Canucks on the Verge?

The Canucks have recalled TWO centers from the Moose, their farm team in the AHL. Brad Moran and Brandon Reid have both been called up, leading to the conclusion that one of three things will be revealed in the next 24 hours: A center was hurt in Wednesday’s loss to Chicago (possible but not likely as there has not been any word of injuries besides D-Man Krajiceck); Alain Vigneault is going to issue some benchings, which is definately a possibility considering Vigneault’s approach and the BRUTAL showing vs. the ‘Hawks; OR… a trade is going down involving a current center on the roster.

Who is the top dog out of the Canadian Teams?

I have to admit that this year has seen its ups and downs for the Canadian teams. It will be interesting to see what the trade deadline brings to these teams. Will they all be able to make the playoffs? Every team has been going through changes and some are rebuilding while others are making a name for themselves. Rate the six Canadian teams of the League based on how you think they will finish at the end of this regular season. Be realistic and don’t just base it on your favourites (I’m a leaf fan).

Hamel put on Waivers

According to Denis Hamel has been put on waivers. This guy should be snatched up pretty fast.


These are hard times for the Montreal Canadiens and their fans. After a fairy tale 1ST half for rookie head coach Guy Carbonneau, one which saw the Habs competing for top seed in the eastern conference, the wheels seem to have completely fallen off. Now, the Canadiens find themselves fighting for their playoff lives and the way things are going, there’s no guarantee they will be among the top 8 come April. What has happened and what are the potential solutions?

Big Problems in Edmonton

I am a huge Oilers fan, but a realistic one. This team will not make the playoffs with the current roster. They need at least 2 more good d-men.That will make them good enough to get into 8th, and be swept………why bother.

News Outta Edmonton

The Edmonton Journal suggest that if the Edmonton Oilers were to fall out of playoff contention that star winger Ryan Smyth could be traded. Ryan Smyth who is turning 31 becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer and contract talks are still far apart for both the sides. Ryan Smyth is looking for a long term contract about 5 years and around 5 million a year.

Signing Tucker Will Drive Final Nail in Leafs Coffin

For the second season in a row the Toronto Maple Leafs are about ready to make a mistake and hand out yet another no movement clause to one of their players. After handing not only a healthy 5.75 million salary to blueliner Bryan McCabe for each of the next 5 seasons but also a no movement clause, the talk now is that the team will likely hand forward Darcy Tucker the same special feature in his new contract along with millions of dollars attached to multiple seasons.

Rangers Small Moves are NOT Enough!

According to

The Wild sent Pascal Dupuis to the Rangers in exchange for Adam Hall.

Well that’s it the Rangers season is turning around now…..and they should win the cup… yeah that’ll happen now.

The Avery move was good, already going to be a fan favorite as long as stupid penalties don’t happen.

But the Rangers need something to change and Dupuis isn’t it.

The New NHL – A Joke

So here I am, a die hard Montreal Canadiens fan since birth. I have watched EVERY Habs game for as long back as I can remember. I record them all if I’m away and watch when I get back. I loved the team and the sport as a whole. Last night while watching the Canadiens drop another one to The Sens, it hits me, what has this league come to?

I have seen worse Habs teams iced in my lifetime so I can deal with them not making the post season, or going through slumps. My issue is with the league as a whole.

Vasicek's going back to Carolina!

According to, the Nashville Predators have dealt Josef Vasicek to Carolina for Eric Belanger. He returns after a short stint with the Preds.

Power Forwards to grow wings????

The Detroit Free Press reports that the Red Wings may have interest in a large number of power forwards. The list of names includes Todd Bertuzzi, Bill Guerin, Peter Forsberg and Keith Tkachuk.

Realistically Who could they get?

I hear people saying this and that about who the Leafs should trade for, but in reality a lot of teams are not willing to give up anyone even if the trade goes in their favour. If the Leafs do give up big name players they won’t get what they deserve in return.

Bye bye Playoffs for the Habs

I don’t think the Canadiens have it. They can’t seem to get their act together lately. Montreal is going to slip out the backdoor and be on the outside looking in if they don’t get it together. When your top players are Bonk, Plekanec, and Johnson, you’re not going to make the playoffs. It’s time to start shaking things up. Maybe it’s time to be a seller. Give some of our prospects a chance and get rid of some of our ‘talent’ed players. Kovalev shows up when he feels like it, Ryder doesn’t seem to have the same confidence he did last year, Koivu just can’t seem to produce lately and well, we all know the Samsonov story.