Florida answering calls about Bertuzzi ??

The Palm Beach Post speculates that power forward Todd Bertuzzi will remain out of action for the next while waiting for his back to heal from surgery. It is reported that Florida is receiving calls about Bertuzzi however this article does not speculate into what teams are calling.

Sturm to stay in Boston???

The Boston Herald is reporting that Sturm is very close to being off the trade market as he is about to sign a new contract with the Bruins.

Most under rated team in the NHL?

I know the Canuck’s aren’t the best team in the NHL, but they still are a very good team. and are contenders. “Oh yeah the Nuck’s suck, they will be out in the 1st round, but the Shark’s will win the Cup”. Okay, Vancouver has played the same amount of games as Vancouver, and they are won point behind. I know you’ll all say “but they have to play Anaheim, and Dallas 8 times”, well they also play L.A, Phoenix 8 times, so yeah. Also San Jose will have a problem with there goaltending solution when the playoffs come around. Remember the Nuck’s are 7th overall in the entire league, but why do people say that Dallas has a way better team? THE NUCK’S HAVE MORE POINTS!!!

Tkachuk to the Wild????

The St. Paul Pioneer Press is suggesting that the Minnesota Wild are one of the teams making push for Keith Tkachuk.

Laraque to the Pens??

ESPN Radio 1250 in Pittsburgh is reporting a deal is imminent between the Pens and the Yotes that would send Georges Laraque to the Pens for an unnamed player/pick or both. However Laraque needs to waive his no trade clause and he was also scratched from tonights game against the Flames. If this happens I hope the Pens didn’t give up more than a 4th rounder or the rights to a very low prospect.

Keith Tkachuk to Toronto?

This rumor is actually real. I expect the following deal to go down within the next 5-6 days.

Fraser Screws Leafs (Again), Ruff Cries Wolf (Again).

A few things:
In the most important game of the Year, the Leafs appeared to have the insurance goal that would give them the win over the Isles… but wait… incidental contact?


Lindy Ruff… You need a bottle, and a rattle, and your mommy, you crybaby!

Brodeur Very Good. NOT GREAT

Alright Alright. Before I get slammed into the ground by a bunch of unhappy devil and Brodeur fans hear me out.

Brodeur is a very very good goalie. He’s up there on the list. But the guy is just not as great as he is made out to be. On any other team he would not have as many shutouts as he does in his carrier and that is not even a question.

Bottom line is, his team made him what he is, and gave him the so-called title of “Greatest Goalie.”

Flyers/ Hurricanes to make a deal???

Philly.com is suggesting that the Carolina Hurricanes may be looking to add either Geoff Sanderson or Kyle Calder of the Flyers to their roster for the playoff drive.

Black Hawks Under the Radar

The Daily Herald is reporting that many teams are shopping the Black Hawks players pretty hard right now. The players that are being looked at include Martin Lapointe, Jassen Cullimore and Bryan Smolinski. Further in the article, older rumors such as Detroits interest in Guerin and Bertuzzi are repeated.

Canadiens and Wild talking big names

La Press – cyberpress.ca are reporting that the Minnesota Wild and Montreal Canadiens are involved in heavy trade talks. Some of the rumors even involve huge names such as Koivu and Gaborik.

Round 2: Who's the NHL's best fighter?

Okay I added up (pretty much could just tell how won without counting, but just looking at your votes), and below this paragraph are the winners of there fights (Yes i’m sorry about the way I choose the opponants, and not for putting Chara, and Janssen, but if you guys chould tell me a better way to choose a opponants, then yeah), and where gonna do the same format as last round.

Souray to be a SHARK?

Alright I’ll make this short. Any habs fan obviously knows the situation with our defence at the end of the season. Souray, Markov, Rivet and Ninimaa all without contracts. As for Ninnimaa no one cares, Markov is said to be the most important of the four to sign to a new contract, rivet is mentioned in numerous rumors and as much as everyone wants to keep souray he is probably the most likely to leave.