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Possible Trades/Line Changes Leafs Can Do

Heres a few trades that could be made that could, in a way benifit both teams.Included is the Trades, with a reason why leafs should make the trade, and Line Changes for Both Trades.

Trade deadline speculation

Montreal has a handful of UFAs at the end of this year: Souray, Markov, Bonk, Niinamaa and Rivet

If the habs are to be serious cup contenders they will have to shake the lineup a little…the 2nd line has been terrible and a good 2nd line centre is needed here to spark the Russians.

What's Up With the Duke?

Terry Frei of the Denver Post recently wrote an article about the scoring, or lack there of, of Avalanche Right Wing Milan Hejduk. To paraphrase, Hejduk hasn’t been quite the same player since he, Alex Tanguay and Peter Forsberg tore it up a few season back.

So what are the Avs to do with him?

Could he be the key to moving Theo?

Canada Wins Gold Yet Again!

To no surprise Team Canada has Three-peated at the World Junior Championship. The real surprise is that they went unbeaten for a 3rd straight year. But really with a dozen returnees, being at the head of the class was expected as was Gold which Canada delivered once again.

Mid-Term Grades Set 2, KC and the Sunshine Band, Panthers Hockey, Flames Hockey

More mid-term on other
teams that reached the halfway point of the season. A pretty good set of teams to talk about.

KC and the Sunshine Band! Should Mario dance to the rythm and move to KC City for real? My answer to that is (censored).

Florida Panthers Hockey, who could the Sunshine Jacques go after? It’s a big name, could be a long shot, but never rule out anything that is bizarre in hockey.

Calgary Flames may lose Iginla for a little bit of time, so is their hockey any good?

By the way, check out the biggest bust in the NHL and no, it’s not Alex Daigle.

Sundin for Hart?


Mats Sundin is the most valuable National Hockey League player to his team. The Penguins wouldn’t be that far off pace had they taken Bobby Ryan instead of Sidney Crosby, they would certainly be off it, but not to a huge degree. The Toronto Maple Leafs would be nowhere near where they were if Mats Sundin were replaced by anyone.

Hockey in Kansas City, and how to get American fans

So everyone seems so be pretty annoyed at the idea of the Penguins might move to Kansas city, including myself. As a Canadian, I’m one of the many that believe that hockey should not be played where it doesn’t snow. I also hate that there are southern cities that don’t care about their team until they make it to the Stanley Cup Finals (*cough*Tampa Bay*cough*). I would love to see the Penguins move north to Winnipeg, and site www.jetsowner.com makes a great argument for the return of the Jets. They have the brand new MTS Centre which has a capacity of 15 000. Most southern teams in the states have an average attendance of 10 000, so why not move the team to a city that would have a sold out crowd every night? It makes sense to me, but unfortunately, I don’t see that happening. Here’s why:

Comrie's Departure Just The Beginning?

With Gretzky’s recent comments “I’m not going to lie to you guys,” Gretzky told reporters. “I’m not going to sit here and say we’re not going to do nothing. That wouldn’t be the truth. But there’s nothing imminent right now” you can expect the fire sale sign any day now.


It’s not official yet, but it’s looking like the Pens are going to Kansas. According to TSN, and the Team 1040, Mario Lemeuix met with Kansas officials, and that kind of makes me wonder if Mario is done talking with Pittsburgh.

Luongo finally showing why he's making so much money

Roberto Luongo was unreal tonight, and stood on his head, just like he has been for more then half a dozen games. The other day I was saying he hasn’t been great, and all, because I thought he was just having a few good games, AND not let in a weak goal. Now I think he’s getting his game.

Possible Solutions For Leafs?

After yesterday’s aquistion of Mike Comrie by the Ottawa Senators, I once again fear them. Once Spezza and Fisher come back they will have Comrie as either a second or third line center! The guy can still score!

So, I have compiled a list of what the Leafs can do to become competitive in the Northeast Division. JFJ came on the Fan590 a few days ago and stated that the Leafs have about $500,000 dollars in cap space to work with, so here are my possible solutions, which are all speculation:

Trade Deadline: What'll happen?


Trade season is starting pretty soon, and teams need to start deciding whether they are going to contend for a playoff spot, and take a run at the Stanley Cup, or will they dump some impending UFAs, tank, and hope to win the draft lottery.