oilers may get tanguay

hey rumor has it that a trade might go down between the colorado avalance and the edmonton oilers

the trade might involve struggling winger alex tanguay and a draft choice

this is what the deal might look like to edmonton alex tanguay and a 3rd round draft choice to colorado centre todd marchant and winger ethan moreau

i think this would be a good trade for both teamsedmonton gets a good young player that can put the puck in the net and a draft choice which edmonton is really good at

colorado gets todd marchant which is a very good player that can play on the cheacking line and also is a very good pentaly killer ethan moreau good hard working player that has some good size and can add some goals

tell me what you think about this trade

Over and Underrated Coaches

Coaches are one of the most underrated jobs on a hockey team. Aside from players, who do you think is the most overrated coach, who do you think is the most underrated coach?

Rucinsky Jumps Over NYC, more on NYR. Devilish Offense Burns. Tampa No Way.

Rucinsky just wouldn’t accept what the Rangers offered him, so he goes to the Blues to…..

…So Ruicinsky not coming back, who is going to come to NYC, and who will depart?

Devils are 4-1, but how will they survive against superior teams? Danton’s a locker room headache.

Reason why Tampa’s hot.

York to Nashville, Injuries, Rumours, etc…

Mid-week of a rather dull, average week ….everyone is tired and exhausted… not many big stories happening so here is some minor news and speculation.

Rucinsky signs with Blues

TheFourthPeriod.com is the first to report that Martin Rucinsky has signed with the Blues.


Jason York traded to Nashville

640 AM Mojo radio in Toronto reports that Jason Yorkhas been dealt to Nashville for future considerations.

Senators Interested in Matthew Barnaby

According to the Team 1200 in Ottawa, the Senators are actively pursuing NYR enforcer Matthew Barnaby.

John Muckler was in New York last week talking to Glen Sather. Could a deal be in the works? The Senators are apparently interested in Matthew Barnaby while the Rangers either want Arvedson Or Rachunek in return. Matthew Barnaby would give Ottawa the grit and toughness the fans wanted, what do you think of this possible deal

R. Deren

Leafs looking at McLaren, Hatcher

The Toronto Star has reported that the Leafs are looking to acquire a big-name physical defenceman. Both Kyle McLaren from Boston and Derian Hatcher from Dallas have been tired into this rumour.

Leafs GM Pat Quinn has said that he does have extra funds to make transactions throughout the year, and fans have been told to expect a noticeable trade at some point this season.

Sharks Re-Sign Evgeni Nabokov

TSN.ca Reports:

Evgeni Nabokov has ended his holdout, agreeing to terms on a two year deal with the San Jose Sharks.

TSN has learned that the deal is worth $7.1 million. Nabokov will earn $3.525 million in the first season, and $3.625 million in the second year of the contract. His pay this year is retro-active to the start of the season.

Leafs going after McLaren ?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are going after Boston defenseman Kyle McLaren….

Habs Hunting Tough Guy And Other Rumours

With Gino Odjick is on an indefinite leave of absence, the Montreal Canadiens are in need of an enforcer. According to the LA Times, the Montreal Canadiens are interested in acquiring Anaheim left-winger Denny Lambert.

More on that & other news


Nabokov, Bruins, Isle's, Habs, Swarm of Goalies, Toronto, Rucinsky, Thrashers

Those are my topics.

Nabokov; Sharkie migrating in Atlantic Ocean?

Bruins; How do you cram all that Grahame?

Isle’s; Last season a fluke?

Habs; Je nes parles pas francais, but I do understand that this team needs defense.

Toronto; Quinn, are ya KIDDing, or MAD?

Rucinsky; $3 million? Rethink again. $2 million? Rethink again.

Thrashers; Who are they thrashing again?

Comments on the Previews

These are just simple previews written by mikster, titans, and trademan. Soon the other previews will be up. The delay was caused by big heavy schedules, and I want to thank titans for taking his time in helping me out. We’re not setting high expectations on these previews, they are the first we did; just a little taste of the better ones coming for the 2003-2004 season next year. Some are different as well, not all follow the same set up.

Comments are welcomed here in this post. We’d appreciate it if negative and pointless criticizing comments are not made. Remember, this was rushed and could be considered a try-out. What we’re looking forward to are just compliments on the effort and time we spent doing this. We do promise that next year’s previews will be better, neater, more interesting, and with more stats to look at.

Trademan, mikster, titans, Robbed_by_Blake

Kovalev, Jovanovski searching for Extension

Well, Jovanovski is searching a contract extension, his contract expires July 31st, year 2003, and don’t expect him to sign one any time soon, more on that & other news around the NHL.


Regular season has just started. People, try to avoid submitting team analysis of 2,3 games…because it means squat to many others. I do appreciate reading them, but too many other members do not want to read them. Besides, first 15 games or so mean very little; even the first half of the season means little. The best hockey for teams to play is in the 2nd half of the season (i.e. Devils, Canadiens, Canucks).

Nabokov, Stuart Closer To Deals?


After the San Jose Sharks opened their season with a 6-3 loss to the Detroit Red Wings on Thursday, General Manager Dean Lombardi re-newed his efforts to sign restricted free agent holdouts Evgeni Nabokov and Brad Stuart.

McLaren for Savard?

Yes, I know most of you are probably sick of hearing McLaren trade rumours, but this is another good one (unlike Kovalev). Marc Savard is a healthy scratch for Calgary bcuz they are hoping to trade him. Now, The bruins want some more offence to HELP the lose of Guerin, and Savard could do this. Calgary has obviously showed some interest in McLaren, and since they want Savard gone, I strongly feel that it is a good trade.

Now people, don;t go nuts on me for making another McLaren rumour, but this website is hockeytraderumours.com so ppl should stop complaining about rumours. Now, I’m just curious to hear what everybody’s views are for this

Surpassing a Milestone

Hockey Trade Rumors now has 3,501 members. Congratulations HTR, and welcome kazzask

This still remains my favorite hockey site, thanks to Trademan.

Colin Campbell Still Emotional Since Rangers Fired Him

Eric Lindros has been suspended for a high stick slash on Montreal Canadien Stephane` Quintal, during last night’s 4-1 vicoty for the Habs.

The slash caused no blood, no injuries, and was a simple two minute penalty just like any other slash. This was totally unecessary by the league as we have witnessed many slashes on players’ faces which caused bleeding and injuries, yet no suspensions.

Bure to New Jersey?

No….not Pavel Bure, Valeri Bure. The Devils didn’t show much in their season opener, and their offense had little to do with their win. When the Devils traded three prospects for often injured Zyuzin, Zyuzin didn’t show enough to crack the Devils defensive pairs, or Tampa Bay’s as well.

The NYPost, such a ‘reliable’ source, reports that the Devils could trade Zyuzin to the Panthers in return for Valeri Bure. Though I hardly believe it is true, Panthers have too many defensemen, it could go through.