McCabe deal in Limbo

According to a Newspaper in TO, the following was printed in todays papers…..Comments, Thoughts.

Habs re-sign Begin & Downey

According to, The Montreal Canadiens have reisgned 2 of their depth forwards.

Some Clarification on Malkin and the Penguins

Here are some de facto clarifying notes about Pittsburgh and Malkin. In fact, most apply to all NHL teams, so this should be helpful regardless of which NHL team you follow. I thought this was long overdue since I keep reading misinterpretations of the situation by many on their posts. And althought I am sure these notes will not rid the site of erroneous comments about the situation, I wanted to help people who are interested in reading it, what is really going on instead of getting bad information from the uninformed. So here are some true factual points as things stand under the current CBA and player transfer agreement:

What would it take to get Gary Roberts back????

I know I said no more Leaf articles till October, but watching the Canes win using one thing the Leafs lack hugely, that they used to excell at hugely, really angers me.

HTR PLAYOFFS POOL: 3rd Round Standings!

Here are the standings after the 3rd round!

Prospects are Proving Their Worth, Too

Written by Darryl Dobbsfrom

The Stanley Cup Final is about to begin, and the playoff heroism stories of various Hurricane and Oiler players can be found in any newspaper or hockey website.

The Veterans' Missing Link.

Rod Brind’amour, Glen Wesley, Bret Hedican, Doug Weight, Ray Whitney all have been solid to great NHL’ers for many years. While they have all had personal success it is the ultimate team success they yearn for, the glory and awe that is the Stanley Cup.

NHL 2006 Off-Season

So there’re only two teams left in the NHL now eh? Yeah, yeah. That’s great. Well my Habs were eliminated in the first round and I want to know what’s up with them. I know there’re a lot of other hockey fans out there who want to know the same about their team(s).

Well I came across a website ( with the information on every restricted and unrestricted free agent in the league. I was excited to find it, but found it was too difficult to navigate because the players weren’t organized in terms of position (defense/forward/goalie). But have no fear, yours truly, Hockey_Expert, had nothing to do today when all of Saturday’s hockey was over (except homework…HAH) so I decided to watse my entire day revamping this list so it was easier to go through for everyone.

Rockin' Like a Hurricane

It’s Edmonton Versus Carolina. Deja vu anyone?

OLN (Outdoor Life Network) no longer the channel name.

And,’s coverage of the Entry Draft.

2006 Stanley Cup Finals

The 2006 Stanley Cup Finals are set to begin between two clubs that have battled hard to get to this point. Both the Hurricanes and the Oilers have grizzled veterans who are challenging to hoist the cup for the first time and most people feel that it is set to be a great series.

With that in mind who do you say will win the cup?