Palffy to Devils?

(Feb. 4th) New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello has reportedly been speaking at length with Los Angeles Kings GM Dave Taylor. Rich Chere of the New Jersey Star-Ledger writes that the two GM’s have had long discussions at the GM meetings to try to satisfy both of their needs. Taylor has been told by Kings President Tim Leiweke to cut payroll, Lamoriello would like to add a high scoring forward. Which brings up Palffy’s name, a trade to the Devils would satisfy both teams’ desires. Ironing out the details might be difficult though. New Jersey would most likely require the Kings to pick up some of Palffy’s scheduled $7 million salary for next year, and theKings would require some talented youth in return. Of course Mike Danton’s name was brought up, which sparked another round of insults from both the Devils and the Danton camp. Devils coach Pat Burns doubted that the Kings would have much interest in Danton, “Some of the trades I’ve heard (involving) Danton, we’d hire a private plane and take him there. I’ve never heard one team mention his name.” To which Danton fired back, “Burnsie and I never had a problem, but it’s obvious from those comments that he has drank too much of Lou’s Kool-Aid.” “If no one wants him, what’s the worry?” Danton’s agent David Frost asked. “Then release him. We’ll find somewhere for him to play.” And so it continues.

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  1. devilsfanatic says:

    Mikster man, I told you already, Tverdovsky, Danton, Berglund and a first round pick

  2. Isles22 says:

    Bring Palffy back to the Island where really belongs

  3. mikster says:

    And miss the playoffs as they did before YES!

    Hehe, sorry i had to get that one there.

  4. mikster says:

    What is up with the media thinking that the Devils are a rich team all the sudden?

    Devils never spent so much money and value on one player. Strachan thinking Kovie to Devs? DOUBT IT. No reason for the Devs to weaken their defensive corps. Also, since when does NJ have the money to give to a team and to re-sing a player for $8M a season?

    As for Palffy….

    Paying him $7.5M next season? NOT A CHANCE!!!!

  5. caniacpack04 says:

    All I’ve heard from him in NJ is that he is a whiner and a baby. He isn’t even that good of a player. If he had any measurable amount of skill, MAYBE he could talk his head off OCCASIONALLY. But, for the love of Lou, what is wrong with this kid?

  6. st_coldsob says:

    when have the deveils ever picked up someone with a high contract i can see kapanen or satan but not pallffy or nolan or anybody like that and soon say good bye to Patrik Elias soon as he makes to much money for the devils

  7. Islesfreak says:

    I’ve got a trade. Let’s trade Yashin to anybody willing to take his salary and garbage attitude. I am sick of this guy and never really did like him. His attitude stinks and he’s soft as hell. What a mistake! Peca is 5x the player he is and is paid less than half of his 9mil.

  8. devilsfanatic says:

    He’s getting 5 mill already so no, nice try

  9. JasonMacIsaac says:

    The devils are in no need of a trade, I have heard that the Islanders/ Devils game is the day lou will have decided whether the team needs a trade or not. The most I’d offer for Palffy is Berglund, Suglobov, Danton, and a 1st. I don’t really want him but for the sake of disscusing thats my offer. I also heard NJ is the front runner for Kovalev, funny how a team that is now out of money can afford these players, Marty and Stevens might even lose their defered money

  10. amazing_jesse says:

    Millbury is an idiot. You are stuck with Yashin forever. The Island will not see the stanley cup for 20 years because of that trade.

  11. Kingsfan1 says:

    your on crack if you think you’d get Pallfy for “only” that, it’d cost you Gomez atleast.

  12. RangerSteve says:

    Maybe its cuz they are owned by the YankeeNets? Even then..Steinbrenner won’t give any cash toward that team!

  13. Slovakiaz says:

    You’re right, not a chance that Devils go after Palffy, and I think Kings won’t eat part of his salary for next year, why they should do it ?

    They get Satan, at 3.5 mil. it would be very good choice, not only for Devils but for every team in the league. I predict it … but haven’t any idea about what players get involved (Berglund 2nd 3rd ???).

    Of course this will happen when the buy of the Sabres will be done.

  14. Slovakiaz says:

    NHL in financial crisis … I have feeling that many of you can’t think. Why would you deal (as a GM) your prospects (2 or 3) and draft pick for players like Kovalev or Palffy ? The Pens and Kings have to drop their salaries … have to !!! So one top prospect and 2nd or 3rd rounder for them is pretty enough. Remember, you’ll take that salary and it’s a kind of risk like Keith Primeau to Philly was (Audette, Czerkawski). And know Clark is keen to trade him, but nobody go for him. It’s a dead money + losing some future! Kovy a Ziggy is very good players, but offensive. Come playoff time – nobody knows how they’ll respond.

    So no trades like Berglund, Suglobov, Danton and 1st for Palffy – it’s a joke !!!

    Maybe Berglund, Danton (???) and 2nd for Satan (3.5mil. salary) … that’s a trade proposal.

  15. guinsfan4life says:

    If Lou does this deal he is stupid. He could have Kovalev for much, much less money in the long run and is a more prolific scorer.

  16. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Could you honestly see Palffy playing under Pat Burns. I sure as hell can’t.

  17. pop0331 says:

    Los Angeles – Tverdovsky (if helathy) , Danton, 1st rounder

    Detroit- Palffy

    Devils- Darren Mccarty

    I know detroit fans love Darren but we’ll welcome him with open arms ( a perfect fit in “the swamp” ) we don’t need a Palffy or a Kovalev — I think this trade would work out for all 3 teams

  18. big_booty says:

    Like mud between your toes, so are the New Jersey Devils.

