Unacceptable! 7 in a Row? No. Now something has to happen!

Alright, well no more sitting back and watching this mess. Something on Broadway needs to change. Which is exactly what Glen Sather better be telling himself.

Something has to happen to change this mess of a team, which 7 games ago was 1st in it’s division and held the 3rd seat in the Eastern Conference. AND now as we hit the halfway point of the season, they are on the outside looking in.

Good teams say Crosby who!

This needs to be settled. I’m tired of all this hype for Sidney Crosby. This post is not to say he isn’t good, but lets take a look at his stats that all you people hold so dear.

Who wins the half season awards?

Who MIGHT win some award, which team could come were in the Standing, and more.

Leafy Rants: Argh, this be ridiculous

Don’t worry, I’m not writing the article in pirate. Today I’m going to talk about the trade deadline, some stuff about the Leafs, the Vote for Rory campaign, and more.

New the the message board… here goes nothing!

Have to get this off my chest. I’m a Flyers fan. Phew now that the cat is out of the bag, i need to get some other things off my chest.

Sidney Crosby = Why won’t this coward try to back up his big mouth? He’s a typical 19 year old with a big mouth and no balls. Score all the points you want, you’ll never equate to the legendary players.

Gut Check Time For Sens

The Ottawa Senators are Wade Redden’s team.

World Junior Championships

Team Canada, right on par?
Germany starting to catch up?
Tuukka who?
And finally…
1 Day. 4 Countries. 2 Upsets.

Buyers or Sellers?

Most teams will make trade, but who’s going to throw away there playoffs?

Sebastien Caron traded to the Ducks

Accordind to rds.ca the chicago blackhawks has tade Sebastien Caron, matt keith and christ durno to the ducks in return of Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau and Bruno St-Jacques.

What the Canucks should do!

With the Canucks playing record looking more like a Six Flags roller coaster, up and down the entire season, it’s obvious they need some sort of change within their lineup. With Nonis showing an extreme amount of patience with his team, it should only be a matter of time before he can pull off some sort of deal to shake up his lineup. This is what I propose.

More youth. More speed.

Leafy Rants

the Leafs and Sens: from best and most heated rivalry to two shitty teams who play shitty games, the division over haul blows, and more.

What the NHL needs to/needs to stop focussing on

Hello this is my first article and I just wanted to talk about what the NHL needs to stop/start foccussing on.

How a team can beat the stats or the curses ?

Hello Hello Happy Holidays to everyone

I want to talk about an interesting fact, something that most of us call, Curses !!

Yeah, strangely even the best team have problems getting rid of these. I know it’s not impossible, but you have to admit that fans are not that confidant when a team faces one of its curses.