Edmonton looking to make a deal?

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that Oilers defenseman Dick Tarnstrom may be expendable due to the play of some of some of the younger defenseman.

Possibility of Modano to Montreal

Before everyone jumps all over me..listen to what I have to say…According to RDS a couple of days ago..Montreal may be looking at Modano to fill the first line center position we have available. He would be a great fit because we need a first line center.

Coaching Speculation in Atlanta

Boston.com sports is providing some of the latest speculation regarding the coaching situation in Atlanta.

Ice Pickings

- Randy Jones Suspended for 2 games – Are the Flyers a dirty team?
- The Phoenix Coyotes; an ugly roster on paper
- Some slow starts between the pipes

Trouble in Toronto

Why are the Leafs still struggling to become a contender……

Fairness of the league

Today Randy Jones was served up with a 2 game suspension for his hit on Patrice Bergeron during the 2-1 Flyers win on Saturday. Many fans that are against the Flyers have called for a lengthy suspension against Randy Jones for the hit. Is this simply because fans around the league hate the Flyers and consider them a goon team and compare them to the Broad Street Bullies of the 70’s? Or is it they want an example made of these players to cut down on the checks and hitting that are resulting in injuries.

Forsberg to play with Swedish National team

TSN is reporting that Peter Forsberg will be playing with Team Sweden in the Karjala cup Nov 8th to the 11th in Helsinki.

Interesting Cap Trivia

I was looking up nhlnumbers.com and I thought I would give some interesting information I looked up. I’ll probably do an update on this later in the year, around All-Star break, but ten games in, it is still entertaining to see where the numbers lie.

PJ Axelsson's overrated offensive ability

I have been reading alot about Axelsson to Ottawa rumours or dreams because he would play well with Alfredsson and because he is an underrated offensive player, but is that actually true?

Rumors from the New York Post

Larry Brooks of the New York Post provides a number of interesting tid bits of speculation.