Sundin vs Koivu….

Ok, anybody who’s ever read my posts knows that I’m not your typical Leaf fan that thinks Forsberg is coming to Toronto along with Roberts and Bertuzzi. I don’t think everyone in hockey wants to play in Toronto and I think it’s ridiculously ignorant to think otherwise.

Kovalev Out for 3 weeks

TSN ( is reporting that Kovalev will be out for the next 3 weeks. This is actually the best thing that could happen at this point, hopefully someone like Gabrovski gets called up and is given a chance to prove himself.

Billy Guerin to TO??

The reports:

The Globe and Mail reported yesterday that John Ferguson contacted his old boss, Blues GM Larry Pleau, about acquiring Guerin.

Somethings Gotta Give My Habs Rant

First off I am a huge Montreal fan and I will stick with my team through the good and the bad.  But something has to be done, take last nights game for instance Koivu(or captain hook) has been taking far too many penalties lately, not blaming everything on him the team took 9 penalties to New Jersey’s 3.  It’s nice to see them playing hard but they have to use their heads and avoid the pointless penalties.

Club Denying the need of change!

Fan of the Montreal Canadiens are probably starting to panic and they have good reason to be! From resent interviews from the press….many of the canadiens players are stating as well as coaches that the team does not need any change and they have a crew fit for a come back…

Canadiens in real trouble??? What to do? reports that the Canadiens are in real trouble. According to their latest article the Habs have some players such Craig Rivet that may be on the trade block. It is speculated that the Canadiens have several players that could be moved for players such as Guerin however Gainey is reluctant to move young prospects for rentals.

The Wild to look at Tkachuk???

Although not expanded upon, Minnesota / columnist Charley Walters would not be surprised if the Minnesota Wilds go out and make a move for the St. Louis Blues power Forward Keith Tkachuk.

Should Snow Buy or should he Sell? suggests that the Islanders are only a few players away from being a legitimate cup contender. Although players such as Tkackuk, Guerin and others would be a big help to the team newsday feels that they would be better off waiting until the summer to pick up players rather than selling off the farm for today.

Blow it up Bob

It’s done, it’s over, cooked, fini. I thought maybe after the 30 minute meeting Saturday after the game, and the guys airing their dirty laundry, they would come out flying. Also the supposed cancer of the team Kovalev wasn’t playing some of the players would have steeped up…

Atlanta to miss the playoffs?

After a very strong start, the Thrashers looked like they would make the playoffs for the first time in their history, and leave Columbus as the only franchise to never have reached the playoffs, but after a recent struggle were they have had trouble winning, and have gone 3-6-1 in there last ten, there playoff position is in BIG jeopardy!

Is the East the best conference?

No, they are not. the west has better goalies, better d man, we’ve won almost all of our games against the East, and the only reason people think the East is better because they have more exciting players.

Another hockeybuzz habs rumor

“I am also hearing more Zherdev to Montreal Rumors, and I am about to go into a meeting with a montreal source in the next few minutes to discuss a rumor I am chasing that the Habs may be in the verge of something bigger. I will report back.”


In light of the Montreal Canadiens complete collapse, Bob Gainey should be a seller and not a buyer, come trade deadline day. Let’s face it. The Habs are not Stanley Cup contenders. They are not conference finalist material. They are, if they make the playoffs at all, the same as last year. Maybe win a round and if all the stars are aligned, maybe win 2 rounds but thhhaaattt’s all, folks!! With 6 impending UFA’s (Souray, Markov, Rivet, Bonk, Johnson, Abeischer) and several other players the team would likely move (Perezhogin, Ryder, Samsonov) if the right deal was on the table, Gainey is holding the cards that could set up the Canadiens organization for the next 10 years.