Leafs: Ignoring the rebuilding essentials.

There are a couple “truths” about rebuilding that can’t be ignored, that Leafs HAVE ignored. Consider the following are pretty basic steps to building a winning franchise.

1) Build from within, drafting well and developing players in your own system.

Their drafting has been suspect at best. Poor drafting position doesn’t help, but what has helped even less is poor selection (Luca Cereda, Nik Antropov etc. etc.) and trading away draft picks. Detroit somehow managed to draft better and were in worse drafting positions than the Leafs. While they have a lot of “decent” young players, who will have reasonably succesful careers (hopefully), they only one serious building block (Kaberle) and ZERO potential for a “franchise” type player. They have ignored this step or executed it very badly.

Picks and Predictions 2006/07 Season

OK, I realized Im ripping this off from Adam Muir on si.com (sort of), but I figured I’d throw this out there to test the waters, and gather some opinions.

Fill in the blanks to the following questions, justify your responses as you see fit….

How I could have built the Leafs better

I submitted an article about the mistakes I think the Leafs have made in building their team. After that, I wanted to take a look at what they had, and what they needed and how I could have done it better.

Canucks claim Sabourin off waivers.

Today the Vancouver Canucks claimed goaltender Danny Sabourin off waivers. He will most likely start the year in Manitoba but if Flaherty faulters at all he will most definately see a call up.

Northwest Division Goalie Preview

Calgary- Mikka Kiprusoff, enough said. Mikka is comming off an excelent season, putting up 10 shotouts and wining the Vezina. The questionmark here is the backup. Krahn isnt quite ready for the big time and McLennan put up decent numbers with Florida last year. But if Kipper goes down with an injury, the Flames will struggle. Mikka is a workhorse and carries the team, and without him they barely even compete.

Northeast Division Goalie Preview

Boston- Thus far it is unclear who will get the starting job for the Bruins. Toivonen is a solid young goalie, but struggled with injuries last year, playing only 20 games and posting a .914 sv%. Thomas played well last year after taking over for Raycroft and finished with a .917 sv%. However, he did playa very acrobatic game and was often out of position. While the Bruins do believe that he can play well again, they also thought that of Raycroft and he played terrible last year. it is yet to be seen how Thomas will follow up this past year. No mater who starts, they will still face quite a few shots, even with Chara


After defeat in Game 5 to Buffalo, Wade Redden said the Senators had to change their ways, change the team and recognize the red-flags that go unnoticed during the season. With that in mind, the Senators greatest asset going into this season is something that has been the achilles heal since the franchise began, the Collective groups playoff experience.


There is a rumor going around that Sheldon Sourey will go to Vancouver for Brenden Morrison.

Minimal Cap Room

Okay, as it stands now, the accumulated Salary for the Habs is…43 mil 779 thousand. This being said, not much room is left for emergencies. I’m going to stick my head out and say that Gainey will make a trade to free up some cap space by Christmas. Everyone keeps saying that Souray will be traded, I hope not, he may have some inconsistency issues, but he’s a big gun and with the right coaching he’ll be fine.

Chara named B's captain

The Boston Bruins have selected Zdeno Chara to be the 18th captain in the club’s 82-year history.

Eaves on Sens top line

An important tip for poolies, Patrick Eaves is expected to skate on Ottawa’s top line with Jason Spezza and Dany Heatley.

Brian Gionta Signs

After luckily clearing up cap space with the great help from Doug Wilson, general manager of the San Jose Sharks, the New Jersey Devils re-signed Brian Gionta to a three year deal worth $4M per season.

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Tyson Nash Has Been Waived By The Phoenix Coyotes!!!

Sportsnet is reporting that Tyson Nash has been waived by the Phoenix Coyotes and just wondering who is going to pick up Tyson Nash or if he will clear and be sent down to there farm team?