PART III – Who on HTR knows the most about Playoff hockey?

Well, who could have guessed the final four would be Tampa, Philly, Sharks, and Calgary when the playoff’s first started?

Not many as only 2 men made it to the second round by picking all 8 of 8 in the first round. But this time, in the second round Matteo who didn’t have the right picks in the first round, made the right picks in the second round.

Let’s go the the final 4, what are your 2 picks?So our HTR “Who knows the most on playoff hockey” is a bust this year, no one was able to pick all the teams every round…. But, we will keep going on with the guessing for the 3rd round.

Getting past the 1st round is the hardest so good job by Kill_Yourself and Brigand to pick all 8 of 8.

And nice upset picks by Matteo in the second.

So, next it gets somewhat easier…. Only 2 teams to pick to move on into the Final round.

Once more, I will start it off.


Tampa in 7 over the flyers. The Flyers are good, but Tampa has been sitting watching for so many days they should have a great rest and still be fired up, as they are a young team just wanting a chance for the cup.


Flames in 6 over the Sharks. Sharks have been underrated by everyone in the NHL, even me. But still, The flames have so much fire under them I would really like to see them win the cup.

Well, The NHL really needs to have Philly move into the Finals to get some kind of ratings for the cup, but I would love to see 2 young teams who deserve it go for it.

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