Burke a King?

According to TSN Sean Burke is going to be claimed off waivers by the L.A. Kings.

Canuck's Speculation.

This is some SPECULATION, not rumors about the Canuck’s.

Habs Flyers preparing mega-deal?

According to several sources, the Montreal Canadiens and the Philadelphia Flyers are preparing a deal which could include up to 5-6 players. As reported by http://hockey-leaks.blogspot.com/ and www.hockeybuzz.com, (I KNOW THESE SITES AREN’T THAT CREDIBLE, THATS WHY ITS A RUMOR!), the HABS would sent D Rivet, G Aebischer, F Samsonov to the Philadelphia Flyers in return for D Pitkanen, G Esche and a 2nd round draft pick.

Straka Given Extension!

According the the New York Post, Marty Straka has had his contract extended another year through the 2007-08 season. Huge deal for the Rangers as he has probably been the most consistent player on the team. This deal comes a few weeks after Tom Renney said Straka epitomized what he wants out of a player.

Sundin Deserves the Cup

I think every leaf fan can agree that Mats Sundin deserves to win a cup. Let’s be realistic, it looks like Toronto isn’t going to win the cup anytime soon. Soon meaning in the next 2 or 3 years. Sundin is on his last year of his contract, and is most likely going to re-sign with the leafs this offseason (all depending on the tucker situation that is) so why not trade him to a contender this trade deadline as a rent for a good prospect. This is what i was sort of thinking of

92-93's Crystal Ball for the Leafs in 2007

Just for fun, I am going to take a stab at predicting what will happen to the Toronto Maple Leafs in the next 6 months. (note: take your time reading this. get a cup of coffee and relax. Also, understand that i am fully aware that this is all wishful thinking, that there may be some errors (if anyone can correct any info in this I would appreciate it), and that i do NOT think Neil Smith is infallible.

Is Eric Daz usefull for any team ?

Hi guys,

I’ll talk about one of the good hockey players, Eric DazĂ©. Skilled player, always injured. He said that he wanted to play this year, but it seems that no team took the risk of signing the struggling forward these last years.

Garth Murray on Waivers!!!

According to RDS, The Montreal Canadians have put Garth Murray on Waivers…Hopefully this is a sign that something is going to happen in MTL. With the way they have played in the last couple of games, Bob’s gotta do something…This is a good start..He’s a useful player so hopefully someone will pick him up…I guess that means Maxime Lapierre is going to say with Montreal…That would be great.

1996 Draft 10 Years Later

Well you know what they say, you can’t judge a draft until 10 years down the road. The 1996 draft wasn’t the best draft ever, Chris Phillips was the #1 selection to Ottawa. 11 total first round picks did not even play 82 games or a full NHL season. And there were some steals, big time late in the draft.

Grading Guillaume

The Montreal Canadiens organization isn’t exactly one known for giving roster spots to 19 year olds. in fact, you’d have to look as far back as 1984 when Petr Svoboda, then 18, cracked the Habs lineup after defecting from Czechoslavakia. Before Svoboda, go all the way back to 1974, when Mario Tremblay skated for the habs as an 18 year old. The Montreal Canadiens trademark, where their prospects have been concerned, has been exercising patience, allowing them to season in the junior leagues and then the farm, presently in Hamilton. That’s why the decision to give Guillaume Latendresse a roster spot on the current edition of the Canadiens, raised more than a few eyebrows, to be sure.

Malone and Possibly Orpik to the Rangers for Petr Prucha???

Rumors and talks have been going around that Ryan Malone and possibly Brooks Orpik of the Pittsburgh Penguins will be sent to the New York Rangers for an exchange of Petr Prucha.

Malone at 6-4, 216 lbs. Has the potential to be a very good power forward. But yet I think still this has to be remain to be seen. Yes he has done very well at times that is of course at the beggining of his career. But Most of the time, as a fan watching. I believe he’s lazy at times doesn’t really go for the puck. And may seem out of position alot. You’ll often see him playing on the line with Crosby and Reechi. But has seemed to fail at being at the right place at the right time. But on the positive note he has been playing alot more physical then normally.

The Rangers need to make moves now part 2

I am writing this because I believe I was not as specific in the moves I suggested as I should have been in my first part.

So what the Rangers won Satuday vrs. Boston… Some said that if they won that game that moves would not be made. So now a few more days have passed, the first place devils are continuing to extend their lead, and the Rangers remain “just good enough” in Sathers mind to not have to make changes. I want to make it clear that I like the majority of the players on the team now and would not like to see people moved, but it is something that clearly needs to happen. By Renneys’ frustration lately, it seems that he would welcome some new tools to work with as well.

Oppurtunity for the Habs

L.A. Kings down 2 goalies, Montreal Canadiens probably the team with the most depth in goal…. A huge oppurtunity for the habs?