Changes needed for All-Star Festivities

The All-Star festivities have come and gone with most of the United States not having a clue the NHL played it’s All Star game Wednesday night.

Hey what channel is the game on?

The Versus network had terrible coverage of the skills competition and they didn’t fare any better the following night. Something about that station irks me.

Habs have to shake things up !!!

Where has all the heart gone from this team? One of the best leaders in all the N.H.L. Saku Koivu has done little of late, Michael Ryder less than nothing he’s actually been a detriment to this team, Francis bouillion once the hardest working, hardest hitting player on this team and rewarded for it with a nice contract no longer hits or plays with any heart should be back in Hamilton the way he’s been playing, Sergei Samsonov well there’s nothing here I can say that hasn’t been said already, Chris Higgins where are you?

Who's In Who's Out Rangers fan!!

First of all it’s my first article so go easy guys. As we all know trade deadline is round the corner. Every year the Rangers try to atract big names to the big Apple. I think the Rangers already did that when the acquired SHANAHAN. So what’s left out there? Here’s a couple of guys I wouldn’t mind seeing in a Rangers uniform!

Current events!

A few events a i will be talking about are, Where Bert will go at the end of the year, who will get Forsberg if anyone, and more.

Deals for the Blue and White

…John Ferguson Jr. is not the best general manager in the sport and by no means do the hundreds of Leafs fans think that, but we do expect some intelligence from him. The countdown until trade deadline is fast approaching and will be here in less then a month, JFJ has to harsh out some sort of deal….

Leafs Defence: Why The Criticism?

One game after the all-star break and I look back on the start of the season and ask myself, why are fans so hard on our defence group? …

Forsberg agrees to lifts his no-trade clause ?????

Sources are telling Sportsnet that Peter Forsberg has agreed to lift his no-trade clause with the Philadelphia Flyers for purposes of exploring the possibilities of a trade. Forsberg would still have the final say in any trade out of Philadelphia, and if he is not comfortable with any of the proposed scenerios, he can, and would, veto a move.

Multiple teams have contacted the Flyers about obtaining the two-time Stanley Cup champion, including the Maple Leafs, Canadiens and the Rangers.


The Maple Leafs Will Overpay, and here's why

People keep pegging the Toronto Maple Leafs as sellers this trade deadline. We’ve heard the names of Darcy Tucker and Mats Sundin both come up in trade talks. This is a load of crap though.

Leafs Need To Re-Build!!!!

For the past 40 years us Leafs fans have not been able to witness a Stanley Cup parade down young street, we have had terrible ownership in the form of Harold Ballard, and some controversies. When MLSE took over their goal was one thing, and that was to make money! It was not to put a contender on the ice, it was to make to ONLY make the playoffs!

The Leafs have two very desirable assets who will be UFA’s this year in the form of Mats Sundin and Darcy Tucker. Darcy Tucker is at his highest value right now and unless we don’t do something with him now, JFJ will probably give him a 5-year/30 million dollar contract! Do you want that? He has to go, and he has to go this year!

Paul's Rumor Roundup!

It looks like JFJ is now taking offers for Darcy Tucker, the three leading candidates for Tucker’s services are the Detroit Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers, and the Calgary Flames. Notice that all of the team are in the West? It seems as though Tucker has told JFJ that if he will be traded he wants to go to the West. His reason? He is an emotional player and wouldn’t be able to play his best if he faces the Leafs alot.

A Collection of Submissions

Do You Beleive in the Pens?

Toronto Trade Speculation

The could soon be Standing, Stats, and Awards.

Oilers offer up serious cash to Smyth

Rumours have it The oilers offered up a multi-year contract (4-6 years) at $5M a year.

Legit Backup for the Canucks

As mentioned on the Hot Stove Chicago is looking to unload a goaltender….