Hate to Say I Told You So

The Rangers five game skid, and still counting, along with their play over the entire season thus far, demonstrates that this team is not great. Not even good, just mediocre.

During the summer, while there was a flurry of signings and trades, the Rangers largely held their ground. The highlights of the offseason were the signings of Matt Cullen, Aaron Ward, and the Adam Hall trade… I would hate to say I told you so, but like I said these players were and are not the answer.

Canucks hot trade possibility

There is no doubt that nucks are struggling.they have been struggling since Brian Burke was gone.So
Here are some trade possibilities for noniss (who is not a really good G.M)
Morrison and 4th round pick for Forseberg

My Leafs plan for next year

There was a rumor that the Leafs would trade Tucker to the Edmonton oilers for Torres and a 1st round pick. Starting with that, this is what I think the Leafs should do:

'Tis the season…

With Christmas just a couple of days away, Santa is busy checking his list to make sure everything is nice and ready for the big day.

Cabber as a Forward ??

Ok this is juss a theory of mine , Would Brian McCabe be a better forward then a D-man . I think that Cabber has awesome Offensive talent but his Defence is suspect at best sometimes . I have always wondered what McCabe would play like playing along side of Sundin and Wellwood .

Rico's Rant!

I’ve actually got a lot to get off my chest! Reasons why Canada isn’t a bad choice for relocation, Wayne Gretzky and Habs Trade rumors.

I know that we all feel like Bettman has a vendetta against Canada but here are some reasons why Canada would be a fine place for any relocation.

Free Agency Speculation…

It’s still pretty early to be talking about free agency, but I like to play with numbers…and I know, a lot of you guys are going to tell me that I should leave that to our general managers, but who doesn’t like to play that role once in awhile.

So what kind of general manager are you ? Aggressive or Conservative ? Who do you keep ? Who’s leaving ? Let’s see your predictions for your favorite team’s upcoming free agents.

What's going on in the Nation's Capital??

Let me explain to you why the sens are sucking so far:

(Keep in mind this is simply my opinion, and not fact, before you start tearing it apart)

1- Let’s start with the captain. Alfredsson hasn’t found his scoring touch. His production definitely isn’t what it was last year. He’s been taken away from the top line and without the brilliance of Spezza and Heatley, he hasn’t been getting those points. Having said that, he is for sure not the only one to blame…

Bad Time to be a Senators Fan

Expectations were high after last years stellar year with underachieving playoff performance. I don’t think anyone would like the loss of Havalat, Hasak and Chara would be so substantial. But now, with Spezza out for 4-6 weeks, the chancees of Ottawa making the playoffs are getting very slim.

Trade Deadline Reality

We all remember the Luongo for Bertuzzi trade, so far it has been a complete bust for Florida. Come this summer Bertuzzi will become a UFA and more than likely will leave Florida. What if Vancouver made a push for him at the deadline?

Nichol Suspended 9 Games For Punching Spacek

Nashville Predators forward Scott Nichol was suspended for nine games by the NHL on Friday for his sucker-punch to the head of Buffalo defenseman Jaroslav Spacek.

The Canuck's 2007 Summer

I’m bored, so i’m gonna write what I think the Canuck’s should do this Summer.


So guess what? The NHL is talking about making the NHL NET LARGER. Can you actually believe the Bettman guys n New York are actually thinking of making the net larger to increase scoring!!! Could you imagine the NBA making their rims 3 inches bigger? Could you imagine FIFA expanding their nets by 2 feet on each side? Could you imagine an aluminum bat in MLB? Some things are just sacred to sport and the NHL Should just not expand the NHL nets.