Souray to be a SHARK?

Alright I’ll make this short. Any habs fan obviously knows the situation with our defence at the end of the season. Souray, Markov, Rivet and Ninimaa all without contracts. As for Ninnimaa no one cares, Markov is said to be the most important of the four to sign to a new contract, rivet is mentioned in numerous rumors and as much as everyone wants to keep souray he is probably the most likely to leave.

Why A Trade Between Toronto and Detroit Would Make Perfect Sense

Yes I know it seems like the last thing Detroit would do would be to part with one of their young offencive stars but a trade with Toronto would make perfect sense. The trade would look something like this.
Pavel Datsyuk

Oilers To Totally Retool a big letdown.

Ok so everyone is so worried about Ryan Smyth being signed and the oilers possibly making the playoffs and the fact they might very well be sellers. I think they will be big sellers, except not with the likes of Ryan Smyth being rid of. At the deadline i see the oilers dealing for young talent so as to retool for the next season, and at the same time dumping salaries for the off season free agent market. Two trades to possibly happen at the deadline:

Ryan Smyth: Stay or Go

With the Oilers out of the playoffs and no shot to make it in my opinion, do you think Ryan Smyth will go before the deadline, and if he does who do you think he will go to, and who for.

Tkachuk and Guerin to be dealt soon?

According to Spectors Hockey, and Hadley Sports, Bill Guerin and Keith Tkachuk will be dealt by the St. Louis Blues fairly soon. The Maple Leafs, Red Wings, Canucks, and Ducks have all been rumored suiters.

Canadiens in discussions with Wild + Gainey press conference tomorrow

According to Michel Villeneuve from TQS, the Canadiens are in serious negotiations with the Minnesota Wild about a possible trade before the deadline comes up. While the involved players aren’t known at this time, Villeneuve sounded like he had pretty reliable sources.

What are the Ducks going to do????

The Los Angeles Daily News is suggesting that the Ducks may need to add a big name/ “fresh face” to their roster in order to re stimulate their early season success. The problem for Burke however is that he is just not willing to give up any of his super talented youngsters for a playoff rental. For example it is thought that Corey Perry was part of the asking price for Forsberg.

Penguins possible buyers by trade deadline

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that the Penguins may become buyers this year. Some of the names mentioned include Aaron Miller, Jassen Cullimore, Sheldon Souray,and Yanic Perrault. Other names such as Keith Tkachuk or Bill Guerin may be too pricey.

Round 1: Who's the NHL's best fighter?

Okay not much news today, and i’m getting tired of all the Trade deadline talk, so I thought I would talk about a topic almost never discussed on this website. Okay I saw the same type of thing in “The Province” a few days ago, and I thought It was interesting, i’m changing it abit though. Since we don’t have anyone to decide who would win rounds to decides who’s the best fighter, all of you guys can be the judges, and i’ll try to count all of your chooses, and see who wins. Okay just copy, and paste the part I put in bold letters, and then write beside it what your chose is.

Are the Sabres shopping Biron???

The Buffalo News is reporting that the Sabres may be looking to trade goalie Martin Biron for some injury relief. One hot rumor that surfaced this week was the possibility of trading Biron to the Panthers for Ed Belfour and Gary Roberts. Although it was shot down quickly by all parties this trade may make some real sense.

Sturm on his way out of beantown????

The Boston Globe reports that the on going GM meetings may be the time for Peter Chiarelli to swing a deal involving Marco Sturm.

Avalanche looking to re tool for the future???

The Denver Post provides some interesting insight into the end of the Avalanche season. It is speculated that the Avalanche may be looking to “fix for the future” instead of shopping for the now. Of note in this article is that it appears that the Av’s G.M. is wanting to talk contract extension with Joe Sakic and is possibly shopping Marek Svatos.

Trade Winds in the Windy city

The Chicago-Sun Times is reporting that the Black Hawks may be looking to move out one of their three goalies. Lalime has played very well of late while sitting in for the injured Khabibulin however due in part to Lalime’s good play the possibility has arisen that the Hawks could look to deal the Bulin wall.