Parrish is Wild! reports the Minnesota Wild have signed former LA Kings and NY Islanders winger Mark Parrish to a five year contract worth $2.65 million per season.

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  1. Peguiny says:

    Too bad i loved him as an islander and was pissed when they traded him. Wild Got an incredible deal here and a guy who can play with Gaborik….if he stays.

  2. NYIGoalie23 says:

    I agree, good deal. This guy is amazing in front of the net.

  3. Chelios24 says:

    Wild also signed Carney on defence for $4.2M over 2 years.

  4. Peguiny says:

    no doubt remember that goal where he batted it out of the air aginst atlanta he would have been great with crosby

  5. wingerxxx says:

    Gaborik needs to hurry up and resign now. A Parrish-Demitra-Gaborik top line is going to be very dangerous, especially with Rrian Rolston taking turns there. That and Carney signing to help offset the loss of Willie Mitchell…not a bad day at all for Minnesota.

  6. Doctor says:

    you’re all overlooking daigle. he’s the real threat in minnesotta.

  7. tacitus says:

    Daigle was the leading point getter 3 years ago. I guess Rolston is next for waivers the way Minnasota treats there offense.

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