Where Teams Stand for February Trades

The latest commentary on trade rumors and teams; where do they stand?

Jacques Martin Ready To Clean House Soon?

Hello everyone I read in the Ottawa sun under Bruce Garrioch rumors that Jacques Martin will clean house soon and that Gary Roberts days as a Florida Panther are done and he will be traded at the deadline!!!!

Canada versus the World?

Have you ever wondered about an all-star game between Canada and the rest of the entire world, like in the AHL?

The Race Is On: Part 1

Who’s making the playoffs?
Who’s coming up short?
Who’s available?

Ouch, Leafs Pride has to be hurt.

Wow, what a disapointing game last night for the Leafs. They come out and get an early goal, look like they have come out to challenge a young club and make a statement beofre the All-Star game. One incredible deek by Ruutu on Raycroft, a few really bad penalties, lots of lazy play and a clear lack of focus or hard-wrok and the Leafs looked like a team that wasn’t even competing for a playoff spot, or even for spots on the roster.

Don't look now, here come the pens!

Four superstars have been leading the Penguins into the playoff hunt this year. Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Jordan Staal have been racking up points for the Pens lately and Marc-Andre Fleury has been standing on his head for the Penguins in the past 4 games. Fleury has been coming up with unbelievable save after unbelievable save. Jordan Staal keeps pushing his way towards the 20 goal mark in his rookie year, Evgeni Malkin had 5 points against the Maple Leafs, and Sid the Kid had another 3 points against the Leafs.

Rangers Looking For Help

News out of New York is that the Rangers are looking at injured power forwards Todd Bertuzzi and Peter Forsberg as rental players, to give their team a push in the playoffs. The rumors themselves have been floating around for a while, but they are looking pretty serious now.

Forsberg Bidding?

Accroding to Sportsnet, the Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and Ottawa Senators are all in a bidding war for oft-injured Philly Star Peter Forsberg.

Bold Predictions

On this unusual warm, rainy, winters day here in Newfoundland, I sit back with my coffee and think about a few things. But its actually a little hard to think after a long romantic date with Captin Morgan (spiced that is) and “Mary Jane” sticking around as that third-wheel. Need I go any further?

Sundin to break one of Gretzky's records this year

The first of Gretzky’s records to be broken was by Ray Bourque, the most consecutive all-star appearances. I’m not sure how many other records have been broken. But Sundin will almost definitely break a particular Gretzky record this year.

Thumbs up, and Thumbs down

In the tradition of Dave Hodge this weekend, I’m going to issue thumbs up, and thumbs down to people around the game.

Is Trading Mats Sundin The LEAFS Best Option???

I have recently stumbled on a Q&A section discussion from Spector’s Blog on Fox sports.

He pasted a commentor’s findings, and thus lending his credence that it is valid information, that Sundin cannot be resigned by the Leafs if they decline his option.


Is rebuilding only good for a few years?

The Salary Cap is the only thing that makes it challenging to sign a player now. Before you could sign Bobby Holik for 9.0 million (it happened), and have on Cap issues (because there wasn’t a Cap). Now teams who have ood rosters from rebuilding wll be in trouble, like Buffalo.