New Ottawa Senators Logo??

It appears that the Sens are next in line to come out with new jerseys. As per the Ottawa Senators website, the unveiling will be August 22 (next wednesday)… after some searching, I’ve found a forum which speculates what the new logo will look like with a couple of designs…

you can check them out here:

Outlook for Next Season: Top 5 Defensive teams

Out of all the NHL, which teams do you think will have the best defensive team?

From what I've heard and the Possibilities

Well Rumors just keep changing for the Canadiens eveyrday, who will be coming the Montreal and become the Next big name to play for The Habs? I thik we can all agree that none of us ahve a clue really, but there are some hints going around and I’m trying to piece them together. In the end we all know that I will be way off because when you think Gainey is going to od something he does the opposite. But here’s what I think may be happening

Vancouver Canucks Speculation

Everyone is aware of the Canucks major weakness…. Secondary Scoring!

From the net out they are arguably one of the best defensive teams in the dynamic Western Conference. Obviously this team is more defensive oriented then previous years of the run and gun style offence under Marc Crawford. If last year was any indication, you can count on more trapping-style play from the Canucks.

I have no problem with a defense-first philosophy, although some would say the best defense is a good offence. Defense can only take you so far, if your down a goal your going to need to get some offence going. Counting on three players on a 23 man roster just doesn’t seem logical.


Once again, the best tool to dominate your pool is back!

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Devils Re-Sign Paul Martin

According to sportsnet and TSN, Paul Martin has resigned with the devils.

Naslund Talking to Forsberg

TSN reports that Markus Naslund and the canucks have joined in on the Forsberg sweepstakes, a sweepstakes that includes many other teams.

Bryan Murray Denies Forsberg Rumors

Forsberg will not be going to Ottawa

Are The Sharks Really That Good?

I have some good news and some bad news for you sharks fans. I would just let to put this article out their and it might change how you feel about the sharks.

The good news is the sharks management has done a great job of obtaining draft picks and developing those players. Here are a few:

Isles NEW Uniforms!!

According to Hockeybuzz, the Islanders have revealed their new uniforms.