Leaf News

According to Hockeybuzz.com the leafs are close to resigning Darcy Tucker and also it is strongly believed that Gary Roberts will be returning to Toronto before the trade deadline.

The Season is over, we should gut MLSE

Finally the Maple Leafs play a team that isn’t completely inept, and Andrew Rayflop shows his true colors,a nd proves that this is not a playoff team. I for one think that MLSE should be gutted for all the bullshit that’s filled with him.

JFJ = ME! :)

John Ferguson Jr. in 2003-2004 aquired Owen Nolan(Later Signed with the Coyotes), and Brian Leetch(Later Signed with the Bruins) by trading Draft Picks, Prospects and Future Considerations. In 2005-2006 aquired Alexander Suglobov(Later Put on Waivers), and Luke Richardson(Later Signed with the Lightning), also he fired Pat Quinn,and Rick Lee. WOW!

I have an idea, FIRE JFJ

Ever Since the Hiring of JFJ, the leafs haven’t done as well as they used to, (i.E the long term signings with NTCs). So pretty much as some would say signing Tucker is a horrible idea, sure he scores goals, and has heart, but hes no skater, he has no shot, no hands. With the money spent on signing him we could get some “up to date players”(ie DATSYUK, if he remains unsigned). My philosophy is players who are locked up with NTCs, and long term deals WILL NOT try as hard as players who are pending UFAs or have short term contracts, has anyone ever noticed that?

Fake Fans

Ok relax already first of all Montreal Canaidians have a great team and im fed up of everyone saying that they need a #2 centre nooo we need offense it doesnt matter if he’s a centre pleckanec could do the job he has the tools.. we need size like a Bertuzzi sure a centre would be great but even if we keep our team it would be a great team…


The montreal Canadiens have been heavily scouting the Flyers games over the last couple weeks what intially was thought to be for Peter Forseberg but rumor has it that the Habs have their eye on Sami Kapanen.

Also the Sabres, Leafs and Islanders are thought to be going after Kevyn Adams.

The Sabres Lose Gaustad for the Remainder of the Season

As Darcy Regier announced to the media during the 1st intermission of Saturday’s game between the Sabres and Flames, Buffalo center Paul Gaustad’s ankle injury was far worse than the team anticipated. Gaustad cut the tendon in his leg with a skate when he got tied up with an Ottawa player during the game vs Ottawa on Wednesday. An MRI revealed the bad news and Gaustad will need surgery to repair the damage.

Potential Goaltending Controversy?

Now that Mr. Aebischer is stepping up and starting more often than Cristobal, who will be our playoff goaltender?

Canucks Rumors and Ideas!

As far as I have heard there are not just three teams in on Forsberg and Vancouver is definately interested. Apperantly there were Vancouver scouts in the crowd last night at the Flyers game and Forsberg would definately waive his no trade clause to play with his old friend Naslund. I am positive that the canucks would have to give up Sami Salo in this deal and most likely Cory Schneider as well. I am guessing one more player or draft pick but I don’t know, maybe Bulis.

Down to 3 teams?

According to the Detroit Free Press, Peter Forsberg is said to be down to 3 teams that would make him renounce his no-trade clause…

Hamel Claimed, Belanger traded…AGAIN, Vishnevski traded

As per TSN…

Hockey Night in Canada

Saturday night in Canada, it’s all about hockey and making the playoffs.

Canucks on the Verge?

The Canucks have recalled TWO centers from the Moose, their farm team in the AHL. Brad Moran and Brandon Reid have both been called up, leading to the conclusion that one of three things will be revealed in the next 24 hours: A center was hurt in Wednesday’s loss to Chicago (possible but not likely as there has not been any word of injuries besides D-Man Krajiceck); Alain Vigneault is going to issue some benchings, which is definately a possibility considering Vigneault’s approach and the BRUTAL showing vs. the ‘Hawks; OR… a trade is going down involving a current center on the roster.