Nonis the worst Gm around?

There are soooo many thing Dave Nonis could have done in the off season, but didn’t do.

Is the system a joke?

The NHL all star game doesn’t even matter anymore. I honestly don’t nkow why people have to pick “fan favorites” like Erik Cole instead of Ovechkin and Heatley (they are fan favorites, but no one thinks of them as fan fav’s).

Time to move the deadbeats

After watching every Habs game so far this year, I know Guy can not be happy with his line up and hopefully is asking Bob to change it. Watching Samsonov do nothing game after game after game is pissing me off and hopefully Guy also. Two teams that I think we could swing deals with are St.Louis and Vancouver. With Legace out and Tkachuk probably walking at the end of the season offer Samsonov, Aebischer, Murray and maybe throw in a guy like J. Gleed for Tkachuk and J. Mayers.

Needed: Scoring center (speculation only)

I really like the Habs this season. They’re playing well and seem to be all on the same page. Aside from a bit of inconsistent play, I only have one complaint:

Habs fans need to chill out…

Montreal fans are continually pleading for Gainey to trade away their key players despite the fact that the habs are the 8th ranked team in the entire NHL and 4th in their conference. They are, apparently, impossible to please. Who goes? Who to keep? Can we get Marleau? Is there any way we can get the best players in the league for the players we don’t want?

Canucks ready to sign Bondra ???

Its reported on Sportsnet News tonight from John Garrett and the rest of the Hockey Central panel that Bondra’s agent has contacted the Canucks about a possible return to the NHL.

Possible shake up in Jersey

New Jersey Devils‘ defenseman Richard Matvichuk says he’s almost ready to make his season debut from summertime disc surgery.

Leafys Weekly

Is Joe Nieuwendyk a hall of famer? Rick Rypien and Ian Lapperire, they have balls. Why I don’t think Alex Ovechkin should be suspended, and more

Goodbye Joey

This is one of the most upsetting news so far this season. Joe Nieuwendyk, one of the greatest players in NHL history, has decided to hang them up due to health reasons. The class act racked up 1126 points in 1257 games and won three Stanley Cups with the Calgary Flames, 1989, Dallas Stars, 1999, and the New Jersey Devils, 2003.

Thanks for a wonderful career Joey, you did good.

The Solution to Pittsburgh's future Payroll Problems

There has been much ado about nothing so far in regards to the Penguins future payroll problems regarding the need to resign Crosby, Malkin, and Stall.

Blue Jackets starting to turn a Corner?

When the news that Hitch was going to be considered as the new coach of the Blue Jackets, I will admit I was one of those that thought it would spell disaster for the team of young talent because of his defensive oriented style.

I will now admit to my apparent folly and that it appears I was wrong.

Canucks Hockey, Pulling Triggers, Teams Needs, Hockey vs. Sports

Canucks hockey is becoming dramatic; some fans blaming General Manager Nonis. Who is to blame and what could have been done?

Am I the only one pulling the trigger? I think every general manager in the NHL should have an icon representing them. See, I have the gun ready to fire. Why can’t any other general manager have it? Nonetheless, you name a general manager and you can tell me what their icon/image/avatar/ whataveryoucallit they should have. Could be fun. But, more important is the question “why no trades?!”

A Cure for Insomnia? Watch a Canuck game.

Just when you though it couldn’t get any worse, along comes the injury bug.

Taylor Pyatt (2nd in scoring) is out 2-4 weeks with a shoulder injury; Rick Rypien is out 6-8 weeks with a groin injury; the injury prone Sami Salo is out for up to 10 days with a neck injury. With the Vancouver roster already lacking depth, the team that will be put on the ice for the next couple of weeks will be laughable.