[Proposal] Horcoff

So according to Sportsnet, Shawn Horcoff has been bumped down to the third line center role in Edmonton. That being the case….

NHL Biggest Questions: Part 1

In this article (Part 1), we are going to take a look at some of the biggest questions surrounding the success of NHL teams. I will state the big question, and give you the info, but to prevent run-ins, I will allow you to draw the conclusions.

Should Toronto demote Raycroft?

Goaltending will be key

Forget Kyle Wellwood’s injury or Simon Gamache’s strong training camp. These issues will be inconsequential in determining whether the Maple Leafs make the playoffs this year.

The key, as I’ve said in countless articles this summer, will be Toronto’s goaltending – the No. 1 reason they missed the playoffs last year.

Judging from last night’s game, looks like Andrew Raycroft is picking up where he left off last April.

Rico's Rant

As we close in on the opening night of the season there’s a few new issues that are rearing their ugly heads, without further adieu…

Awesome Hockey Trivia Part II

I did one of these around this time last year and it was pretty fun, so I’ll try it again…

The excitement is back with the NHL pre-season, but are our minds in the game?
Loosen up with these hockey 10 Brain-Busters, and try not to Google your answers, remember God is watching you…

Kasparaitis on Waivers

According to LoHud.com the Rangers have now put Darius Kasparaitis and David Liffiton on Waivers. It is amazing how Kasparitis has fallen from grace as he was once a very highly touted defenseman in the NHL who was able to throw some powerful hits.

let;’s wait and see if anyone takes a chance on him

4 prospects remain as Habs trim roster

All the prospects at the habs training camp held their breathe today hoping that they’ll stay with the team just a little longer.

Who takes Wellwoods Spot?

This is for the Leafs board. If it is on the main page i am sorry to the anti-Leaf fans, who will take offense for some reason.

So how do you replace a Kyle Wellwood? You can’t, but as the old cliche says, one mans misfortunes is another mans opportunity.

Dan Boyle to have surgery

Dan boyle was hurt in the dressing room after Saturday night’s game. He dropped his skate on his wrist and will require surgery for a severed tendon.



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