    The soap opera continues. Which, in turn, brings us to this weeks informal poll question. Mike Danton ought to:

    a) Die of gonnhorea and rot in hell.

    b) Make a special guest appearance as “Squealing Bitch #1” on HBO’s “Oz.”

    c) Get traded to a team that actually realizes how talented he indeed is and will reward him with gobs of ice time.

    d) Fire his agent, make peace with Captain Stubing, and get back to just playing hockey.

    What are your choices, people?

    As for Kovalev/Palffy, while Palffy makes upwards of $7 million and Kovalev only $4.6 million, Craig Patrick is asking for $4 million in cash as part of any deal, while LA just wants to rid themselves of Palffy and his salary. So, who would Big Lou rather take? Palffy at $7 mil, or Kovalev at a $4 mil down payment, plus $8 mil he’ll be due in arbitration?

    Palffy is starting to make sense for Jersey. How do you get him to play defense, though?

  19. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah sounds foolish. What if they traded Niewendyk in a package and removed his salary from the mix? Would that help them?

  20. guinsfan4life says:

    For that matter, I can’t see anyone playing under pat Burns–at least anybody that is creative offensively.

  21. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Hey don’t get me wrong, Pat Burns puts a winning team on the ice. I just can’t see a european player that has a history of problems excelling with him behind the bench. Pat would bench him in a heart beat.

  22. mikster says:

    It would for this season, not next season though.

    Joe is a UFA at the end of the season, next would remain a problem.

  23. mikster says:

    Regier isn’t that good of a GM, so most likely…anyone will rip him off.

    If i’d be the GM of the Sabres, and the Devs want Satan, i’d request Bicek and Gomez.

    Hey, it’s a lot…but i am not the one who is desperate to be successful in the playoffs, Devils are…not me.

    If the Flyers want Satan, then they’d have to give be Gagne at the very least.

  24. mikster says:

    Imagine if he had Spezza, still Chara, and Heatley at this point instead of whiny DiPietro.

  25. mikster says:

    Hmmm, not really.

    Devs would have to pay the Pens, pay off Kovie’s remaining salary, and then re-sing him to about $8M a season.

  26. mikster says:

    I’ll choose (d) since the same agent is also messing up Keefe’s career down in Tampa.

    It’s what i’ve been saying all along about the difference between Palffy and Kovalev. Kovie is more expensive.

    Palffy makes little sense in NJ. The only good thing is that he can score. However, Lou would be dumb to trade a young player (probably Gomez) and someone else with value, for Palffy. Palffy makes the Devils an expensive team (next year they would be reaching $60M payroll) they lack size and physical strength…and Palffy is the total opposite of that.

    Defense….i think any player with speed can play defense if tought by the right coach. I say that after watching Bure back-check….if he can do it…so can anyone.

  27. devfanman4 says:

    I choose D. Someone has to knock some sense into this kid. He’s good…being a Devils fan I’ve seen him in a few games this year. He’s a small player, but he’s got hands and he’s fiesty. He’ll fight anyone in the league and because he’s insane, he’ll end up winning most boughts. If he fires his agent and someone puts him in his place and he matures, he’ll be a good 2 way player one day. He’ll never be even a 20 goal scorer, but he popped in I think 5 (correct me if I’m wrong), had a number of fights, and didn’t take a stupid penalty in about 20 games with the Devils this year.

  28. Kingsfan1 says:

    Danton is the biggest baby in the league and Andy Murray would never give him ice time. Your esentilly giving Pallfy straight up for Tverdovsky? no thanks I’ll pass and i think Dave Taylor would too.

  29. Slovakiaz says:

    Good request … Bicek and Gomez (i thought Gomez are making more than his 0.9mil./season)

    Flyers will not let Gagne go … so I think Satan will not be a Flyer. They haven’t anybody else to offer unless high draft picks get involved ?!

    But overall it depends on “bank account” of the Sabres buyer 🙂

  30. guinsfan4life says:

    THis rumor from cbssportsline:

    One of the more interesting rumors to appear from the GM meetings is that Pittsburgh’s Alexei Kovalev could end up in New Jersey, which would cost the Devils young players such as Scott Gomez and some $4 million in cash demanded by the Penguins. The Devils are generally very cost-conscious, but one GM told the Toronto Sun this is New Jersey’s kind of deal. “(Devils GM Lou Lamoriello) knows he has a chance to win it all,” the GM said. “He doesn’t have the revenues to justify it, but he has the (YankeesNet) ownership and the ammunition to make the deal.”

  31. regdunlop says:

    Palffy is not that bad defensively. It is not his main focus but he has been forced to step up this year with all the injuries. I go to almost every game and have seen him make some great defensive moves believe it or not, How will he do under a scrict defensive system like NJ’s is a whole other issue though.

  32. OldNord says:

    NJ trading Tverdovsky, Danton, 1st rounder for McCarthy…………….Stupid trade

  33. Kingsfan1 says:

    as a season ticket holder I’ve gotten to watch Pallfy alot and i can tell you since he was traded he has improved drastically defensivly. Now he’s no Federov when it comes to 2 way play but he is pretty good.

  34. Kingsfan1 says:

    while Kov may be cheaper then Pallfy the 4 mill in cash actually makes it more expensive. Kov makes like 4 or so mill a year to Pallfy’s 7, ad the 4 mill cash and your over 8. I’m sure if the Kings traded Pallfy to NJ they’d eat some of his contract making it a bit cheaper for NJ. But you better belive Gomez is gonna be wanted in return by L.A.

  35. JasonMacIsaac says:

    No, your on crack, your a kings fan. That is a good enough package to get Palffy, Berglund is a potential #1 or #2 lw, c, or rw. He is very versitile. Danton is what Taylor wants, don’t know why, a first is a first and Suglobov is a tlented winger from Russia. Taylor wants cheap players and that all adds up for and injury prone, soft, one dementional player like Palffy, good day. 🙂

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