islander.

Postseason – West Preview

While the Colorado Avalanche may have something to say about it, the Western Conference is pretty much set. Let’s take a look at some of the teams and what to expect in hockey’s second season…

Breaking News: Sundin not playing tonight, back to Sweden!

According to several sources, Toronto Maple Leafs’ captain Mats Sundin is going back to Sweden to take care of ”important family matters”.

go inside for more info.

The Ultimate Free Agents List-Part 1

Here is a complete list of all players UFA from the first half of NHL teams

Ovechkin or Malkin?

There’s little doubt in any objective person’s mind that Sidney Crosby is superior to Alexander Ovechkin, just ask the players in the NHL who recently voted him, at an overwhelming 56%, the best player in the league (source: The Hockey News).
But there’s been lots of talk even since before Evgeni Malkin made his NHL debut as to who is better: The 2004 1st overall pick (Alexander Ovechkin) or the 2004 2nd overall pick (Evgeni Malkin).

What do you think?

Leafys Rants

From the Hall of Fame, to another Summit Series, to the NHL awards, I’ve got it all this week.

Best and worst of 2006-2007

It is nearing the end of the regular season and there has been a lot of busts and also a lot of surprises this year. Here is a list of people who got paided a lot and had a lot of exceptions on there back, but never lived up to there exceptions.

2006-2007 busts.

Nikolai Zherdev salary: Signed a $7.5 million, three-year deal.
Result: 66 games played 10 goals and 31 points.
Comments: I and many other people expected big things from this kid
after that 27 goal performance last year. I think his problem is he must become more dedicated to the NHL game.

Who is the best matchup for the Pens

With the Penguins guaranteed of making the playoffs and finishing no lower then the 5th seed I wanted to see what people think the best/worst matchups for the Pens are.

Next Year we will have a better chance….

This year I hope the Leafs can make the playoffs, if they do I’m still not convinced they belong though. The team is just way too inconsistent, their needs to be some changes. With the salary cap going up next season, and the Leafs with some excess spending money, they will definitely make some upgrades.

That's All Folks???

The fat lady sang twice tonight-

Once for the B’s losing to the Pen’s, and once for the playoff “pie in the sky” hopes.

For a little over a week or two, i really didn’t think we had a chance- the teams we had to play, road games in tough barns, home games with about as many Bruins fans as the opposing team, no PP goals, tons of SH goals, no Murry, no Axelsson,,, ok,im being redundant there.