Palffy out of retirement

According to, Zigmund Palffy is now out of retirement and has signed a 1-year deal with Skalica of the Slovakia league.

Still according to RDS, Palffy does not exclude a return with the national Slovakia team.

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  1. jakebmwe46 says:

    i would love to see him in a la kings sweater again. we could have a Slovakia line. but its just a dream.

  2. tacitus says:

    i wonder why he didn't resign with an NHL club, his last season he managed to put up 42 pts in 42 games. Id rather take a chance with him for 3 mil then yashin for 3 mil.

  3. canucklehead_101 says:

    The Canucks Should sign him to a 1-year deal worth 2.5 Million

  4. Bacon077 says:

    this is a stretch, but maybe he just wants to stay home?

  5. AHLoldie says:

    Probably because he quit the Penguins in 2005-06 while under contract.  He also had a clause that gave the Pens an option for the next season.  When he quit, his rights stayed with the Pens.  Anyone who wants to sign him has to deal with the Penguins.  They are owed a year and a half on his contract.  He is not a free agent.

  6. AHLoldie says:

    Read my reply above.

  7. caliplayr21 says:


  8. Williams1505 says:

    that is indeed true

  9. habsrock99 says:

    Well, not yet he isn't. Could he not just do what Guy LaFleur did to the Canadiens back in the 80's and retire and come back when his contract is up? That would mean he would become a free agent with 40 games left in the season. I don't know but last time I checked you could still do this.

  10. AHLoldie says:

    He will always owe the Pens a year and a half until they release him from his contract.  When you retire while still under contract, you must first fulfill the original contract before you can return.  The Pens can trade his rights, but they will want compensation. 

  11. AHLoldie says:

    One last comment on Palffy, and probably the main reason he retired was that he had 24 breakaway chances(mostly set up by Crosby) and he missed all 24.  If he had made only half of those, he would have had 54 points in 42 games.  He quit out of frustration.  He let the Pens down and they're not chasing after him.  He could help a lot of teams in the NHL.

  12. TheDonkey says:

    I will be sure and pick up one of those twelve foot wide satellite dishes so I can catch some Slovak league games.

  13. intelligentscorpio says:

    I wonder if he is still Penguin property. If he wants to return to the NHL, does Pittsburgh get a pick if he signs with another club? Does anyone know how this thing works.

  14. habsrock99 says:

    Well this must be a very new rule because this never existed before the lockout.

  15. AHLoldie says:

    Haven't you been reading the above posts?  He can't sign with another club.  He's in the same boat as John LeClair.  They both retired while still under contract.  They are both Penguin property if they ever want to play again in the NHL.  LeClair doesn't want to play period.  He turned down any attempt to be sent to the minors and retired.  Palffy quit on the Pens in 2005/06.  He announced his retirement and owes the Pens a year and a half before he can ever become a free agent.  The Pens would gladly trade his rights for the right price.  If not, he'll sit forever.

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