Niedermayer Suspended

ANAHEIM, Calif. (CP) – The Anaheim Ducks officially suspended Scott Niedermayer on Tuesday, a formality that was expected on the first day of camp with the star defenceman a no-show.

Top Young Guns Across The League

Isn’t it funny how whenever someone talks about their team they always say something like ” Well ya, but we’ve got the best rookie talent just look at: yatta yatta yatta…”. Well to break this all down I’ve made a list of the top 20 prospects(1being best, 20 being least) in the whole NHL (system). You may agree with some of them, you may not, but here we go:

Backup Bananza!!!

Last years hiring in NYI of Garth Snow as GM may have been funy enough for most people, but now they put the toping on the cake. That’s right, the Isles hired Mike Dunham as their new goalie coach! Although some people may argue Snow did a good job for the Isles, there comes a time when it just gets ridiculous. 

Les Canadiens Trade Rumors

Here, I have made a list of possible trades that Les Canadiens could make (I also kept in mind the salary cap, player interests, team interests, and the possibility factor).

In Montreal, you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don&#039

P.J. Stock said it so well on the team 990 the other day; if you’re a player for the Habs, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.

Pacific Division Preview

With the central division out of the way here is my next installment in my series of division previews, today feturing the Pacific.

New Uniforms in Carolina, Dallas, Minnesota

The Canes, and Wild have unveiled their new uniforms while there are photos of Dallas’ apparent new uniform.

Rewarding for Losing

Ever since the induction of the Overtime Loss, this has bothered me to no end.

In the NHL, the concept at least makes some sense. Teams play to 60 minutes. If no winner is found in the 60 minutes, the game goes to overtime. If overtime does not settle it, to ensure games do not go long into the night, a shootout is set. Since a team did not lose in regulation time, only in overtime, they get a point for playing 60 minutes and not losing. It’s similar to a tie.

2007 Habs looking like the 1986 Habs????

Ok, first off, this is probably a coincidental finding on my part but what the hell, I thought it was very interesting. But anyways…

While looking through an old hockey book, NHL Pro Hockey’85/’86 by Jim Proudfoot, i looked upon the future 1986 Stanley Cup Champions, Les Canadiens de Montreal. Well, the first thing i noticed was Jim Proudfoot’s analysis of the Habs strengh’s and weaknesses. defences are basically the same in offence. Both are/were reliable when it came to 5 on 5 situations and both could chip in when it counts.


Just a little rant on players greed in the NHL. Yes, I know, this is a subject that has been beaten to death. But I needed to vent. Don’t bother reading if your just going to bash it or me.