Palffy to retire due to shoulder injury?

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — Pittsburgh Penguins right wing Ziggy Palffy will retire because of a lingering shoulder injury, a Slovak paper reported Wednesday.

“I have agreed on all matters related to my retirement with the Pittsburgh management,” Palffy told the Sport daily. “There is no point in suffering any longer.”

It was uncertain whether Palffy would retire immediately or at the end of the season. Neither the Penguins nor NHL officials would comment to the paper.

Palffy, 33, was injured while playing for the Los Angeles Kings at Anaheim in January 2004, and had reconstructive surgery on his right shoulder twice, but the problems persisted.

“I have talked to my doctor and he did not recommend a third operation,” Palffy told the newspaper.

Earlier this year, Palffy retired from the Slovak national team ahead of the Turin Olympics

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  1. Kraftster says:

    What is going on?? Where did this come from?!!?

  2. saiklo says:

    It is official!!!

    Now we can pay Fleury his bonuses!!!

    Now if Thibault and LeClair can only retire!!!

  3. Kraftster says:

    Well, I suppose this saves some money for the Pens, and if the shoulder was getting worse then it saves them money in the future that might not have been too productive. The only unfortunate thing is that the Pens surely didn’t anticipate this when they went out and locked up a marquee winger. They could have taken a shot at a guy like Kariya had they known this. Well, lets see how the Surovy – Crosby – Ouellet line works out.

    Crosby will get even more attention from the top defensive fowards and pairings now…

  4. OldGoalie says:

    Don’t get carried away…assuming it’s true (which I more or less do) the Slovakian report didn’t say when Palffy was retiring. Just going by the apparent severity of the shoulder problem, the most reasonble time would probably be more or less immediately…but nobody has said that yet…and the longer he stays around, the less of Fleury’s bonuses (assuming he’s going to earn most or all of them playing behind a defense that is absolutely horrific) is offset by his departure.

  5. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Ha Ha. Tough break for the Pittsburgh Rangers.

  6. TheRussianEvolution says:

    According to it is effective immediately

  7. wingerxxx says:

    Wow. This totally came out of nowhere. I hope he does well with his shoulder in the future. Talk about a bad season going worse for Pittsburgh. He was a great offensive player when he was healthy. It’s a terrible thing to have him leave on these terms.

  8. saiklo says:

    I always get carried away…


  9. distance7 says:

    I’m sad to see this happen. I liked Palffy alot. I’ll always remember him as Mini-Jagr when he had the mullet for the Islanders. Great player when healthy. Explosive offensive talent.

  10. thinice987 says:

    This is bad news for the Penguins, but I look at it this way … it has to help them in the race for last place against the Blues to improve their chances of getting the number one pick.

    I believe that if the Penguins get the first or second pick in the draft that they will trade it for a stud D-man.

    Now if only Gonchar would have similar luck to Palfy. Honestly, Palfy was the only free agent signing for the Penguins that appeared to be working out. This makes Craig Patrick look like a total idiot.

    The Penguins need to hire a new General Manager for next season.

  11. gohabs73 says:

    you’re right… he used to be an amazing player! remember that crazy Palffy-Allison-Deadmarsh line?! sad they all went down to injuries…

  12. wingerxxx says:

    The game has lost one of it’s better mullets! Even if he hasn’t worn one in a while. But when he did….wow. Business in the front, party in the back! Talk about kentucky mudflaps.

  13. wingerxxx says:

    Yeah, that mullet was almost as good as Jagr’s. Almost. But not quite.

  14. N25philly says:

    The Penguins forced him to retire. Every once and a while with him in the linup they look like a real hockey team. It’s hard to be one of the biggest jokes in professional sports when that happens.

  15. OldGoalie says:

    Maybe…but bear in mind that Palffy was making $3.5 million this year. Since he played almost exactly 50% of the season before retiring, the actual savings to the Pens will be almost exactly $1.75 million (assuming the team’s insurance pays nothing on Palffy’s injury, which appears to have been preexisting when he got tot he Pens). This only offsets a portion of Fleury’s maximum potential bonuses. Different sources say different things about what those bonuses could amount to, but if he hits the top tier, the team is in all likelihood looking at a few million dollars of extra salary. Whether he can do this playing behind a defense that is, by any standard, awful is an open question, but that’s the bottom line salary issue as of today.

