No Credit for the Wings

Nobody is giving the Wings much credit for winning another Presidents trophy because of their weak division. As of Monday April 10 the Wings have dominated their Central division with a 23-2-4 record. That proves how good they are, i doubt half the league would do that against that division.

Aubin Re-Signed! is reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs
have re-signed goaltender Jean-Sebastien Aubin to a 1-year, one-way contract. A one-way contract means he cannot be sent down to the Marlies.

Pittsburgh needs a new GM

The current GM for the Pittsburgh Penguins is Craig Patrick, and it’s about time management finally let him go, for one thing, he’s the guy that’s run this team into debt, and assured that they have finished at the bottom of the division for many years now, still his bonehead decision and signings are hurting the team today. Ok he did help Pittsburgh win Stanley Cups in ’91 & ’92, but since then? They’ve made it to the playoffs 9 times out of 15, BUT they’ve never made it to the finals, and over the years this GM has acĀ¢umulated so much debt, even their highest paid player had to take over as part owner of the franchise. Let’s consider his decisions this year…

What Could've Been…

This is one of the most dissapointing seasons I have witnessed in my time as a Leafs fan (I moved here from Detriot in 1999). I was disspointed that

every year the Leafs I was here I heard people saying the Leafs have a shot. Well, look what happened now.

Primeau Practices with Flyers

“He wasn’t just skating. He was going full bore.

He wasn’t avoiding contact. He was hitting people.

Hopefully the backups are good…

Hopefully the Backups for the Preds are good, because Tomas Vokoun is out for the rest of the year with Thrombophlebitis.

Rask or Pogge: Significant for Leafs Plans

Until now I have come to HTR and been a passive fan of this site. I find the information that I can access here serves mulitple purposes. Sometimes its informative, but usually it makes me laugh. Im refering here to the ridiculous banter that goes on and of course the insane speculations. I am a leaf fan (regretably). Yes it hard to watch them nowadays and even more difficult to defend.


For those of who don’t know this yet, the CBC is airing a 2 part, 4 hour mini-series titled “Canada-Russia ’72”, starting tonight (Sunday, April 9th) at 8pm EST.

You’ve all heard of Paul Henderson, though you wouldn’t have had it not been for this series (oh drat, I hope I didn’t give away the ending?!?!)

Gr8 is Not Enough

The Washington Capitals are years away from competing for a playoff spot never mind the Stanley Cup. After pillaging their entire roster of almost all their veteran players the team turned to their best young players with an eye to the future. The result was yet another finish towards the bottom of the standings and a another top 5 pick in the draft.

Building For The Cup

The Canadiens having traded Jose Theodore have some cap room to work with but they also have several key players to re-sign.

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