Best NHL teams since 1990

The 1989-90 season was an important landmark in NHL history. It marked the end of the last bona fide NHL dynasty, with the Edmonton Oilers winning their 5th cup in 7 years.

It also ushered in the new expansion era, as the San Jose Sharks were awarded a franchise in the summer of 1990 and the NHL gradually grew from 21 teams to the current 30.

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Hello hockey fans. It has been a while, but the mikster is back in it as the season is just a few blocks down and am I psyched! Read all about the title in my article and check out what you can do to help HTR do its season previews.


As we all know, this is the time of year when NHL teams hold pro. tryouts for players who have not signed with a team by September 10th. Here are some of the invitations:

The Overrated Teams

When it comes down to the line, there are some teams that are being over rated this season. It happens every year. This past year it was Carolina. The year before that it was Tampa Bay. The year before that it was New Jersey. See a bit of a pattern? They were all the Stanley Cup champions from the year before. But none of them could duplicate their succes, and teams like Carolina and Tampa struggled harshley. So who’s this years “big time team”? You guessed it, The Anaheim Ducks. So to clear up some mingling talk, I’m going to show you the most over rated teams going into this

Why The Leafs Are Cup Contenders

In every sport, there’s always that team that other teams love to hate. Who’s hockey’s you ask? The Toronto Maple Leafs. They’re the most talked about franchise in the NHL…and most criticized. But when it comes to this year, the Leafs seem ripe for a playoff run, maybe even a cup run. So in this article, I will show you why the Leafs are ready to end the drought.

All Jerseys Revealed

rbk code was leaked and now using nhl 08 you can play with the new jerseys. The code is h3oyxpwksf8ibcgt for nhl 08 gamers.

Hall at Penguins camp.

Adam Hall has turned up at the Penguins camp after having received an invitation from General Manager Ray Shero. Hall, 27, was drafted and has spend most of his NHL time with the Nashville Predators. The 6’3″ 206lb. winger was traded twice last year, first acquired by the Rangers, and then spent the remaining of the season with Minnesota.

Let's get this party started!

The nhl season is back in action tonight at 10:00p.m. eastern with the defending cup champs Anaheim Ducks play host to the kings.

Slap On The Wrist? How 'Bout Punch In The Face?

Gary Bettman announced at 11:55 today that Mark Bell has been suspended for 15 regular season games. Many people thought that Bell would get a “slap on the wrist” from the NHL, but it has now turned into more of a punch in the face.

Leafs New Jersey

The Leafs unveiled their new uniforms today at 3:00pm. The new RBK Edge Jersey isĀ  still the same as the old one (in design) with only minor tweakings. It does not have the rumored strip down the side. The Marlies also unveiled their new jersey, which is the same, but again, with only minor tweakings.

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