Flyers close to deal with Biron

According to the Flyers are close to a deal with Martin Biron.

What I think

The leafs have 2 options,
1)keep the team they have now, and hope for a healthy year next year

2)get some juicy free agents

Is Pittsburgh a well drafted team?

The Pittsburgh Penguins are playing very well, and theres no denying it. They have incredible young talent, and a lot of it. But how well drafted have they been? They have had a lot of #1 and #2 overall picks. Here are all their 1st round picks since the 91-92 season when they won the Stanley Cup:

Two Weeks 2 Go! ***Revised for NYI

Two weeks to go and a good look at the East, yet the West is starting to give something interesting as well.

Standing Without the Shootout.

I thought it might be interesting to see what the standings as of March 26 might look like if the shootout never existed. I personally don’t like the shootout, but the fact is its here, and teams better start to embrace it as the standings are completely altered by it.

Here are the top ten teams in each conference today if this gimmick never existed.

Realistic Maple Leafs Offseason

This is what I think the leafs offseason should be like. There have been guys that write articles like this but put totally unrealistic numbers for player salaries. THESE PLAYER SALARIES AND TRADES ARE REALISTIC UNLIKE SOME OTHER POSTS…this is assuming the salary cap next year will be 47 million.

5 Hardest Shots

Many guys in the NHL have bullets from the point and I was wondering… who are the five guys with the hardest shots/ And you can’t go by the all-star game since many non AllStars have big shots
here are my opinions

Leafs or Habs?

It was so funny Friday night when the Leafs were up 4-1 with 15 minutes left. Leaf fans chanted “over-rated”, while Beavis and Butthead were in the broadcast booth debating weather Kaberle or Stajan should be the games 1st star. What a laugh, talk about jinxing the team.

Now the Leafs win on Saturday night, and every sports station and newspaper nationwide is all over it. Who cares? The Leafs, along with the Habs have a slim (and I mean slim) chance of making the post-season. My focus here is to compare the Leafs and Habs. This is the scenario…..

Who's the #1 goalie?

There’s a big question in Minnesota right now, and that is who will be the starter next year?

Big Weekend in East……..

Playoff Positioning up grabs as the east gears up for possibly the biggest weekend of hockey this year…………

Getting Rid of Fighting Is Not The Way To Improve The Game

I find it hard to believe that Colin Campell is actually considering getting rid of fighting. The only difference that would make is that the game would have no passion. If they want to get rid of the injuries they have to not focus on fighting but focus on the goons that are causing the injuries. The goon fights are just the players trying to make it seem like they deserve what ever little pay they get when they are not even mad at each other.


The performance in Montreal on Thursday night was totally unacceptable, not to mention the debacle of an effort in New York the previous Saturday. For a team that could have made a serious statement in the past two weeks for a final playoff drive, completely folded the tents in every meaningfull game. Key losses to Minnesota, Colorado, Montreal twice, Flyers, and the Rangers. They obviously just didn’t have it this year.

My Real View!

The Habs are on a roll! 5 wins in the last 6 games; flashback to this previous fall? I think so! Habs are in a battle right now for 8th spot in the east and their young guys are stepping up and Jaro Halak, what an impact he’s had. I’m gonna predict, and I may be wrong, the Habs will finish in 7th. And as for the off-season, that’s not for another 4 months. We need to be concerned about now and making it to the cup. I can see this team being a repeat+ of the Oilers last year. Don’t laugh because its happened before. To all Habs fans: Go Habs Go! To all Leafs Fans: Outside looking in!