Stastny for Calder?

When this season got started, Evgeni Malkin was the runaway winner for the Rookie of the Year Calder trophy, this article is in no way trying to take away from what Malkin has done this year, he is fantastic. I am simply trying to shed light on an amazing player that has come out of nowhere: Paul Stastny.

Oilers Eye Brighter Future

After reaching the Stanley Cup final and returning the team to their glory years (albeit briefly), the Edmonton Oilers will be watching the playoffs instead of playing. This really should not have come as a big surprise with all the personnel losses the team had to endure this past year.

Trade Rick Nash?

Before you all freak out just read,Rick Nash is supposed to be a superstar
he has played 268 games in his career and his season high is 57 points.
That dosent sound like a superstar to me so I think Columbus should consider traded him this offseason. Here are a couple trade suggestions

Colaiacovo – Off Season Trade Bait

I am new here so take it easy on me. I just have to comment on the play of Carlo Colaicovo (CC). It is apparent the young defensemen is an up and rising Prospect and has been trying to come out of injury woes for the last couple seasons. Heres a list of Pros and Cons I been noticing lately with his play.

Champions League!

Lately watching the European club championship of soccer, I wonder: could something like this be interesting/viable in hockey?

The format in soccer is the big leagues like the Premiereship, Bundesliga, and Seria A get a bunch of teams in, maybe five, and the middle leagues, like Portugal might get a couple, and the crap leagues, like Belgium and Turkey get one.

Rookie on the Rise

I want write a quick blurb about young Defenseman Ian White. No one really talks about him much so I just want to see the reactions.

Ian White, born in Winnipeg Manitoba, was drafted by Toronto in 2002, 6/191.

Does Homer deserve more time?

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Sometimes I hate my fellow Hab fans…

Oh, for the love of….

First off, this Kovalev thing was total and utter BS, but I see as a fan “since I was born” you are really willing to give the benefit of the doubt.

In case ANYONE was wondering, it is false. Not just my opinion either. Want to know why La Presse couldn’t get hold of the actual recording of his RADIO INTERVIEW?? Because he was telling the truth, and the article that La Presse translated was from a tabloid…in fact, the whole story has been pulled from Oh, and the reporter who gave the interview backs Kovy up…interesting, isn’t it?

Eastern playoff picture….

What it’s shaping up to be in the standings. Here’s a view of what the playoff pairings should look like.

Eastern Conference:

Revisionist History – A Trade Deadline Lesson

With another trade deadline come and gone, I think it’s interesting how some NHL general managers are instantly branded as clinically insane or new members of MENSA. It seems that the majority of the armchair GM”s on this website have already passed judgement on the winners and losers of this year’s deal derby. However, looking at a past deadline trade might just put things in perspective for everyone.

Raycroft is not Cujo or Belfour…get that through your head

Fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs have put WAAAAAY too many expectations on Raycroft and I would like to hear your reasons why.

The Habs are imploding

I have been a fan of the Montreal Canadiens since I was born. I have never seen the insanity going on here. First every one complaining about Gainey not talking, the lack of effort on the ice. Now super cancer Kovalev comes out and slams the whole team. Saying that the rookies are acting like vetrans and not listening, he is also saying that Carbo doesen’t like russians. Well im happy that the young kids are stepping up and trying to take leadership, cause it seems like the vetrans aren’t. I don’t think Carbo hates russians, but I do think he hates lazy players ie: Kovalev,Samsonov,Markov. Kovalev’s act has run thin.

Time to give up.

The leafs may just make the playoffs this year but will they make any impact, leafs fans like myself are delusional and often believe this but don’t count on it. Fans never hesitate to say that players like Tucker, Sundin, Peca and others will “step up” during the playoffs but people, you just have to realise that EVERY TEAM has players just like this who will take even larger steps than those on the leafs…..they might even run. The other huge factor is that, if the leafs had all these playoff players who would step up when the time comes, would we really be questioning the leafs making the playoffs this year? We would be in a 6th or 7th spot (though in my regular fashion, i believe we’d be in a playoff spot right now without all the injuries).