Blues Switching Things Up…?

While listening to the radio on a business trip in St. Louis today, I heard an interesting trade rumor.

The host reported talks between STL, MTL and OTT in a three-way trade of struggling players.

Flyers Acquire Zhitnik

According to (team’s official website):

The Philadelphia Flyers have acquired defenseman Alexei Zhitnik from the New York Islanders in exchange for defenseman Freddy Meyer and a conditional draft pick.

Top 5: Disapointment To Their New Teams

We all know that there have been many mistakes by teams for getting certain players, but i’m here talking about my opinion of the top five worst aquisitions of the 06 summer:

McCabe may not last in Leaftown..

Every one in their right mind in Leaftown was filled with the feeling of regret this past summer when Fergy Jr. (I hate JFJ, it is too comparable to a person which he does not deserve to be classed with, I’ll forget this within the week) but he may not last long.

Consider this…

Montreal trades Traverse for Mathieu Biron

Good afternoon Folks,
Just wanted to let you all know that Montreal has traded Defensemen Patrick Traverse to the San Jose Sharks for Defenseman Mathieu Biron. As you all recall Montreal picked up Traverse at the start of the season, why, we don’t know but thank god he’s gone. In return we get a 26 year old former first round draft pick. He’s played on some terrible teams in the past so hopefully he’ll do much better now. He’s also a monster on the blue line at 6ft. 6 and weighing 230lbs. I’m glad Montreal got rid of Traverse…but I feel something else is coming..that this is just the begining…

Leafys Weekly

Jeremy Roenick, the Toronto Maple Laughs, and the rest this week…

New in Forum 1st Post…If i was J Fergie Jr…

Hey all ^^ I’m a new user but i’ve been reading/checking out what people wrote in here for awhile and I must say some are good, some are bad, but then again it’s all based on opinions. This is my first post =_). Feel free to agree/disagree with me or speak your mind. As the title says this is based on if I was Leafs GM, alot of posts out there like this but… i just wanted to start another lol… so this is what i would do if i was Leafs GM.

Try 14 Games on HNIC!

Instead of crying about Montreal’ lack of exposure, do your homework and look what we get as Canuck fans. We get 14 games this year and it took major pressure to get the 14th against Nashville earlier this season. Every year we are neglected, not only in Vancouver, but out west everywhere. We have three very competitive teams, not so much Vancouver lately, but all three are tough to play against. We have plenty of star power and went to the cup final twice in the past three seasons. I just dont get it when you complain about stuff that isnt really that bad.

John Leclair Released By Pens is reporting that John Leclair has been released by the Pittsburgh Penguins, making him a UFA. They suggest Philly, Vancouver and Toronto may have interest in him

CBC Biased Against Montreal Canadens?

This is an online petition condeming the CBC for there lack of Montreal Canadiens games. Montreal only has 17 games that will be shown on the CBC this year, with 4 or 5 of them against Toronto, a few others against the western teams, and the rest only regional viewers from quebec have the right to watch.

What should they do?

I honestly i’m not a leafs fan, but I thought it would be fun to write an article about the Leafs, so don’t be to harse. Okay i’m just gonna write what I think the Leafs should do.

Northeast Division (News/Notes)

Ok, so most of you have probably never heard of me before. I have been reading articles and comments on HTR for almost two years now and other than a few odd coments here and there, I have been pretty much invisible. I am just returning from a 28 day trip offshore Newfoundland and now I’ll be home for 28 days and will find myself pretty bored at times. So you may see more of my artcles posted in the near future. Today I’ll just post some simple news and notes coming from the Northeast division.

Jovo's return

Ed Jovanoski will play his old team for the first time as a Coyotes, or for any team. This will be a great night in Canuck’s history, but I hope the Yote’s blowout the Canucks. The Canuck’s are so dumb for not signing him, they honestly messed up there team by not signing him. Let’s be honest, Willie Mitchell is not worth 3.5 million a year.