Papa Crosby says Sidney will say NO to the Leafs for Montreal!

According to Sidney Crosby’s father, his son will likely reject the Maple Leafs offer of signing with their AHL affiliate due to the fact that Troy and Sidney are both Habs fans.According to the Toronto Star “GM John Ferguson Jr. has been rather vocal of Toronto’s interest in signing Crosby to an AHL contract (with the new Toronto Marlies) for the 2005-06 campaign–assuming the NHL is still in lockout mode next fall. However, the Crosby camp was recently quoted as being less than enthusiastic about that possibility: “When you like Montreal, the one team you don’t like is the blue and white…He’d go to Toronto, but I can tell you, he wouldn’t be happy about it.” — Troy Crosby, Sidney’s father and a former Montreal Canadiens draft pick (240th overall in 1984) told Slam Sports in an interview.”

I find this to be ironic due to the fact that all the Leaf Fans are all over this kid dreaming of having him on their team and already with Crosby 87 Toronto Maple Leaf Jerseys and he just slaps them in the face like that! Priceless!

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  1. ranger_fan says:

    Well if you were in Toronto, you would get paid well, but you sure won’t be winning a Cup!

  2. PayUpSucka says:

    Well i’ll tell you his aunt, Rhonda Crosby, lives right next to me, same street, same building, and she says, and i quote, that 99% of the crap we hear is just that, crap. Give me a break, this kid isn’t someone that would pick and choose where he wants to play, he’s a maritmer, not an Eric Lindros wannabe.

    This kid doesn’t care if he plays with the Alaska Polar Bears as long as he’s playing. Thankfully the CBA will be signed in less than 2 weeks and we won’t have to listen to anymore bull shite like this.

  3. PayUpSucka says:

    Wow, what a coincidence, just like the rags, but hey, at least in TO he’ll make the playoffs more than once a decade.

  4. simplyhabby says:

    A Hab fan wanting to play for the Habs. That is all this quote is about.

    I am a hab fan and i would be a little thrown off for playing against the rival Leafs but my blood would turn blue fairly quickly (I feel dirty already).

  5. PayUpSucka says:

    Haha, true enough bro, I mean I hate the sens, but if Murray or Melnyk came calling i’d be wearing that black and white pretty quick. Mats who? haha

  6. hockeyhead says:


    then he won’t report because his parents forbid it and he will get traded to montreal for kovalev, ribero, koivu, hextall, ricci, forsberg, dushense, and 50 million dollars.

    oh wait.

  7. nordiques100 says:

    remember, even if crosby becomes a leaf, he will be nothing but a marginal prospect at best…..but if he was a ranger, flyer or wing he would be better than gretzky, orr, howe and lemieux combined.

  8. ranger_fan says:

    at last check 1994 is a hell of lot more recent than 1967. And its been 3 times for the playoffs, then 7 without. Why do I get the feeling in a couple of years when old Eddie, and the rest of the leafs are done, the Rangers will be better than the Leafs, or do we plan on signing others who will get you to the Conference Finals?

  9. ranger_fan says:

    It doesn’t matter where he goes, he will be a great prospect. But don’t forget other great prospect, Lindros, Daigle, etc. It does not mean he is a given 1000+ point guy. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will ever see greatness of Gretzky Orr or Lemieux. Howe, well he only played into his 50s to achieve all of his #s. To me, he was a very good player, whos body could just go longer than most.

  10. PayUpSucka says:

    Dude you’re a rags fan, i’m not even going to waste any breath arguing, you win one cup (bought one cup) in 50 years and all of a sudden you can take shots at the leafs!! C’mon!

  11. PayUpSucka says:

    Haha, hockey must be on it’s way back, the leaf shit-ting has started already Nords. I guess we better get used to Philly, Boston, Hab and Rag fans, you know how much more success they’ve tasted than the leafs, haha. Good laughs anyway.

  12. PayUpSucka says:

    haha! He’d look good with your boy Bergeron eh Header.

    The Lindros analogies have begun!

  13. nordiques100 says:

    it is pretty comical how these guys rip the leafs for no reason. i cant wait for when we hear how bad a signing kariya was by the leafs however if he went to any other team, he would be a great addition considering all the rule changes to open up the game.

