As of 12:30 today, the Vancouver Canucks have released their new jerseys.

The Bottled Genie

Partly in lieu of 267 goals scored and the names that are showcased in their roster, there has been recent talk about how the Pittsburgh Penguins were a top offensive team in the NHL. However the truth to be told is that the Pittsburgh Penguins were not an offensive team in the style of game they played, and in my views could not be considered a “top offensive team” due to their trouble scoring 5-on-5.

Canada-Russia Super Series: Game 2 Review

From Ufa, Russia, here is a review of the entire game two of the Canada- Russia SUper Series:

Selanne To Montreal: Probable

According to TSN, Scott Niedermayer is now leaning towards returning to Anaheim. He has not made his official decision yet, but he has stated that he wants to do the right thing and will consult his family for their opinions. His brother, Rob, told TSN that he would obviously love to have Scott return.

What do you think can happen?

What is going to happen to the habs before the start of the season? Are they going to make this “huge” deal to bring in a big name or do nothing and see how eveyrhting works out?

Easern Conference Rosters: Part 2

Here is Part 2 of 3 of the Eastern Conference potential rosters. Part 2 will be the Northeast Division. Enjoy, and if I have missed a player, or misspelt a name, please comment on it.

Aurevoir Eagle

Eddie the Eagle Belfour has decided to head to Europe. I for one am very displeased but i wish him the best. I recognize him as one of the best goalies in NHL history. But let’s focus on some of the good things Eddie has done.

Aubin to L.A.

According to Eklund on HockeyBuzz, goaltender J.S. Aubin has signed a contract with the L.A. Kings.

more to follow

Leafs close to signing Salmelainen

According to Finnish website Ilta-sonomat, the Toronto Maple Leafs are close to signing free agent forward Tony Salmelainen.

Super Series: Game 1 Review

Here is a full review of game one of the Canada-Russia Super Series, from Ufa, Russia.

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