Power Forwards to grow wings????

The Detroit Free Press reports that the Red Wings may have interest in a large number of power forwards. The list of names includes Todd Bertuzzi, Bill Guerin, Peter Forsberg and Keith Tkachuk.

Realistically Who could they get?

I hear people saying this and that about who the Leafs should trade for, but in reality a lot of teams are not willing to give up anyone even if the trade goes in their favour. If the Leafs do give up big name players they won’t get what they deserve in return.

Bye bye Playoffs for the Habs

I don’t think the Canadiens have it. They can’t seem to get their act together lately. Montreal is going to slip out the backdoor and be on the outside looking in if they don’t get it together. When your top players are Bonk, Plekanec, and Johnson, you’re not going to make the playoffs. It’s time to start shaking things up. Maybe it’s time to be a seller. Give some of our prospects a chance and get rid of some of our ‘talent’ed players. Kovalev shows up when he feels like it, Ryder doesn’t seem to have the same confidence he did last year, Koivu just can’t seem to produce lately and well, we all know the Samsonov story.

Wings want Bertuzzi

Darren Dregger of TSN reported the Red Wings GM Ken Holland would be interested in Panthers forward Todd Bertuzzi if the Panthers start selling off some of their veteran players.

Lets Have Some Fun… and Forget about Foppa and Samsonov

OK. Lets have some fun. How would you have managed your NHL team over the past 15 years or so?

New Jersey is Front Runner for Brad Stuart

The Devils are in the market for another defenseman and appear to have focused their attention on Brad Stuart of the Boston Bruins, reports the New York Post.

The Post claims New Jersey has offered rearguard David Hale, center Rod Pelley and right wing Barry Tallackson, but that does not appear to be good enough.


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The Changing face of the playoff Vet.

Post-lockout, the NHL addition of an NHL vet who has been to the dance and can provide the grit, leadership or timely scroing has changed. No longer are players like Steve Thomas, Claude Lemieux, ¬†Joe Niuwendyke, Mike Vernon, Kirk Muller available. Time has passed them by, and the dynasty’s that hogged these names, Dallas, Detroit, Colorado and NJ are gone

A collection of submissions

2007 Entry Draft

More Samsonov News

Most Important Stretch of the Season

Cudos to Lalime

Maurice blows, lets bring back Burns

Columbus selling their Jackets!

The Columbus Dispatch has reported that GM Doug Maclean is looking for a blockbuster trade! He is just looking for the right fit!
I would imagine plenty of Eastern Teams will be willing to make a bid for some of the talent this team has.

Saving Maple Leaf Gardens

I recently watched a video on youtube of present state of maple leaf gardens and I was shocked. Behind the food counters broken dishes on the floor, storage closets full of old record books, seats all still there, ads all over the walls dated 1999, garbage bins overflowing with garbage.

!Blitzkrieg! of the Penguins

Forget the March of the Penguins, this is an all out Blitzkrieg.

They have just handed Nashville, the best team in the league, their hats and literally kick them out the door. In there own building no less!

With the recent success of the Pittsburgh Penguins I wonder just how far they can go.

Winning, winning…. but getting no where.

After the lock out, there were a lot questions regarding how the new rules would pan out.
For the most part, a couple of rules seem to be working – No two line pass (speeds up the game) – Goalie trap zones ( keeps goalie in the net ) – Puck over the glass penalty ( Adds pressure to defence on a power play )

The referees…. I don’t think they’ve got better or worse. On some nights officiating is horrible! Calling penalties all game. Some games…. not so much. There are still a ton of injuries regardless how strict you get. So refs stop slowing the game down!!!