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The 2007-08 Ultimate Pool Preview.

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34 year old G Rich Parent wants to get back in the NHL!

Ever heard of the book ”The Secret”? Chances are, you did.

Ever heard of 34 year old goaltender Rich Parent? Chances are you did not (I do know him but I am old and a hockey freak so that doesen’t count!)

Anyways, Rich Parent certainly did heard of the book ”The Secret”

Check this out…

McGillis Joins Canucks

Vancouver, B.C. – Vancouver Canucks General Manager and Senior Vice President Dave Nonis announced today that defenceman Dan McGillis has joined the team on a professional tryout (PTO).

Gamache wants to play

The first two Leafs pre-season games have shown certain qualities about certain players. Some players have risen and appear to have a shot at cracking the Leafs roster, while others I had pencilled in at roster spots seem to be drifting away.

To a great Hartford Whaler: Sean Burke calls it a career

According to

Veteran NHL Goalie Sean Burke has officialy called it a career.

A great guy and a great goalie … Sad to see him go.

Wild still looking for #1 center?

Lemaire seeks missing piece
Coach looking for a center for No. 1 line
Pioneer Press
Article Last Updated: 09/19/2007 12:19:07 AM CDT

Wild coach Jacques Lemaire has a lot of plans for his team’s top three lines, but for those plans to work, he needs to find one more piece.

Preferably a center.

Expansion Success

Expansion was at its peak in the early 90’s and well into the 90’s. Some teams have had success while others are tough to even think about (cough columbus).

Here are the teams that came into the league starting in 1991:

Pre-Season Game 1: The Habs Review

Well the pre-season has finally started, and I’ve got to say that after last night’s game I am quite impressed.
Now I know it is pre-season, that the games mean nothing and they are often completely irrelevant when it comes to judging a team, but the Habs looked very strong with a rookie filled lineup against a Penguins team that iced mainly starters and veterans.

Sens Sign Key Player

According to, the Sens have locked up Mike Fisher. The deal is a 5-year contract extension worth $21 million. Fisher will earn $1.5 million this season.

The Goaltending Factor

The biggest part to any teams success is goaltending. If you don’t have goaltending, you don’t have anything. So what makes a good goaltender? Who are the best goaltenders today? Who are the greatest goaltenders of all time? I will explain all of this, in this article.(This was originally a choice essay that was originally about 5 pages, that I need to hand in for english- college [5]. I cut it down to this.)

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