  14. hockeyhead says:

    well if he is a habs fan i don’t know how his parents could let him go to the bruins.

    however, he was roomies with bergeron and linemates during the junior tourneey.

    lets see, lets make a package of thornton, samsonov, boynton , lapointe, gill, toivonen plus 2 number ones and 40 million in cash.

    boy, where the flyers idiots.

  15. mikster says:

    Second coming of Lindros?

    Damn, i think that kinda sets back on his personality. I really would not cry if the Rangers get 2nd overall. I’d prefer Crosby, obviously, but….wouldn’t cry without him.

  16. NYRules says:

    I dont get how everyone rips on lindros so much saying that he never became anything. For a decent amount of time he ripped the NHL apart and was unstoppable by defenders then Stevens proved him to be mortal and forever gave him a weekness.

    Don’t forget he was on his way to be one of the greats and if he kept that up i would of rather had him over Forsberg.

  17. ranger_fan says:

    Buying the Cup, are you serious? All of those trades cost the Rangers. Larmer Mattau in for Weight and Amonte. Those were deals that many hate, because we lost two potential stars, for one cup. I really hated, or wished that Gartner could have won it with us, he’s a great man. Buying the Cup is what the Leafs, Wings, and Rangers have tried, and arguably the Flyers too. Funny that owners still don’t see that buying players doesn’t work if you don’t have a good coach.

  18. ranger_fan says:

    I don’t rip on the Leafs for no reason. I do like to rub in 1967, no doubt about that. But what HTR members do rip, are those fans who imagine every possible rumour. Its like listening to Yankee fans, except the Yankees usually get those in the rumours. A friend of mine was like the Yanks will improve their pitching by getting Mulder, and Randy, and every possible proven pitcher. (I said Mulder was going no where, was I ever wrong)

    Anyways, Kariya is a small player with a big heart. He will get a team 20 goals, 50 assists, as a given. I don’t think he will go anywhere but back to the Pond, which I don’t think so anymore, or Vancouver. But we rip for the things like Federov will be a Leaf, Holik, Kovalev, Niedermayer, etc. I mean the rumours started by these fans, or the Toronto Sun are just wrong, and ripping will take place. I mean did you see Austin Powers in Goldmember? Mike Myers wrote on a headline, Toronto voted best City in the World, Leafs win the Stanely Cup. Its like Jesus Christ, enough.

  19. ranger_fan says:

    Regardless of where the Rangers are, the Rangers have a lot of depth of prospects to trade, and at every position.

    Mik, being a fan of the Rangers and hockey, and updates on Bure, and his knees. Ive heard he is into politics, or if he can play one more its in Dallas with Val… you hear anything lately. After all it did cost us Filip Novak lol

  20. wheresthesoda says:

    “all of a sudden you can take shots at the leafs”…gotta comment on that…i wouldnt consider that taking a shot…he was stating a fact..cause in a few years once all of the leafs are retired…they got nothing

  21. wheresthesoda says:

    even in lindros’ first year with the rangers he was ripping it up, he was doing so good, he gave himself a concussion

  22. nordiques100 says:

    or a good goalie. just ask the flyers.

  23. nordiques100 says:

    Ok, but when your ranger fans always mention ’94 is more recent than ’67 it gets tiresome too. the fact is the rags have been one of the worst teams the last 5 years.

    same for habs fans who keep bringing up 24 cups when they havent won anything for 12 years.

    and flyer fans who simply say they are better than toronto because of two player who havent played an NHL game like jeff carter and mike richards. they are good players but they have had as much success as the leafs had in the last 30 years. ZERO CUPS! (but of course i am going to hear that the flyers made the cup finals 3 times blah blah blah)

    see that is the kind of stuff that bothers some of us Leaf fans. we know not every player will come to toronto. but that doesnt mean that no one will come to toronto and play. mogilny, roberts, corson, belfour, klee, joseph, leetch, nolan they are some pretty good players and they ended up as leafs. it is not out of the realm of possibility for toronto to acquire some decent players.

  24. mojo19 says:

    How can you say he was just “stating a fact” when he ends his article with “priceless.” ?

  25. NemiNA says:

    as far as I’m concerned, all the Crosby rumors are just bullshit. Espacially the ones about him going to the rangers, flyers, leafs or any other huge team. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge Flyers fan and I would love to see Crosby in the Orange and black. But its all up to the draft that wil eventually happen.

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