Rangers Trade Imminent? Officials Are Rude, Trade Deadline a Biggie?

The New York Rangers had better expectations this season, but have failed to meet them. Inconsistency is a disease for this franchise, will Slats, Maloney, and Renney deal with it now or later? By the way, anyone have some Prozac for Renney?

Another 1st round bust? But, not all is lost as he could actually be used effectively for the ….. (find out who)

Still related to the Rangers, last night’s loss to the Ottawa Senators was a major disappointment, not just for the team, but for the officials. It’s one thing if officials make bad calls, but it is quite something else when they are just rude and unprofessional; find out why.

People have been feeling bored with this season as far as trades, but with the way the season has gone thus far, the Trade Deadline could be a fun week/day.

Whos coming and going on all 6 Canadian Teams

Well these rumors Iam bringing up are all from Pierre Lebrun from TheScore,Darren Dregger&Bob MacKenzie from SportsCenter,and Darren Millard and the Hockey Central panel from Sportsnet.These are all speculated trades that might happen soon or during the trade deadline.

Rangers Add Krog Through Waivers

According to newyorkrangers.com, the teams official website, the Blueshirts claimed Jason Krog off waivers from Atlanta.

Worst Trades of 2006

Carolina Trades
Jack Johnson and Oleg Tverdovsky
To Los Angeles For
Tim Gleason and Eric Belanger

I thought this was a joke when it happened. Tim Gleason is a top 4 defenseman who has offensive potential but is not very good in his own zone. He’s still young and could get better but he’s not top line material. Belanger is a third line centre and is solid at his position. Now, Tverdovsky has turned into a 5th or 6th defenseman due to his defensive shortcomings; but then there’s Jack Johnson. This guy has #1 defender written all over him. Now I know with the injury to Kaberle the Hurricanes were in need of some help on the blue line, but to trade away your best player coming up, a player who you know will dominate the NHL for years to come? I think they could have gotten a hell of a lot more.


Part 2: defense surprises, good, and bad.

There have been some good surprises, and bad so I’m listing them.

Big Hockey Night! But Dissapointing?

Yes there are 22 teams playing tonight, but I’ve seen them play each other before. This new schedule is absolute garbage. And the NHL seems to be ok with having a repeat next season. Why not go down to 80 games a season? Is there really anything wrong with that? Then each team would do the following:.

Young Guns: Part Deux

Eastern Conference Edition. These players are the future of the NHL; chances are you havn’t heard all of these names, but trust me you’ll be hearing them for a long time. For the record, I am considering anyone who has played under 3 NHL seasons and is not over 25 as youth.

Leafs Claim Travis Green Off Waivers

According to TSN.ca the Toronto Maple Leafs have added Travis Green off waivers from the Anaheim Ducks. The ex-Leaf returns to Toronto is a rather desperate move to add a healthy body to what is has become a depleted lineup for the Leafs.

Kessel Back in the lineup

this article is simply to bring to attention te fact that Phil Kessel was back in the Bruins lineup tonight, having missed not even a full month due to testicular cancer.

He logged 10:04 minutes of icetime, had no points, was a -1 and had one shot on goal

“We stand on guard for thee”…..unless you’re a Leaf fan

The worst thing in all this Fitzpatrick hoop-la and the entire state of Canadian hockey…not a single Leaf fan bashed Vancouver fans directly for this ridiculous push to get a nobody into the all-star game because our thoughts don’t bend immediately to bash other Canadian teams and their fans (I’m sure there’s a few but typical Leaf fans don’t). If this was Toronto trying to get Hal Gill in the all-star game Leaf fans would hear “typical Toronto, doesn’t have any decent dmen so they have to try to force someone in the all-star game because the rest of their team sucks and can’t make it in on a real vote, admit it Toronto your team sucks, you always have to be the centre of attention” and everybody would be all over the leaf fans for fooling with the voting system.

Half-Time Report Card

Toronto: 8th in the Eastern Conference
44 games

Habs in desperate need of GOALS !!!!

Ok so we have one of the best powerplays and one of the best penalty killing, but 5 on 5 we SUCK. Gainey can’t wait no longer he has to make a move. Samsonov is a big bust, he works hard but nothing to show for it. Ryder, a proven 30 goal scorer isin’t playing well. Plekanec is a hard worker but he’s no 2nd line center.
We have alot of assets we can move. Too many players that all do the same thing. Plekanec, Samsonov, Perezoghin, Kostisyn, Grabovski. That’s 5 players who do the same thing, and they are all very small.
I like are defence, but we won’t be able to sign are 3 ufa’s. Everyone says that they think we should move Souray, but I think we should move Rivet. He makes to much money for what he gives. There are plenty of teams out there that are looking for a solid stay at home D-man.

If I happen to be Leafs GM.

This maybe a pretty stupid idea. You’ve been warned! Selling off the whole team isn’t the answer, when your still in the hunt for a playoff spot. If anything the leafs should be buyers. If your fighting for a playoff spot is obvious your a decent enough team, you just need a few screws tighten up.