For those of who don’t know this yet, the CBC is airing a 2 part, 4 hour mini-series titled “Canada-Russia ’72”, starting tonight (Sunday, April 9th) at 8pm EST.

You’ve all heard of Paul Henderson, though you wouldn’t have had it not been for this series (oh drat, I hope I didn’t give away the ending?!?!)

Gr8 is Not Enough

The Washington Capitals are years away from competing for a playoff spot never mind the Stanley Cup. After pillaging their entire roster of almost all their veteran players the team turned to their best young players with an eye to the future. The result was yet another finish towards the bottom of the standings and a another top 5 pick in the draft.

Building For The Cup

The Canadiens having traded Jose Theodore have some cap room to work with but they also have several key players to re-sign.

My Predictions

Here are my award predictions for this year…

Penguins to Hartford?

This is an article from with my comments.

My Leaf (Basher) Plan.

Well, God’s Team ain’t making the playoffs and it has become clear that the Leafs have only one way to go about things now… rebuild.

Rebuild through the draft and by trading away your once valuable playoff assets for guys that will make a difference down the road, and hopefully (not) take you to a CUP (Stanley that is).

Wait, What?

You mean this Sidney Crosby is actually a goood player?

Gettin' Kinky in the Playoffs!

It’s getting that time of year when playoff pictures are becoming clearer as the games go by, and with tight races for the bottom three positions in each conference, the rest of the season should be great. While some teams fight for their playoff lives on a nightly basis (RIP Maple Leafs), some feel safe in their playoff position and are already in cruise mode. But what if we added a kink to the playoff rules to keep things interesting top-to-bottom right until the very end…

The Obvious Masterton Choice

Ussually the Masterton trophy is fought out by injury riddled stars such as Mario Lemieux, Bryan Berard, Steve Yzerman, Saku Koivu, Joe Nieuwendyk, and Eric Lindros, but this year, someone who was healthy most of his career, should easily take home the award.

Lindy Ruff Explodes About Tucker Cheapshot

Sabres coach Lindy Ruff was livid after the Sabres vs Leafs game in Toronto Monday night over a knee-on-knee hit Darcy Tucker made on forward Jochen Hecht, playing his first game back from a knee injury.

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