Habs show heart

If you Habs fans watched the game the other night you probably witnessed what I did, a team that was put at a disadvantage by a terrible call by a veteran referree Don Koharski, when Armstrong dropped his gloves, punched Sheldon Souray twice, and then after being pummeled, got away without even a minor penalty, while Souray ended up kicked out of the game and left his team shorthanded for much of the second period. The Habs who cannot comment on the refereeing for fear of being fined or suffering the wrath of the referees on the following games cannot say anything, I however, can say whatever I want!.

Canucks poll

Petition To Re-Build!

I have started a petition to MLSE for the Toronto Maple Leafs To Re-Build before it is to late! I am not sure if the demon Richard Peddy will look at it but I cannot take the same crap every year.

Leafs at Deadline

I think its safe to say that the Leafs are not going to trade both Sundin and Tucker, blow up the team and a get a high draft pick this summer, Although thats what they should do, it just isn’t going to happen. I’m not ruling out the possibility if Tucker bring traded though. That being said, here is what I think the Leafs should to try and make a cup run this season.

Canuck Topics!

Canuck topics,here are just a few topics on the canucks you may want to read if you have some free time or have nothing better to do.

Rumor Round-up

A look at the Forsberg situation

The Kings look to move players

The NHL ready to move past Bettman

The Leafs ready to be buyers or sellers or both

Top 25 Avaliable Deadline Players

From Peter Forsberg to Sergei Samsonov. A list of available players including speculated destinations and interested teams, wages, contract status’ and my own thoughts. A good collection of rumors around the league from various sources. Take a look at who your team is rumored to be pitching for.

And the Russians get…..NOTHING. All cases involving Malkin dismissed.

TSN.ca is reporting that yesterday the U.S. Disctrict Court in New York dismissed both complaints from Magnitogorsk against the NHL, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Evgeni Malkin.

In essence the decision came down to Malkin, the NHL, and the Penguins arguing that Malkin had followed procedure as to releasing himself from the Metallurg Magnitogorsk contract, by tending a two week notice to the team.

Bruins Deal Jurcina To Caps

The Boston Bruins have traded defenceman Milan Jurcina to the Washington Capitals for a fourth round pick, sources tell TSN.

No more speculation, let's look at some facts: Part II

As promised, here are my thoughts on the West in continuation from my earlier post.

Referees biased towards the Leafs?

A friend of mine hates the Leafs and is always talking about how Hockey night in Canada kisses their @@@ and how the Refs let them get away with Murder, I have always blown it off, but after watching today’s Rangers game I think he may be on to something.

No more speculation, let's look at some facts

Enough with all the posting SPECULATING who will be traded for who. I decided to take a more objective approach at what teams need to make changes to have a shot at the post season, or a true shot at the cup.

Let’s start by looking at the East (West to come soon)

Penguins with a new Igloo?

TSN reports that maybe the Pens could have made a deal for a new Arena.
But some sources tell it might have some setbacks…