Panthers about to start wheeling & dealing…and nobody cares!

Acording to Florida Panthers general manager Rick Dudley says he is “going to look at some options” to try and improve the team as the March 11 trade deadline approaches.

“We’ve got a couple of positions where we’ve got a lot of people,” Dudley tells the Palm Beach Post. “If we can be a better team through movement, we’re going to do that. We’re going to see if there’s anything that could put us over the hump.”

Supposidly Dudley has been talking with the Tampa Bay Lightning, who are looking to add some defensive help. Brad Ference and Igor Ulanov have been mentioned but Dudley wouldn’t comment on specific names.

Rumors are circling that Mike Keenan has been expressing interest in Islanders forward Brad Isbister.

“If the right thing is out there, like a big, physical guy who’s got the potential to score 30 goals, we’d be interested,” said Dudley. “But there’s no point to changing the pieces of the puzzle if it’s not the right fit.”

The Kitty Cats are also reportedly trying to dump perenial bust Valeri Bure, however, he is currently sidelined with an ankle injury. Kristian Huselius has also been mentioned in trade talk but the forward has struggled of late, scoring just three goals since Christmas.

Now why on earth can’t Keenan get along with skilled youngsters? Huselius is one of a few players on the Panthers lineup that are exciting and that fans would want to actually pay to see. Why can’t Keenan find a way to get this obvious talent to play? And while I’m asking questions…why Isbister? Talk about dissapointments. Does Keenan think he can succeed where many others have failed? To me the problem is Keenan not his players, the few he has left.