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Flyers make a trade

The Flyers have aquired forward Jarrod Skalde from the Thrashers for minor leaguer Joe DiPenta.

Stan Fischler says


The Isles would love to land either Geoff Sanderson or Shawn McEachern to play alongside Alexei Yashin. Bait could be Mariusz Czerkawski-plus

Ducks Bruins trade

The Anaheim Mighty Ducks traded right wing Marty McInnis to the Boston Bruins for a third-round NHL entry draft pick.

Richter To Be DEALT If Sather Gets The Right Offer

Larry Brooks from the NY Post reports:

Lecavalier to Canucks

The Boston Herald reports that Vancouver Canucks General Manager Brian Burke will try to deal for Tampa Bay Lightning Vincent Lecavalier or Boston Bruin Bill Guerin. It is not clear if Burke will trade during the offseason or before the trade deadline but Vancouver will be doing business for good talent in the near future.

Flyers problems=trade is likely

Today’s game against the Rangers exposed many of the flyers problems, as well as some additional ones.

A different look on trade rumours- Feb. 28 Edition

Sorry for the delay: University work beckoned, and with the Olympic break there really wasn’t too much point talking trade. Anyhow, I’m back and this week it’s “Goaltender Week”: the searches/”shoppings” of the Toronto Maple Leafs, St. Louis Blues and Carolina Hurricanes of netminders.
(Sources: Spector’s Rumours, ESPN.com, Toronto Star)

Contracting the NHL

Contraction. It’s an issue that Major League Baseball is trying to deal with and has been hit with huge skepticism concerning it. Still, this contraction talk and the finishing of the Olympic hockey tournament made me think: Could the NHL contract nine teams to get it back to a competitive 21 teams?

To do this I’ll examine one-by-one each of the 30 NHL teams and put up my reasons for and against contracting each team.

What All NHL Teams Need to Do After the Olympics

Here are some suggestions on all 30 teams on what they need to do after the olympic break and before the trade deadline.

Olympic Hockey Update

After hearing that HTR had a meltdown, I’d thought I’d run a Reader’s Digest version of what has happened so far at the men’s Olympic hockey tournament.

A different look on trade rumours- Jan. 29 Edition

Sorry for the delay… I had to catch up on some University work, but no worry: the wait did wonders for the article. This week: the Brian Savage trade, the Buffalo Sabres’ latest rumours and the Tom Poti rumours.

Outrageous Ref Makes Kings Lose Game, Kings Fans Rightfully React

Next Head Coach to call a time-out will be thrown out of the game?

Where Poti is going

Everybody is wondering what the Oilers are going to do with Tom Poti. Even our local sports man, Brian Hall, who usually sticks up for every Oiler on the roster, said that he would never want Poti on his team. So I think Kevin Lowe knows he has to trade this guy while his value is high, and besides that the defense is just fine, the second line needs somebody the centre it.

Devils Worship to Satan for Help?

In Courtesy of Spector’s Rumors.

A source out of New York says the New Jersey Devils have contacted the Buffalo Sabres regarding the trade status of forward Miroslav Satan.

-After watching the Devils lose to the Thrashers, they need something. Their defense seems to be getting weaker, Rafalski is injured, and the Devils’ offense can’t put the puck in the net. Satan is a goal scorer, and is capable to score 30 goals a season, how much will the Devils have to give in order to aqcuire Miroslav Satan? Arnott, Gomez, or______?-

Sabres, Flames deal

The Sabres and Flames have worked out a mutual aggreement to make a trade but…it hasn’t happened yet because the teams are working out draft picks and future considerations. The trade should go down within the next week or so like this:

Buffalo gets-Marc Savard and Bob Boughner

Calgary gets-Chris Gratton, Richard Smehlik, and future considerations

Savage for Berezin

The Montreal Canadians acquired left winger Sergei Berezin from the Phoenix Coyotes for left winger Brian Savage, a third rounder in 2002 or 2003, and future considerations. Savage was set to become a UFA this summer. Should be interesting to see the reaction to this deal, considering Savage was one of the longest standing Canadians.

In other news, the Boston Bruins sent Andrei Nazarov to Phoenix for a fifth round pick.

Thrashers 1 from franchise win #50

Thrashers are closing in on franchise win number 50. Doesn’t seem all that great considering a few teams almost got that many last year alone, the Avs being the only team to actually cross that 50 win point last year with 52.

Hitch***** fired, Gainey reassigned

Just announced on ESPN.com. Rick Wilson, assistant coach, to take on coaching in the interim.

Roman Cechmanek Opens His Mouth!

It was reported on Headline Sports in Toronto tonight, that Roman Cechmanek made a comment in a European paper stating that the Flyers managment, and the reporters in Philly, pushed the European players there to the side, and treat them like crap in Philly. I don’ t remember the exact quote, but that is the most of it! Kind of funny to hear that from a mouth of a guy who just signed a nice multi-million dollar deal!