Montreal Canadians still need to improve

Montreal Canadians still need to improve Montreal is having tremendous success in the 2010 playoffs, from goalie to defence and the forwards even though they are not getting many shots they really capitalize on their chances. But MontrĂ©al’s success comes from their defensive style of play, and by that I mean blocking shots and closing the gap, (gill, Gorges ). Montreal

Wake up call for penguins will only make them better

Okay so The penguins were eliminated by Montreal in game seven of round two. Yes they did play bad and yes they don’t have quality wingers or the best core of defense but they are a solid group and shouldn’t hit the panic button. I don’t know if crosby and Malkin are the best of friends but off the ice problems shouldn’t effect their on ice play. And Fleury wasnt all there, my uncle Gilles Meloche his goalie coach Told me he was nervous before, during and even after the games, and that losing these series the way he did can be a source of motivation, especially if they meet again in the playoffs.

Choice for Devils: It's Parise or Kovalchuk

Besides picking a coach again, the Devils have another major decision on their hands, which left wing to shower millions upon. They can’t afford both Zach Parise and Ilya Kovalchuk after next season, not without shortchanging other more-needed positions, and they need to choose now.

Underscoring the imminent nature of that choice, The Post has learned that Parise is dropping his current agent and is seeking a new adviser to guide him through this vital summer.

Should Pittsburgh Trade Malkin?

John Grigg- On the heels of Montreal’s stunning upset of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia becoming just the sixth NHL team to force a Game 7 when down 3-0 in series, I have some thoughts.

First, I think there’s only one thing to be done in Pittsburgh: trade Evgeni Malkin . This is not a commentary on Malkin’s post-season – although chances are I wouldn’t be writing this if the Pens were still alive – and it’s not a new thought.

Jaroslav Halak
did outplay Marc-Andre Fleury , especially in Game 7, but in a larger sense the Canadiens did exactly what they needed to do to the Pens – take away the center of the ice. And now Sidney Crosby, Malkin and No. 3 center Jordan Staal are taking heat. Not all the heat by any means, but heat nonetheless.

Montreal's miracle run continues

For just the second time in their 100-year history, the Montreal Canadiens have won back-to-back seven-game series in the same playoffs, and the first time they did it – you know where this is going – they won the Stanley Cup.

While the current edition of the Habs is hard to compare to the 1971 team, it would be foolish to bet against them to repeat that squad’s exploits; after disposing of the regular-season champions in Round 1, they stifled and muzzled the reigning Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, prevailing 5-2 in Game 7.