Some Post Christmas Cheer

So much has been written and said about the 2006-07 Maple Leafs and one thing is holding true: this team just isn’t going to make the playoffs. So, what does it do? Well, one needs to re-tool and rebuild, no matter how painful. What are the possibilities? Well, how about Sundin, Raycroft, McCabe and Antropov to the Ducks for McDonald, Brygalov, O’Brien and Penner. Another vision has the same Leafs package going to the Lightning for Richards, Holmqvist, Boyle and Craig. Other possibilities: McCabe to the Sharks for Carle. Sundin to the Panthers for Jokinen. And lastly, Sundin to the Canucks for Morrison and a first round draft choice.

Penguins on Life Support

Unfortunately for the Pittsburgh Penguins, yesterday may appear to be the beginning of the end for this up and down franchise. The failure of the Isles of Capri to secure the bid for the slots licence in Pittsburgh may be the straw that breaks the backs of the Penguins and their fans. The Capri group were the only ones willing to pay for and build the Pens the arena the team so dearly covets and needs. It would have done so without tax dollars from the city or payments by the team and league being used.
With this devastating news coupled with potential owner Jim Bailsille backing out of purchase last week, things are simply getting worse for the Penguins.

Trades to come in the new year…

This is almost more touting than anything but…

there is plenty of reason to expect a rash of trades early in the new year. Plenty of teams have needs.

Islanders up to something? Penguins future in turmoil?

The only team who’s been trading any significant players have been the Islanders and Flyers. Last week they exchanged Zhitnik for Meyer and a 3rd rdp. This week it was York for Robataille and a 5th rdp. Personally I think New York got the best of both trades, Meyer is a good speedy dman, Robataille is on his way to having his best nhl year (47pts) while playing for PHILI! Then there are the draft picks, which although low, are still very important in the new nhl. Meanwhile, York has been underperforming both in the offensive and defensive aspects of the game (led NYI with worst +/- with -9) and Zhitnik has the tendancy to only play half a season. Plus the Islanders freed up approximately $3.11 M in cap space.

Four points in four first NHL games: sent back down…

On first glance it looks crazy that the Habs have sent rookie Maxime Lappierre back to Hamilton after he scored three goals and an assist in his first four NHL games, and looked great doing it.

However with Steve Begin coming back from injury, either Garth Murray or Aaron Downey would have had to go, except there is a holiday freeze on transactions. Meaning they stay temporarily with the team and the only guy who doesn’t have to clear waivers, Lappierre, goes down.

Worry not Habs fans, who drool at the chemistry Lappierre shows with Latendresse; as soon as the freeze is lifted, he will be swapped with Murray or Downey. Mark my words. 🙂

Changes In NY, No Crosby for Canada, GMs New Year's Resolution,

Changes could soon come in New York. Which team? Both of them.

Sorry Canada, no Crosby for you. The Penguins must stay in the Pittsburgh, Penn. USA.

New Year’s resolution for all 30 general managers in the NHL.

York Wears Orange and Black

The New York Islanders have once again made a trade with the Philadelphia Flyers this month by sending center Mike York in exchange for Randy Robitaille. The roster freeze is currently in effect.

Over a year later…

About 3 weeks ago was the anniversary of the Joe Thornton trade that sent him to the SJ Sharks in exchange for Wayne Primeau, Marco Sturm, and Brad Stuart. This, at the time was currently looked at as a HORRIBLE trade for the Boston Bruins. And this became an even stronger opinion after Thornton had a fantastic finish to the season, and walked away with the Art Ross, as well as the Hart Trophy, while the Boston Bruins had a year to forget. Well its now over a year later and most people’s opinion have not changed. ‘THE BRUINS GOT SCREWED!’ Well, this article is being used to give a detailed rebuttal on why, not only did they not ‘get screwed’, but it fact, the Bruins have WON THIS TRADE! (However so has SJ….)

Habs sending a message.

It is time to clear things up when it comes to the Habs and what people think of them. Most of the hockey fans I know, pessimistic hab fans and Sens fans, maintain that the Habs will fight for a playoff spot. I just watched the Habs beat the top team in the east, 5-2 to come within 5 points of 1st overall in the east. Combine that with the fact that the Habs have top 2 special teams in both departments, clutch goaltending, exceptional coaching, you know what?

A Swap in the Swamp?

An article in the New York Post is suggesting a swap of centers between the New Jersey Devils and the Detroit Red Wings.

Pens May Dump Malone

Globesports reports:

“Even before Shero took over from Craig Patrick, there was speculation that the Penguins would move the hometown kid, Ryan Malone (son of former NHLer and long-time Pittsburgh scout Greg Malone), if the right deal came along. Malone is an intriguing physical package — 6-4, 220 — but has yet to demonstrate a consistent work ethic. It looks as if they’re giving him one more chance to get back in the organization’s good books — the opportunity to play with Crosby.

Sharks Recall Minor League Goalie

This just up on the San Jose Sharks site: Dimitri Patzold has just been recalled from Worcester.

Could this mean a trade is in the works for Nabokov or Toskala?

PLEASE GOD! Don't bring Nedved back to the Rangers

Rumor has it that a deal might be made with Philly to bring Nedved back to the Garden. And as a Ranger fan… I hope to god he does NOOOTT come back here.

Sandis Ozolinsh PUT ON WAIVERS!!!? reports…