Was last year's deadline really that bad?

Everyone talked about how boring last years NHL trade deadline was. But was it really all that bad considering what happened in years previous?

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Bochenski to Bruins…

According to TSN and RDS, Blackhawks traded Brandon Bochenski to Bruins for a conditional draft pick and forward Kris Versteeg….

Canucks possible big spenders

I am tired of people going on about how teams are to close to the cap and have no room to make any moves… YOU PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND THE CAP!

I have heard people say the Canucks have no room to make moves and this is simply not true whatsoever Nonis is sitting on a tone of money and this is why.

Bertuzzi a possibility?

Just read some of Ecklunds rumours and hes saying the Habs are a possibility for Bertuzzi. Personally i’d rather them go after Shane Doan or why not try and sign Jason Allison. He had almost a point per game last year. I’m hoping Gainey does something soon because there are too many under-achievers and almost as many over-achievers.

Could the Rangers sell?

For the last two years I’ve frequented boards with a lot of Ranger fans under the name “GeraldRFord”, and yes, I do get people calling me a zombie lately, but the Ranger fans at a particular board seem to think the season is over for the Rangers.

Vancouvers offseason plan…

Read the title…

Who get's traded, and for what?

Just read the title…

How to build a team in the cap era!

Now this is just my view, and in no way am I saying this is the only way to build a successful team.

In order to be a competitive team now and every year is to achieve a cycle in the organization. The cycle would be the older leaders and warriors, the middle players biting at the heels of the elders, the younger players who are still learning, and the upcoming prospects looking to make the big team. This article is an attempt to see how close the Leafs are to achieving that.

Have your say? Call the score

Have your say. Do you think that you are really a hockey guru? Presented below are selected games from tonight. Try to call the score from the game.

Why would the Habs want Aucoin?

One had to wonder where this rumor came from and why someone would think it makes sense. But if you go to the TSN website and look at their trade deadline rumor list there it is the first player listed.

Tucker should go

Although the Leafs are playing some good hockey right now, they need to think about their future.

Habs show heart

If you Habs fans watched the game the other night you probably witnessed what I did, a team that was put at a disadvantage by a terrible call by a veteran referree Don Koharski, when Armstrong dropped his gloves, punched Sheldon Souray twice, and then after being pummeled, got away without even a minor penalty, while Souray ended up kicked out of the game and left his team shorthanded for much of the second period. The Habs who cannot comment on the refereeing for fear of being fined or suffering the wrath of the referees on the following games cannot say anything, I however, can say whatever I want!.

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