    It still wouldn’t shock me to see Fleury go to Wilkes Barre. I think it’d be stupid on a variety of levels, and I would absolutely love to think he’ll be in Pittsburgh for the rest of he year, but I don’t have to worry about the team’s bottom line. Simply put, the Pens will be a bad team that’s not making the playoffs with or without Fleury here. They may even end up with a better draft position if he’s not in Pittsburgh (not to suggest that any NHL team would ever do anything to edge themselves toward a #1 overall pick, mind you). Just depends on how Patrick looks at it.

  16. guinsfan4life says:

    Trust me, even with him in the lineup-not every once in a while–they still don’t look like a real hockey team.

  17. guinsfan4life says:

    This is the straw that broke the camel’s back–or should I say nose cause with the size of Craig Patrick’s nose we don’t need to worry about the camel’s back.

    This is further proof why the penguins are the laughingstocks of the NHL. *****, complain you can’t compete in a market suitable for you, you need a new arena..blah..blah..blah…

    so the lockout comes..and goes…a new favorable CBA…

    and what happens?? The general manager signs all the wrong players including a player who had reconstructive shoulder surgery, and banishes all of the youth the team tried to build around in the previous season–Kraft, Morozov, Beech, Lupashuk, Sivek…

    …and keeps a 2nd year coach without a proven bench coach and a system to run the team…

    …starts out the year without a win in the first 2+ weeks of the season and waits until the team is 7-18 to fire the head coach….

    …all the while keeping the organizations best young goalie in the minors for part of that time…

    …then brings in the total opposite of the coach that was once there expects them to win while NOT making any significant additions or subtractions to the roster?!?!?!?!?

    If I am Therrien right now, I am calling out Patrick during a post game news conference. He just called out his defense a week ago saying how horrible they are and Patrick continues to sit around and DO NOTHING!!!!!!

    That post game news conference should go something like…”…our general manager….he must be trying to be the worst in the league…we won the lottery to draft the best junior player in the world…and we can’t even give him two NHL caliber wingers to play with…we called Konstantin Koltsov up…he can’t hit the broad side of a barn…he is supposed to help us with our power play?? I’ve run out of players to give the ‘A’ I had to go with Gonchar because he is the only recognizable name we have…maybe I should give the A to Patrick…”

    Time for Patrick to go. If he gets an extention, screw everyone in the organization.

  18. guinsfan4life says:

    …also with the notification of Palffy retiring..they also said that Fleury will remain with the big club for the rest of the season.

  19. guinsfan4life says:

    Can you believe that Gonchar is wearing an ‘A’??

  20. OldGoalie says:

    Just saw that…

    NOW I’m prepared to say he’s right.

  21. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Take out some of the words in the press conference to make it choppier english, and i can totally see Therrien on the podium saying that.

  22. guinsfan4life says:

    Crosby will get more attention?!?

    Do you really think Palffy took that much focus away from opposing teams?? Have you seen how pissed off Crosby is getting and how many penalties he is taking??!

    IF he gets anymore attention, he won’t be able to skate because they’ll be in his shorts!!!

  23. guinsfan4life says:

    You gotta think that is how he feels. Patrick has done nothing but recall guys from the minors to make attempts at turning the season around. At some point, you have to figure the answer is NOT in your lockerroom.

  24. Kraftster says:

    What kind of deals are there for Patrick to potentially execute?

    Its hard to justify trading away future prospective young talent for veteran guys when the season has never really shown signs of turning into a a playoff season. And how much can they really get in return? You fire the coach and make in house roster moves to send a message, both of which were done. I can’t really see many potential trades that would have the “shock” quality to try and get guys going, and I certainly don’t see many options as far as immediately improving the team.

