Pat Quinn and his coaching ways

Now that the Olympics, I wonder if the Leafs will make a coaching move either soon or after the season. As a Leaf and Canadian hockey fan, coaching has been a huge issue with both teams due to Pat Quinn’s coaching decisions.

Watching Team Canada reminded me so much of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ type of play this year. Players lacking discipline, no team chemistry, hockey sense, selfish play and organization. Please tell me why Bertuzzi and Pronger were on the ice so much because they were brutal. Please tell me why Bertuzzi was playing after his stupid penalty? He was a liability the whole tournament. Why didn’t Team Canada use their timeout in the final minute of the Russia play? Why was Iginla taking a face off with less than a minute to play in the Russia? Plus why was Pronger on the ice for Team Canada? Canada could of used Blake, Redden or McCabe (I know he can bad at times but he has the best shot from the point in the world and the most points for a defenceman in the NHL). The only logic is PAT QUINN.

Memo to Leaf players. If you want to make the playoffs, you will need some players to step up their game because Quinn may find a way to screw it up.

Note to John Ferguson Jr. Do not make a dumb trade just to make the playoffs. Sacrificing youth for a marginal player under the guidance of a bad coach is a recipe for failure. Please call up Paul Maurice from the minors or hire a good coach like a Brent Sutter.

If anyone wants to debate me on this go ahead. The things that have stayed constant with Leafs over the past 5 years is Pat Quinn and trading good youth for players past their prime and will do nothing in the long run.