I say Bye Ryder!

Now listen. 30 goals a season is relatively good, and Ryder’s accomplished that for Montreal, and that’s good. I’m a Montreal, and Atlanta fan. The only player which I hate on Montreal is Michael Ryder, and why?


Why not trade Malkin?

Before you freak out about the idea of trading Malkin, just read, and remember to breath.

Leafys Rumor Roundup

I’ve got the latest on everything going on in the league.

The Trap is Back

At the end of the 2004 season their was a lockout. The reason for the lockout was the game was slow and low scoring. One of the things that they got rid of was the trap. That was to any form of authority of the NHL the trap is slowly sneaking back into the game….

Who is going to different places in the summer or sooner?

This is a list of not every player who will be a free agent next year, but every player who might not return to there old teams.

Leafs in Trouble?

Hey everyone, I just joined HTR and here is my first article!

With the Leafs currently in a bit of a slump, I’ve decided to share my opinions on the team thus far.

I realize that every team goes into a slump, and Toronto is no different. I, however, feel that there are some issues that need to be resolved in order for the Leafs to get back on track.

Shoddy Defence?

What’s up with the Canadiens. The last 8 games for sure, they’ve allowed over 35 shots per game. We can’t expect to win if we’re going to give up that many shots.

Who's the Odd Man Out on Colorado's blueline?

Tomorrow night the Canucks play the Avalanche who will be intorducing Jordan Leopold in the Colorado jersey. With his presence, that being a top 4 dman, someone is likely to be traded. But who’s going?

Kubina Making Big Bucks Production? Not So Much

Pavel Kubina should, for all the money he makes have at least 5 goals by now never mind the injury this guy has not been up to his money. So what does JFJ do I would say trade him here’s why………

Write in Rory!

A fan movement in Vancouver has led to Canucks fan writing Rory Fitzpatrick into their all star ballots. He is just such a darn good defenseman…

Anyways, Rory now appears in the top 12 in voting for Western Conference defensemen and with more of your help he might just make it to the big game.

Who will be where at the end of the year?

Ok I know it’s way to early for this, but there nothing else to post

LeClair put on waivers

TSN (http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=186551&hubname=nhl) is reporting that the Pittsburgh Penguins have placed the 37 year old John LeClair, formerly of the Legion of Doom, on waivers.

Habs to make swap with Coyotes???

The latest out of Montreal say that the Habs are going to make a deal with the Coyotes.  The Habs would be sending David Aebischer, Sergei Samsonov and a second/third round pick to the desert, while the Coyotes would be sending David Leneveu and Ladislav Nagy in return.