Messier Back on Broadway

According to TSN Messier wants to take over the Rangers GM job when Sather retires.  With him saying this I can see even more people screaming for Sather’s head and having Mess replace him.

I would Rather see him in the locker room, but if he can put some passion in this team from the front office, he can still work wonders.

Samsonov on Waivers!

According to and, the Montreal Canadiens have placed winger Sergei Samsonov on waivers today. This would mean that any team who decides to pick him up has to only pay half of his salary.

Samsonov Requests Trade

Sergei Samsonov’s agent confirmed to the Journal de Montreal that his client wants out of Montreal and would like to be traded prior to the February 27th deadline.

Blockbuster in the Works?

Rumors are starting to circulate in Florida; Jokinen’s name has come up.

When Jokinen signed the 5 year deal with Florida he was under the impression that Luongo would be their goalie and they would have a chance of making the playoffs during his new contract. With Luongo gone, it seems highly unlikely that the cup will be finding it’s way to Florida, unless TB brings it.

Forsberg News heating Up??

OK, so the word on the street, at least on the mean streets of Philadelphia, is that Peter Forsberg wants to play in the playoffs and will likely waive his no-trade clause. The word also is he has an interest in a Canadian team. From where we sit the perfect fit is Montreal.

Canadiens Contemplating Moves??

The Montreal Canadies are 6-8-1 in their last 15 Games and the warning bells appear to be ringing. According to various reports, Canadiens GM Bob Gainey’s telephone bill is on the rise and he is believed to be working on a trade or two in hopes of waking his team up.

Sean Avery Ready to the Big Apple (Unbiased version)

The New York Rangers acquired one of the most hated players in the NHL, Sean Avery, and prospect John Seymour for hard working fourth liner Jason Ward, Czech prospect Jan Marek, and another prospect in Marc Andre Cliche`.

This sums up what it's like as a Leaf fan….

I’m posting this more as a fun topic, I am not “crying” or “whining” it was simply an email I received and thought it was “oh so true” and worthy of posting on this Maple Leafs board. But I’m sure many anti-Leaf fans will (as always) be on here ready to bash….kinda makes you wonder why they’re checking the “Leafs Rumor” Board though.


The Rangers have fallen off the playoff charts and Glen Sather has been very quite. The facts are simple and it is that Shanhan is a waste without at least one player on his line that can make things happen.

The Rangers seem to have found a 3rd line, and have always had a 1st line. But the 2nd line for the Rangers is the biggest joke in hockey. Not to mention the power play.

Bottom line,
Rangers need Forsburg now

Vancouver Speculation

Who would you want for this team?

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