Free Agency Speculation…

It’s still pretty early to be talking about free agency, but I like to play with numbers…and I know, a lot of you guys are going to tell me that I should leave that to our general managers, but who doesn’t like to play that role once in awhile.

So what kind of general manager are you ? Aggressive or Conservative ? Who do you keep ? Who’s leaving ? Let’s see your predictions for your favorite team’s upcoming free agents.

What's going on in the Nation's Capital??

Let me explain to you why the sens are sucking so far:

(Keep in mind this is simply my opinion, and not fact, before you start tearing it apart)

1- Let’s start with the captain. Alfredsson hasn’t found his scoring touch. His production definitely isn’t what it was last year. He’s been taken away from the top line and without the brilliance of Spezza and Heatley, he hasn’t been getting those points. Having said that, he is for sure not the only one to blame…

Bad Time to be a Senators Fan

Expectations were high after last years stellar year with underachieving playoff performance. I don’t think anyone would like the loss of Havalat, Hasak and Chara would be so substantial. But now, with Spezza out for 4-6 weeks, the chancees of Ottawa making the playoffs are getting very slim.

Trade Deadline Reality

We all remember the Luongo for Bertuzzi trade, so far it has been a complete bust for Florida. Come this summer Bertuzzi will become a UFA and more than likely will leave Florida. What if Vancouver made a push for him at the deadline?

Nichol Suspended 9 Games For Punching Spacek

Nashville Predators forward Scott Nichol was suspended for nine games by the NHL on Friday for his sucker-punch to the head of Buffalo defenseman Jaroslav Spacek.

The Canuck's 2007 Summer

I’m bored, so i’m gonna write what I think the Canuck’s should do this Summer.


So guess what? The NHL is talking about making the NHL NET LARGER. Can you actually believe the Bettman guys n New York are actually thinking of making the net larger to increase scoring!!! Could you imagine the NBA making their rims 3 inches bigger? Could you imagine FIFA expanding their nets by 2 feet on each side? Could you imagine an aluminum bat in MLB? Some things are just sacred to sport and the NHL Should just not expand the NHL nets.

Should Tampa Trade a Star?

The Lightning have been scoring at a great pace, but theyve let in just as many goals as theyve scored. Thus they find themselves sitting 13th in their conference. Yes they’re only 5 points out of a playoff spot, but the teams currently in the top 8 have been looking a heck of a lot better than Tampa. In order to sneak into the playoffs the Lightning will have to make a big trade. They simply don’t have the cap room to make trades unless Richards or Lecavalier is involved. And for one of those players they’re bound to get oodles.


Today Mario Lemieux took the Penguins off the market and he will investigate relocating outside Pennsylvania. But what are the options? The lead runners are Kansas City, Las Vegas, Houston, Portland and Winnipeg. So let’s break it down:

Darcy Tucker To Edmonton?

Rumor mill — The Toronto Sun speculated about a deal in which the Leafs would trade Darcy Tucker to Edmonton for Raffi Torres and a draft pick. But the NHL is in the midst of its annual holiday trading freeze, which lasts until Dec. 27. Thus, nothing is imminent. Then again, for all the talk about trades thus far this season, not much has happened. So don’t hold your breath on the Tucker-for-Torres deal even after the freeze melts.

Some Post Christmas Cheer

So much has been written and said about the 2006-07 Maple Leafs and one thing is holding true: this team just isn’t going to make the playoffs. So, what does it do? Well, one needs to re-tool and rebuild, no matter how painful. What are the possibilities? Well, how about Sundin, Raycroft, McCabe and Antropov to the Ducks for McDonald, Brygalov, O’Brien and Penner. Another vision has the same Leafs package going to the Lightning for Richards, Holmqvist, Boyle and Craig. Other possibilities: McCabe to the Sharks for Carle. Sundin to the Panthers for Jokinen. And lastly, Sundin to the Canucks for Morrison and a first round draft choice.

Penguins on Life Support

Unfortunately for the Pittsburgh Penguins, yesterday may appear to be the beginning of the end for this up and down franchise. The failure of the Isles of Capri to secure the bid for the slots licence in Pittsburgh may be the straw that breaks the backs of the Penguins and their fans. The Capri group were the only ones willing to pay for and build the Pens the arena the team so dearly covets and needs. It would have done so without tax dollars from the city or payments by the team and league being used.
With this devastating news coupled with potential owner Jim Bailsille backing out of purchase last week, things are simply getting worse for the Penguins.

Trades to come in the new year…

This is almost more touting than anything but…

there is plenty of reason to expect a rash of trades early in the new year. Plenty of teams have needs.