    There’s no doubt that Leclair looks like a bad signing, but who can blame Patrick for the other moves? I mean, sure, he looks bad now, and I didn’t particularly care for the offseason moves personally, but that was for other reasons, and I understood what the team was trying to do. Gonchar’s deal averaged about $5 million, Foote and Aucoin were around $4, and Neidermeyer was a little bit closer to $6, so they paid about market price for Gonchar based on his career performances. They “stole” Thibault for a 4th round pick if you look at his career numbers. Yea, he was coming off of surgery and there were some questions there, but no one could have anticipated this. Recchi was signed before the CBA, but I still don’t see how that signing can be seen as a bad one, pre or post CBA. Palffy was relatively successful, he struggled putting pucks in, but he played a solid two-way game, for sure.

    Roy was a waste of money but he’s really too insignificant to factor into evaluating Patrick.

    I am not tryign to say the moves were “great” or even “good”, really, but come on, they all “made sense”. None of the guys were really “ego” type players to where you would say the team had too many selfish guys, or guys who historically had trouble sharing the spotlight. The team tried to add a bit of everything, except possibly a consitent defensive dman, BUT everyone was expecting such an offensive landscape that O seemed more important, and would be more exciting to the fans of Pittsburgh, I say this because I feel like most of the fans in the city are too novice or casual to appreciate subtlties and 2-1 games. Additionally, it was hard to tell who was a good defensive dman, and who was a good clutcher and grabber. Witt, for instance, was a much higher comodity earlier int he season or in the preseason, but now it appears that some of his success as a “defensive dman” came from clutching and grabbing, which renders him less effective in the new NHL (must have been something they coached well down there in DC).

    The Pens were trying to push for success now as much as possible (for arena reasons) without sacrificing much of the youth in the system. Not resigning Kraft was very disappointing to me. Beech? Lupaschuk? Sivek? Come on, I was just glad that we cut ties with them, because the only reason for keeping them around woudl have been to save face re the Jagr trade. I’ll gladly say I was wrong if Sivek or Beech ever register more than 10 goals in a single season or if Lupaschuk winds up with more than 50 career NHL games. Morozov would probably be helping the team, but you can point to so many different things fueling this terrible season beyond Patrick. I don’t know how keeping Olczyk is pinned entirely on Patrick. Obviously he is well liked among the entire organization and known in the city. The guy put in a season giving it more than probably most other coaches would have given the talent level of the team. I cannot recall whether they “resigned” Edzo, but I think that they had signed him to a 2 year deal. So they would have had to fire him to hire another coach. To me, thats not what you do going into a season to a guy like Edzo.

    Anyway, I’m sick of getting credited as someone who is sticking up for the Pens when they are having such a terrible year. I’m really j ust trying to avoid undue degrees of criticism. One can argue that in a season like this all criticism given is due, but I just disagree with a lot of the opinions out there. Everyone who predicted the PEns would miss the playoffs is loving this, but no one expected this. That would have been an impossible prediction. This team is nothing like the team from 2 years ago beyond the records. They are losing for totally different reasons, and describing this Penguin team as one with AHL talent, etc. is foolish.

  25. Kraftster says:

    run on bold at the end was unintended. Meant for it to be just “this”.

  26. Kraftster says:

    I understand he’s getting all the attention now, but you don’t think a team approaches a line of Crosby and “some rookies” differently than one with Palffy on it? I think the players around the league recognized what Palffy can do if you key on one guy. Now, that hesitation to key solely on Crosby is gone.

  27. guinsfan4life says:

    The deals out there for Patrick are ones that you and I will never know–but at the same time, we know there are ones out there. Do you make a trade for the sake of making a trade?? Do you make a trade to try and change the chemistry of this team?? I think he should have realized a long time ago that he needed to do one or the other.

    You can blame Patrick for the moves for the same reasons you applaud the Rangers for the moves they made–Patrick thought coming out of the lockout it would be more of an offensive game than a defensive game so he concentrated his efforts in free agency on offense, getting Gonchar, Recchi, LeClair, and Palffy.

