Papa Crosby says Sidney will say NO to the Leafs for Montreal!

According to Sidney Crosby’s father, his son will likely reject the Maple Leafs offer of signing with their AHL affiliate due to the fact that Troy and Sidney are both Habs fans.According to the Toronto Star “GM John Ferguson Jr. has been rather vocal of Toronto’s interest in signing Crosby to an AHL contract (with the new Toronto Marlies) for the 2005-06 campaign–assuming the NHL is still in lockout mode next fall. However, the Crosby camp was recently quoted as being less than enthusiastic about that possibility: “When you like Montreal, the one team you don’t like is the blue and white…He’d go to Toronto, but I can tell you, he wouldn’t be happy about it.” — Troy Crosby, Sidney’s father and a former Montreal Canadiens draft pick (240th overall in 1984) told Slam Sports in an interview.”

I find this to be ironic due to the fact that all the Leaf Fans are all over this kid dreaming of having him on their team and already with Crosby 87 Toronto Maple Leaf Jerseys and he just slaps them in the face like that! Priceless!