Panthers and Lightning updates is reporting that Lecavailer is glad that the trade rumors about his are starting to go away and the is reporting that the Panthers are taking a hard stance with regard to trade talks. In the case of Lecavailer, he is glad that the persistent talks about him being traded to another team are finally beginning to go away. With that being said GM Brian Lawton is standing behind his captain and stating that he is not going to trade Lecavailer and restated his commitment to him last summer by signing him to a mega contract deal that should see Lecavailer retire as a member of the Lightning organization.
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Also in the sunshine state

Florida GM Jacques Martin is saying that his goal this year is to make the playoffs. He also notes that any trade with regard to Jay Bouwmeester will have to involve offense in return . It is also mentioned that any deal with regard to Bouwmeester will have to help the team now … not in the future. Read the full article from