Salary Cap and your team

I have read many articles and seen many proposals on a salary cap. But I ask you, if you had 30 or 40 Mil to spend what would your team look like?

Why Blame Sather?

Signing Bobby Holik and Darius Kasparaitis was big for the Rangers. Big for size, big for what kind of players they are, and big for their money. There are a lot of debates on that topic, which then created the blaming on Sather and the Rangers payroll. I just want to present what I have to say about it.

Recipe for Success

What will actually happen: any improvement from last year will be superb, even if its just keeping up with players in the neutral zone.

Are They Making Fun of Us?

I came back from my vacation. I enjoyed it, but I was disappointed that hockey is rarely known down south. What was most disappointing though, was when I got back I read TSN’s ( power rankings. If you remember, I wrote an article against The Hockey News magazine. This is the same situation. But, TSN actually gave some sorts of reasons…and these reasons explain to us why the media shouldn’t be followed when it comes to their so called “experts”. Should we continue to use that term?

Igilna to be King

Restricted Free Agent Jarome Iginla is looking for a new team that can afford him after his tribulations with the Calgary Flames. He is not happy with what the Flames have to offer in more ways then one. Now that he has become a superstar he wants a better team. He is looking at a team that is serious about winning the Stanley Cup. A team that is looking ahead and don’t underestimate what Jarome can do. The Los Angeles Kings seem to best fit the profile. He is probably going to move for a draft pick most definitely soon.

Free agency status: Zednik and Theodore

A source close to the Canadiens has disclosed some information regarding the contract negotiations of Richard Zednik and José Theodore.

If you could only keep what you drafted?

Reading the article about trading 5 first rounders for a Restricted Free Agent got me to thinking. What if a team could only keep who they drafted. No trades, no free agent signings. Only the players that they drafted could be in their lineup.

Is 5 first-rounders worth a big name RFA – A historical perspective

Consider someone like Jerome Iginla or Jose Theodore. From a historical perspective is 5 first rounders too much to give up for this kind of player.

Holik, Kasparaitis, and Rangers Resolve Problems, NHL Fails to Do Anything


Which Draft Picks will make their teams this year?

With prospect training camps on the go, and team camps on the horizon, the question arises, “Which drafted prospects will make their respective teams this year?”

Aside from this.. is it wise for teams to bring their players to the big leagues at an early age?

The Results are In!!!!

Here are the results of the Goalie Poll I started conducting on August 17th. The final rankings are the averages of everyone who submitted a list of 30 names. Since some people only voted for 5 or 10 on the website, I didn’t include them, and one person e-mailed mea list consisting of only one name so that also wasn’t counting. Here are the goalies along with their average rankings:

How the West might be won?

Well the west has basically two sides…..the young teams building to de thrown the older teams and the old teams hoping to fend off the younger teams.

NHL Waging war vs Rangers? Also, How is The Moose? And Rucinsky Remains Unemploy

Just an update on the NHL vs. the Rangers, Holik, and Kasparaitis. Also, what is Messier and Rucinsky up to? Larry Brooks of the NYPost reports:

NHL Offseason Moves and Rumors

This offseason has been crazy already, I think within a couple of weeks it’s going to get crazier.

What players do you find most entertaining?

Hockey is entertainment. You go to games hoping to leave with a smile on your face. You smile when your team scores, when your goalie makes a great save, and you smile when something out of the ordinary happens, say for instance your favorite player attacks a mascot.

A Faster Hockey

Obstructions, hooking, grabbing, you name it. Whatever should be stopped in order for the hockey games to speed up.

Leafs To Claim Kidd Off Waivers?

Veteran Trevor Kidd of the Florida Panthers is expected to be claimed off waivers by Toronto by the end of the week, Sportsnet has learned. He is said to be close to reaching a deal with the Leafs.

Rangers Contracts rejected to do clauses…

Sportsnet is reporting that the contracts of Bobby Holik and Darius Kasparitus were rejected by the NHL due to clauses in each players contract that state the Rangers will pay their salary even through a potential work stoppage during upcoming labour negotiations in 2004, not due to huge signing bonuses as previously thought.

The matter will be resolved before an independent arbitrator, but no date has been set as of yet.

Leafs Stronger Than Last Season

As most of us come to look at the Maple Leafs latest off season, we wonder how could a team succeed if they only lose talent over the off season. How could they possibly perform? Many Maple Leafs question the future of their organization as people who oppose the team are waiting for the collapse of the team so they can rejoice. Well, keep those Champaign bottles packed, Leafs are still a contender.

Take Over Your Team

Everyone has there own opinion on there Favorite team, What do you feel needs to be done in order to complete your team for the start of next season.

Your the GM and Coach…. What are your lines and realistic moves to bring your team to the next leave?