What's the WORST MOVE you ever saw? (bloopers time!)

Now it’s time to reverse my first submission and ask hockey fans what’s the very lamest, most ridiculous, funniest, WORST move they ever witnessed watching NHL hockey.

The Wonderful World Of Fantasy!

NHL training camps will soon be open and so will another fantasy hockey season. Just wondering how many of you play, and where you play? Thoughts on this years sleepers and sure things.

I played in CBS Sportsline last year, besides a few glitches in the beginning of the season, it went well. My league is among friends and we do the whole draft party thing with plenty of food and beer. Draft picks, and player deals happen all season long. Fantasy football is so popular now, and not to many people knew of the fantasy hockey, but it is fun!!!

Do you play?

Here are some links for more fantasy hockey stuff:



2002-2003 Preview: How the West Will Rule

If the only thing more exciting than the playoffs is the race to the post season, then this year’s western conference showdown should be a doozy. Most likely more exciting than the finals, because we all know who wins that anyways. The west exhibits total domination annually. In case you have an argument to throw in here, I’ll throw a stat at you I’ve used many times before. 6 of the past 7 years, the west won the cup. 3 of those years the eastern team was swept. And the west is only getting better.

Commissioner Addresses HTR

This is my first post, though I have observed HTR for now a full season. I am the ‘Commissioner’. I am not the Commissioner of the NHL nor do my comments reflect any ideologies of the League Office. I am simply Commissioner to the game of Hockey as I feel I can provide the insight and objectivity commanded by this position. I will attempt to win your respect by establishing my position on my home town team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. It is also an attempt to thwart your ill-impressions and ridicule of the franchise

Leafs May Have A Plan B

Could the Toronto Maple Leafs have someone other than Derek Morris in mind for their needy blueline core? If The Team radio station is accurate, this may very well be the case.

Panthers Preview

Last season the Panthers failed to qualify for the post-season once again. They lost there most popular player, and changed coach’s and GM’s. Yet most fans will agree with me that they are better than last years team.

Bruins: settling for mediocrity?

I think one of the most dissapointing happenings of this off-season is the gradual crumbling of one of the league’s strongest teams, the Boston Bruins. The Bruins finished the 2001-2002 regular season in 1st place overall in the Eastern Conference, they looked like they had finnally overcome the loss of Ray Bourque and were ready to emerge as a new force in the East having not been a real playoff contender since the early 90’s. Well, so much for that..

Southern Fried Hockey

Let’s take a break from the usual storylines involving the Rangers, Islanders, Wings, Leafs and free agents still available (I know I missed one or two other usual topics but you get the picture). Let’s talk about the Thrashers. Probably not a great topic of interest to many of you, I would imagine. But it’s always helpful to be able to see and understand the smaller parts of the big picture.

Difference of Opinions

Over the past two days TSN has reported four seperate articles based on player team differences that i thought I would share.

Captain Quack!!!

TSN is reporting that Aneheim has signed Captain Paul Kariya to a one year contract. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The MOVE that impressed you the most

There should be more greatest plays videos available, i mean there’s tons of Cherry goon stuff out there so why not sell something more spectacular?

Personnally i’m much more impressed by a intuitive decke than a big hit & would take dazzling goals over dazed goons anyday!

Getting to know you again.

Last January I submited an article Called “Getting to know you” Where everyone gave a little information about themselves so we could all get to know a little better the people we verbally abuse day in and day out. The amount of responses were amazing.

Since then HTR has grown exponentially! There is a whole new group of people on this site, while many of the old ones have left.

So I figured now would be a good time to do this again. All you new members give a little information about yourselfs. All you members that participated before add something new.

I’ll start

Names Jay Miller

I live right across the river from Trenton NJ in Pennsylvania.

I’m a Graphic Artist.

I live w/ my girlfriend of 7 years who is also an artist.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Gillian Anderson & Anna Kournakova.

Are the Leafs interested in Fleury? Or….the Blackhawks?


With $5 or $6 million left on the table from the fruitless Curtis Joseph negotiations, the Maple Leafs could probably sign Fluery, plunk him on the first line with Mats Sundin and wait for the explosion, good or bad.

“We have talked to his agent,” Leaf executive Bill Watters said. “I don’t want to make it seem like we’re disinterested…”

It falls to someone else to give Theo Fleury a chance. No one knows whether he will make his life work, least of all Fleury, but there is hope. There’s always hope for the Theo Fleurys.

Which team do you think Fleury will or should go to?


Not predicting, just giving out my thoughts and opinions on who could be a sleeper from each team. I feel as if this is called gambling with the sleepers, and it is in a way. I am not good in making preditions, especially in League Standings, but I must admit…I did well with he Free Agency Market. Anyway, this will be somewhat fun to see other people’s opinions.

Best & Worst Hockey Arena's in the NHL

Since I haven’t been to all of em’ please feel free to fill in the blanks with the one’s I’ve missed.

Darkhorses Part 2

Ok, may people commented on part 1. I see know that I should of worded it a little different. As for the players I mentioned who were not “darkhorses” I meant that they would have immensely better seasons than in previous years. Theodore would be elevated to the best goalie in the league, he was good last year but not the best. One comment said Modano had 77 pts last year and said how can he have a breakout year? 77 pts? That is not a good year for Modano. That is an average year. Im talking in the 100 pt range. Well anyhow here is part 2…..

Any ideas for buttons

HTR is looking for ideas for new topics/buttons to add. All suggestions will be considered. Please note that two new buttons were added today. They include MVP and Breakout Season.

The Darkhorses of the 02-03 season

Here is a list of two players per team that I think will have breakout years this year. Part 1.

A Minor Preview of the Western Conference, After C Moon

Pardon me if I step on Peroni’s toes while offering this Western Conference Primer, after I discuss the greatness of Paul McCartney’s “C Moon”. While I empathize with McCartney’s plight, given the misunderstandings of the older generation, I myself am beginning to truly understand the older generation. When the neighbor kid rides his bike on my grass it really pisses me off. I will kill him someday, make no mistake. So why is Paul cooler at 60 than I am at 35? I caught myself taking garbage to the curb in a bathrobe, black socks, and slippers the other day. Paul would never do that. OK, on to hockey.

Peca Wants Vengeance!

When Michael Peca returns to the New York Islanders lineup next season, a certain Toronto Maple Leafs forward will be in his crosshairs…