What Are Your Top 5 Moments?

I am sitting here at work, obviously doing very little, looking at predictions everywhere… eventually that gets old. Clearly this is really the “Calm before the Storm” for everyone, and I am sure many like me are already starting to get a little edgy over the first faceoff of our respective teams(Sorry to those that didn’t make it in). And I was thinking to myself, it would be interesting to see what peoples top 5 playoff moments were.

This is Really Hard to do so Soon: An Oilers Season Reveiw

Well it has been a little over one hour since the disappointing elimination of the Edmonton Oilers. With the season fresh in my mind I have decided that it is an opportune time to evaluate and reflect on the season that it has been. Keep in mind that I am evaluating them by relative performance, for those of you in university you are probably familiar with this “great” process, so the grades that I have given out are sort of irrelevant in terns of either and B+, B, or a B-. (Keep in mind these evaluations are for the OILERS accomplishments)

Let’s start with the management:

Caps Won the Ovechkin Lottery!

According to Letsgopens.com, ESPN Radio and Mark Madden, the Washington Capitals would’ve won the lottery for the 1st pick overall this morning.

Rules for predicting the playoffs

This article heavily borrows from Mr. Bill Simmons article on betting on the NFL playoffs. I highly recommend you all check out that article and all of his other stuff, he’s hilarious.

The Battle of Ontario!!

2 HTR members give us their opinion and make predictions for the ”Battle of Ontario”

TheCoach VS GaryRoberts7

Who do you think is right?

Who on HTR knows the most about Playoff hockey?

Who will take the 1st rounds?

In the East we have:



(3) FLYERS vs DEVILS (6)


In the West we have:


(2) SHARKS vs BLUES (7)



Let’s see who really knows their hockey?

But… ya gotta have a pick for each pair. don’t have to say what will happen or in how many games it will take, just who will move on the the next round. By the time someone wins the Cup, we will have a champ of HTR in Playoff Hockey Sense.


There it is finally, the HTR & WOW-Hockey Official Playoff Hockey Pool!

Hurry up, you have up until April 7 to enter!!!

Go inside for all the details…

Another great career ends

As the final buzzer sounded at General Motors Place probably the second greatest set up man in the National Hockey League – Adam Oates ended his 19 year career. Adam Oates officially announced his retirement after the Oilers disappointing loss to the Canucks. Oates finishes his N.H.L. career with 1,079 assists and 1,420 points. Thank you Adam for a great career and as a St Louis Blues fan and Edmonton Oilers fan I thank you for your contributions.

Hockey Journalism – Dummies not Ventriloquists

Here are three things that my father taught me…

1. Order the soup or the salad, not both. That’s how they get you.

2. Never date the waitress at your favorite restaurant. Even if she’s a hot lesbian cheerleader with low self esteem, stay away.

3. If you want the truth talk to the ventriloquist, not the dummy

Random Musings

Random facts and thoughts from all over the NHL…

Attention pool players and bruins fans:

Bruins captain Joe Thornton left last nights game with what NESN is reporting as an “upper body injury”. With playoffs approaching we can assume that that is the best information we are going to get. His status remains in doubt.

Who are the Top 50 Players in NHL History?

I was reading an article about who were/are the top players in the NHL and well it seems like a very debatable topic. So I will give my unbiased opinion on where each of them rank.

Ed Belfour to miss 1st round of playoffs??

After Owen Nolan, Ken Klee, Darcy Tucker and Mikael Renberg getting injured just before the playoff starts, now #1 goaltender Ed Belfour joins the already long list of injured Leafs…