    Instead of acquiring players based on speed and youth he went with age and experience. Therefore, he signed players who did not fit the way the new NHL would be structured. However, he did do a great job of preparing the penguins for the lockout–so if you are going to heap all the praise in the world on him for that, he also has to be held accountable for this mistake.

    While the T-bo trade was a steal from the standpoint of his career statistics, how did Patrick NOT know that Fleury was ready and capable of doing what he is doing this year? He is the reason why this team has not just won a single digit amount of games. For him to not know this, and thus go out and trade for a goalie that didn’t play in the lockout, and had a history of hip problems and then sign him to a long term contract…that can be considered a skeptical move. Does this mean he is not aware of the personnell at the minor leagues??

    As far as pushing for present success and how that relates to an arena it is now coming out that is all crap. Look, the politicians know who is going to get that slot license and they’ve known for a long time. You think if the pens won a few more games it would change?? Even at that, it still doesn’t justify the fact that Patrick has not done his job well.

    How many years did we spend hearing about Beech..paid his minor league contract of close to 1 million, developed him and then let him go. I don’t care if he was the centerpiece of the Jagr deal. What I do care about is this team is very, very thin at center and he was a #1 draft pick. Don’t you think he might have deserved a full year in the league before you pass him along for nothing? You gave that much to Kraft? Lupaschuk–was a stellar defenseman who could move the puck–yes move the puck something we need at this level desperately–and played very well at Wilkes-Barre.

    Morozov would be helping the team–and that was Patrick’s call. Ultimately, his fingerprints are all over this disaster of a season.

    Patrick could have oversaw Edzo’s system before the season started and gave him a better chance to succeed with another assistant coach. Rumors are Edzo wanted to hire someone and Patrick turned him down. Edzo might have been a nice guy, but if what you say is at stake–the viability of the franchise in this city–and it is determined if the penguins win or loose, then you can’t keep a nice guy on the bench when he looses. When his body language is so negative it reflects on the players. Bottom line is, his system was not one that reflected on the strengths of his players.

    I ask you this, if they don’t have AHL talent–then what type of talent do they have?

  28. Hockey_Fan_99 says:


  29. guinsfan4life says:

    By the way, Kris Beech has 3 pts. in 5 games for the Nashville Predators this year. Nothing to brag about, but wouldn’t you rather have him suiting up for you than watching Konstantin Koltzov skate around and miss the net by 50 ft??

  30. guinsfan4life says:

    Perhaps. Just another reason why Patrick should not have his contract renewed. Time for a fresh perspective. If he had brought Morozov over, maybe and acquired some players to play with Crosby, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad?

  31. OldGoalie says:

    All my fellow Pens fans can relax. Sportsnet is reporting that the Pens have acquired Eric Cairns from the Panthers in exchange for a 6th round draft choice in 2006.

    Everything is clearly fixed now, and we can all look forward to an undefeated second half of the season. Or not.

  32. Tweek says:

    Wow, I did not see this one coming. Zing to the penguins.

  33. thinice987 says:

    I would give the fans an A before I would give Gonchar an A.

  34. Kraftster says:

    When I said that I was not a fan of the offseason moves, that is because we had put so much into so many of these young guys and we were cutting them loose, which essentially amounts to giving up on them. I agree that not only Beech, but every player who worked in this system or played on the team last year and worked hard given the lack of a real chance to ever put any kind of string of wins together deserved a year to have a shot. Especially guys like Armstrong who languished in the system before Therrien brought some stability to the minor league program. So that really included all three Jagr guys, and Surovy, Armstrong, etc. That being said, as it turned out, most of the young guys I wanted to be awarded a shot got it this season. Can we really say we’d be better with Beech, Sivek, or Lupaschuk on the team right now? Instead of say Leclair, Koltsov, Odelein? I guess its possible, because it seems like character and chemistry are some of the things lacking with this team and you never know who might help that out, but likely? I don’t really think so. Would we be in a better overall position with those guys instead of a few of the guys here now (in terms of future, trade commodity, etc.) perhaps a bit. This team is largely made up of youth and speed right now actually. It took time, but that is the team that is essentially here now, and its not doing much more than the team that started the season.

