Canadiens and Flames New Uniforms!

According to, The Montreal Canadiens and Calgary Flames have unveiled their new uniforms.

Power Outage in Montreal?

Sorry Hab fans, this year I believe we will have a hard time lighting the lamp, here is our current roster, with the players 07 output, and what I think they will do next year, plus the players that we lost.

Jeremy Roenick To the Sharks

Jeremy Roenick is not retiring after all. NHL sources tell TSN that the veteran centre has signed a one-year contract with the San Jose Sharks for $500,000

Leafs Bell Suspended Indefinately

According to TSN Mark Bell has been suspended by the league for being placed in Stage 2 of the Substance Abuse Policy stemming from the Drunk Driving/Hit run charge..

Tavares hoping to get in to Draft

It appears that during the Canada Russian Super Series, 16 year old John tavares is feeling quite lonely. When the Super Series ends, most of the players will be heading off to their respective NHL training camps that is except for John Tavares. Tavares will have to wait two years before he can be eligible to participate in the 2009 entry draft. He would however be eligible to participate in the 2008 draft if the NHL & NHLPA approve of his special request. Tavares was born September 20th, 1990. And since he’s born five days too late of the cut off to participate in the 08′ draft, Tavares will have to wait one more year to be drafted. That is unless the NHL & NHLPA approve of his “special request”

New Captains??

A lot of nhl captains are leaving their teams or the NHL. And I was just wondering who the new captains of teams will be. In my opinion they will be:

Whats new with White and Blue

An Article, a Prospect report, a Tournament, and a Rumor log all leading to an NHL season.

How about this Trade?

Vancouver – Edmonton Proposal

NHL Super Series

I was thinking recently about how different the Super Series would be if Mr Tretiak had had his way and NHL players had competed. So I decided to make up what I think the rosters would’ve been.

Carey Price

Carey Price a bright young netminder that is definately better Justin Pogge, Devan Dubnyk, Josh Harding, James Reimer Jeff Drouin-Deslauriers and many other young goalie prospects.

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