Palffy to Devils?

(Feb. 4th) New Jersey Devils GM Lou Lamoriello has reportedly been speaking at length with Los Angeles Kings GM Dave Taylor. Rich Chere of the New Jersey Star-Ledger writes that the two GM’s have had long discussions at the GM meetings to try to satisfy both of their needs. Taylor has been told by Kings President Tim Leiweke to cut payroll, Lamoriello would like to add a high scoring forward. Which brings up Palffy’s name, a trade to the Devils would satisfy both teams’ desires. Ironing out the details might be difficult though. New Jersey would most likely require the Kings to pick up some of Palffy’s scheduled $7 million salary for next year, and theKings would require some talented youth in return. Of course Mike Danton’s name was brought up, which sparked another round of insults from both the Devils and the Danton camp. Devils coach Pat Burns doubted that the Kings would have much interest in Danton, “Some of the trades I’ve heard (involving) Danton, we’d hire a private plane and take him there. I’ve never heard one team mention his name.” To which Danton fired back, “Burnsie and I never had a problem, but it’s obvious from those comments that he has drank too much of Lou’s Kool-Aid.” “If no one wants him, what’s the worry?” Danton’s agent David Frost asked. “Then release him. We’ll find somewhere for him to play.” And so it continues.