    You said instead of acquiring players based on speed and youth, but I really am not sure who many guys like that were available really. Ironically, if you look at the FA’s having the most success, they are older, somewhat slower guys.

    I suppose this team isn’t that much removed from the team of last season that was much closer to an AHL caliber team than this one, but they do have a clear superstar (Crosby), 2 offensively capable veterans (I guess 1 now), better defensemen, better penalty killing. I think Fleury a year older also helps to separate this team from last season’s quite a bit.

  35. PinkFloydFreak87 says:

    That’s a shame, I’ve always liked Palffy.

    the Palffy – Allison – Deadmarsh line was one of my all time favorites. I can’t remember what season it was, but before Allison went down and had the lingering concussion problems I remember thinking he was a year away from being one of the premier centers in the league. Its a shame how things turned out for all three of those players really.

  36. BUTTMAN says:

    Damn.. Shocker.. I liked this guy

    Oh well….Now

    Trade Leclair for a fourth round blow job (that would be with braces)

    Take recchi out back and put his +/- -23 out of its misery

    Have Gonchar strapped to a gurney and injected.

    Pull Craig Patrick of of life support and let him go in peace.

    Sell the team… to a city that can afford to end the bickering and give them a good arena.

    Then we’ll have a good team in 3-4 years or so.

  37. Deadman says:

    Despite his NHL retirment, Ziggy is going on to play with Weird and Gilly and The Spiders from Mars… all reports seem to indicate that he will be playing left hand, untill he quote (takes it) too far

  38. guinsfan4life says:

    While we can’t definatively say if the penguins would be better with Beech etc. in the lineup rather than the penguins you mentioned LeClair, Koltsov (who will now be on the first line with Crosby and Surovy), and Odelein, I’ll as you a rhetorical question–could it get any worse?? I mean even if it wasn’t better with those younger players at least we would not be paying LeClair’s salary, which he has yet to fully justify with his play, and Cornelius hasn’t done it either, although he has been serviceable.

    Most of the current players having success are those who have experienced it before; as far as age, we really can’t judge for arugment sake because we haven’t identified what exactly “old” is in NHL terms. However, just for the sake of…well I don’t know…the top 10 scorers in the league are;











    and if you look further down the get into Gagne..

    All of these players are young and skate extremely well. Therefore, perhaps they should have kept the young guys, like Morozov who skated very well…how many of these guys were free agents, not many, but it still points to the change of direction of the league.

    I think that, for me personally, is what is most disappointing is they just aren’t playing hockey as a team. Crosby gets bent over every night and nobody helps him. Even if I couldn’t help him or didn’t like him, just because he is on the same team I am justifies me getting my a** kicked to prove a point. And I might get it kicked alot more times than I win, but you know what?? In the end, I am going to win a few and those are the ones that you prove a point with. That team a couple years ago they had nothing. No Crosby…a rookie coach and they still played their hearts out every single night.

    On this team we had guys leave the team and miss two games to get married!!?!?!?

  39. guinsfan4life says:

    A new arena will not help this team in any city. They’d be this bad no matter where they were. Mismanagement is mismanagement.

  40. pensfanalltheway6687 says:

    Actually according to, Ziggy retired for personal reasons and not an injury.

  41. Kraftster says:

    I totally agree that the most disappointing part of the season is the team not playing as a team. Not playing with heart, passion, courage. Actually, if you consider all those skills as part of “talent”, which one probably should, then you are right, this team is not talented. Its a shame for sure. You see the front page of the PG today?

  42. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah… I hate to say it, but I think this team is gone. I was reading about it in today’s edition. They say that Lemieux’s heart condition could be brought on by stress…can you wonder? I mean he has had this on his mind all season…I don’t blame him for selling. Sad thing is, if something does get done, which I doubt, it won’t get done until the 11th hour..

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