Which Teams are Now In The Top 5 In The NHL?

With all of the free agent signings mostly done, which 5 teams from the league do you think will have the best record next season?

Save our money now, spend it later

This is for all the Gainey doubters, as Ive said before Bob has a plan, develop from within, make some minor trades, and sign a few key free agents along the way.
Now dont get me wrong, the problem with the Habs right now is toughness and grit, however Bob did try to fix this by trying to sign Shannahan last year and Smyth this year. When we start winning the free agents will come.

CBC and TSN Announce TV Schedules

Both the CBC and TSN announced their broadcast schedules for the upcoming NHL season.

In total, there will be 155 games shown on either TSN (70 games) or CBC (85 games). Games on TSN will be shown nationally to all audiences and feature several games involving American teams. On CBC some games will be regionalized. However, all games on CBC will be available online at their website.

The New Old Colorado Avalanche

With the additions of Ryan Smyth, and Scott Hannan, and the already developed roster of the Colorado Avalanche, the avs seem destined for a run for the cup similar to their 2001 team.

Sam Pollock passes away

According to TSN, legendary Montreal Canadiens GM Sam Pollock passed away today in Toronto at the age of 81.

PECA Signs with Rangers

NHL Online in Canada is reporting Peca to the Rangers is a done deal:


1 Year, no financial details were disclosed.

The Wildcards

My interest every year at the beginning of the season is in the wildcard team/s (in the rare event there is two) in each conference, and somehow I have a pretty good record on this, albeit I readily admit my focus on it is not all scientific, even if I believe fairly logical, from just sitting and judging roster names and their impact. I count on some teams, but what am I overlooking? Where is the surprise that could blind-side me? The unexpected is what I fear most in life in general, because what you expect, you can prepare for. Therefore this is why I purposely think of the wildcards when the season starts.

Vasicek To Long Island

According to Hockeybuzz, the New York Islanders have signed center Josef Vasicek.

Vasicek, native of Czechoslovakia had 6 goals and 16 assists for 22 points in 63 games last season. He started the season for the Hurricanes then was traded to the Predators. He made $1.3 million last season, expect him to get a slight paycut.

Mark Bell heading to jail?

According to Sportsnet, newly acquired Leaf Mark Bell will be sentenced to 6 months in jail for drunk driving causing injury and hit & run. The official sentenced should be known in October.

Early Season Favourites

We all have our early season cup favourites, for example last year we all thought the Stanley Cup Final would have the Sabres from the East facing off with the Ducks from the West. Most of us predicted wrong for the East but we did a pretty good job.