Hall at Penguins camp.

Adam Hall has turned up at the Penguins camp after having received an invitation from General Manager Ray Shero. Hall, 27, was drafted and has spend most of his NHL time with the Nashville Predators. The 6’3″ 206lb. winger was traded twice last year, first acquired by the Rangers, and then spent the remaining of the season with Minnesota.

Let's get this party started!

The nhl season is back in action tonight at 10:00p.m. eastern with the defending cup champs Anaheim Ducks play host to the kings.

Slap On The Wrist? How 'Bout Punch In The Face?

Gary Bettman announced at 11:55 today that Mark Bell has been suspended for 15 regular season games. Many people thought that Bell would get a “slap on the wrist” from the NHL, but it has now turned into more of a punch in the face.

Leafs New Jersey

The Leafs unveiled their new uniforms today at 3:00pm. The new RBK Edge Jersey is  still the same as the old one (in design) with only minor tweakings. It does not have the rumored strip down the side. The Marlies also unveiled their new jersey, which is the same, but again, with only minor tweakings.

Will Price be in the NHL this season?

After leading the Hamilton Bulldogs to a Calder Cup in the AHL, Price seems ready to make the jump to the NHL. However, if he wants to stay with the big club he is going to have to beat out Huet for the starting job. The habs probably won’t keep him as a back-up with a guy like Halak around. If Price doesn’t take the job from Huet, he’ll be back in the AHL getting the ice time he won’t get as a back-up with the habs.

Niedermayer Suspended

ANAHEIM, Calif. (CP) – The Anaheim Ducks officially suspended Scott Niedermayer on Tuesday, a formality that was expected on the first day of camp with the star defenceman a no-show.

Top Young Guns Across The League

Isn’t it funny how whenever someone talks about their team they always say something like ” Well ya, but we’ve got the best rookie talent just look at: yatta yatta yatta…”. Well to break this all down I’ve made a list of the top 20 prospects(1being best, 20 being least) in the whole NHL (system). You may agree with some of them, you may not, but here we go:

Backup Bananza!!!

Last years hiring in NYI of Garth Snow as GM may have been funy enough for most people, but now they put the toping on the cake. That’s right, the Isles hired Mike Dunham as their new goalie coach! Although some people may argue Snow did a good job for the Isles, there comes a time when it just gets ridiculous. 

Les Canadiens Trade Rumors

Here, I have made a list of possible trades that Les Canadiens could make (I also kept in mind the salary cap, player interests, team interests, and the possibility factor).

In Montreal, you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don&#039

P.J. Stock said it so well on the team 990 the other day; if you’re a player for the Habs, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.

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