Sebastien Caron traded to the Ducks

Accordind to the chicago blackhawks has tade Sebastien Caron, matt keith and christ durno to the ducks in return of Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau and Bruno St-Jacques.

What the Canucks should do!

With the Canucks playing record looking more like a Six Flags roller coaster, up and down the entire season, it’s obvious they need some sort of change within their lineup. With Nonis showing an extreme amount of patience with his team, it should only be a matter of time before he can pull off some sort of deal to shake up his lineup. This is what I propose.

More youth. More speed.

Leafy Rants

the Leafs and Sens: from best and most heated rivalry to two shitty teams who play shitty games, the division over haul blows, and more.

What the NHL needs to/needs to stop focussing on

Hello this is my first article and I just wanted to talk about what the NHL needs to stop/start foccussing on.

How a team can beat the stats or the curses ?

Hello Hello Happy Holidays to everyone

I want to talk about an interesting fact, something that most of us call, Curses !!

Yeah, strangely even the best team have problems getting rid of these. I know it’s not impossible, but you have to admit that fans are not that confidant when a team faces one of its curses.

Sabres Concept We Should All Support…

Unlike a lot of fans, I kinda liked the Sabres new logo. Well, to be honest, I liked the white version…until I saw this !!!

NHL Humiliated, Bigger Nets, Hawks Hockey, Rangers Hockey

How could the NHL get humiliated? Ask the nearly half a million NHL fans who…. well, you’ll find out as soon as you click “Read More”.

Are bigger nets the answer? No. I am a traditionalist in a lot of things, and I am all for advancing NHL hockey to a new level, but let’s keep its infrastructure as is. Here are two proposals to add more scoring and speeding up the pace of the game. They could get a lot of “no’s” but I’d approve of them.

This is the one Original Sixer that barely gets any attention; how about a little Blackhawks talk?

The New York Rangers are snowballing; can they stop it and what could be the real problem? Rangers fans ought to read this one.

Check out what I got for Christmas; nothing really special but if you like SKA/Punk music (a la Sublime), check out these two bands.

New Years Must Do’s for All Teams


Buffalo – Stay healthy. They’re my choice to win the Cup. Buffalo’s depth is unmatchable. The one thing they could work on a bit is the PP, hasn’t been great; it should be with the offensive depth they have.

What did Santa leave you?

Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year. Titans used to do this, just wondering, what hockey gifts did you receive this Christmas season?

Are The Leafs The Yankees Of Hockey?

This has been brought up before, and with the slow news day I decided I’d bring it up again. Please note that I am a Leafs fan, so this may be biased.

Hate to Say I Told You So

The Rangers five game skid, and still counting, along with their play over the entire season thus far, demonstrates that this team is not great. Not even good, just mediocre.

During the summer, while there was a flurry of signings and trades, the Rangers largely held their ground. The highlights of the offseason were the signings of Matt Cullen, Aaron Ward, and the Adam Hall trade… I would hate to say I told you so, but like I said these players were and are not the answer.

Canucks hot trade possibility

There is no doubt that nucks are struggling.they have been struggling since Brian Burke was gone.So
Here are some trade possibilities for noniss (who is not a really good G.M)
Morrison and 4th round pick for Forseberg

My Leafs plan for next year

There was a rumor that the Leafs would trade Tucker to the Edmonton oilers for Torres and a 1st round pick. Starting with that, this is what I think the Leafs should do: