Sundin's return

The return of Mats Sundin poses a problem that Paul Maurice wishes he had more often. Where does Mats fit in?

Something Cooking On Thanksgiving, Kasparaitis and Prucha could Go

The Rangers trade to get Isbister???? Something is up my friends… kasparaitis and Peter Prucha are right smack in the middle of the trade rumors in New York. The Chicago Blackhawks are rumored to be big players in trade talks for Prucha, as sources have said Chicago is scouting the Ranger Games very hard and Very closely.

The Real Question is: What is going on with kasparaitis? Where has he been, and does Renny’s comments of Kasper not being “ready to play”… have any truth to them?

Hitchcoc k Signs On With Columbus


Sources close to the Columbus Blue Jackets tell TSN Ken Hitchcoc k has agreed to a three-year contract to coach the Blue Jackets.

Leafs pick up option on JFJ is reporting that the Leafs have decided to pick up JFJ’s contract extension option for next year.
Full aritcle availible here:

Is the American Retailer the Cause of Hockey’s Unpopularity in the US?

During my recent trip to Erie, PA from Canada for some early X-Mas shopping, I was salivating at the idea of obtaining a Crosby jersey at a low price we here in Canada are not accustomed to. Much to my disappointment, I was not able to find a hockey jersey ANYWHERE!

Coyotes Still Seeking Changes

During Saturday’s tilt against the Kings, Coyotes GM Mike Barnett went on local TV during the 1st intermission and declared that Ed Jovonoski will not be traded for any reason. Barnett also stated that he and Gretz both gave Jovo their personal word that he wasn’t being shopped.

Bargains and busts…

On TSN tonight, there was an interesting second intermission during the Rangers vs Carolina game. Who are your ”bargains” and your ”busts” for the first quarter of this season?

Forsberg to be traded before weekend?

No doubt about it, Peter Forsberg wants out of Philly, and with the team looking to start rebuilding, he is their greatest asset to fill the holes on Defence and in Net.

NHL All Star voting system a joke

Tired of seeing the wrong players in the ALL STAR game ? Fustrated in seeing fans that no nothing about the sport making a difference in the polls? Well perhaps there is finally a way that the fans can deliver this message to the NHL.

Aebischer and Souray to be leaving?

Rumors out of Montreal this week are saying that a trade involving Montreal goaltender David Aebischer and D-man Sheldon Souray is in the making. Some say that a deal will be made with a team located in the south-west of the United-States. Now, this makes sence for a few reasons.


Kostitsyn has been sent back to the minors, which means Garth Murray will probably be back in the lineup with Perezhogin moving back to the 2nd line, Begin back to the 3rd line and Murray landing back on the fourth line.

Goaltender swap

Teams looking or a solid man between the pipes have a surprisingly large variety.

Bouillon gets green light from Dr. Mulder

As reported on RDS Francis Bouillon has been cleared by Dr. David Mulder to return to the ice. (in French)