Pat Quinn as Leafs GM…

In this article, I will discuss what I think Pat Quinn’s best moves and worst moves as a GM were. Remember, any play not listed was not acquired, and was drafted by Toronto. Here we go:Wade Belak – claimed off waivers

– he didn’t give up a roster person for him, he got him for free. Belak can fight, but is usually not worth putting in the lineup because he will take a spot away from a better/more deserving player like Matt Stajan.

Grade on acquisition: 60 %

Ed Belfour – signed as unrestricted free agent

– Quinn made an excellent move to fill the goaltending gap when Cujo fled for Detroit. Belfour is older than Cujo, but his stats as a Leaf have been much better. For example, in 2 regular season, belfour had 17 shutouts in total. That being said, it took Cujo 4 season to get 17 shutouts.

Grade on acquisition: 95 % (Leafs MVP)

Aki Berg – in exchange for Adam Mair and 2nd Rounder in 2001

– Didn’t really give up too much for him, and I believe he has improved over last season – maybe its because he isn’t paired with bonehead Lumme.

Grade on acquisition: 70 %

(Tie Domi was not acquired by Quinn or Ferguson, and therefore is not included)

Tom Fitzgerald – signed as unrestricted free agent

– One of the only Leafs who tries their best game in and game out. Is relatively cheap, so it was a pretty good pickup by Quinn.

Grade on acquisition: 80 %

Drake Berehowsky – in exchange for Ric Jackman


– Jackman has scored a lot of goals since being traded to the Penguins, but is something the Leafs DID NOT need. They already have the most offensive blueline in the need. Berehowsky is more hard hitting and more of the what the Leafs needed. Simple.

Grade on acquisition: 70 %

Trevor Kidd – signed as an unrestricted free agent

– Has played better than last season, but still is only average. His contract is up this summer, so they backup role should be taken over by Mikael Tellqvist next season.

Grade on acquisition: 68 % (not quite 60, not quite 70)

Ken Klee – signed as an unrestricted Free Agent

(signed by Ferguson – not Quinn)

– steal off a deal by JFJ. Is relatively cheap, too, considering his defensive abilities and now his offensive abilities.

Grade on acquisition: 80 %

Bryan Marchment – unrestricted free agent signing

– Like Cherry said, the most feared player in the game. This guy is great at dishing it out. Quinn may have overpaid him, but it was worth it.

Grade on acquisition: 80 %

Bryan McCabe – in exchange for Karpotsev and a 4th rounder in 2001

– Has really come on this season. Looks great beside Brian Leetch. The Leafs won this acquisition for sure. Most teams would rather have McCabe than Karpotsev.

Grade on acquisition: 90 %

Alexander Mogilny – unrestricted free agent signing

– A great pickup by Pat Quinn. “Almo” works great with Mats, and pretty good with Roberts, too. I hope he gets re-signed when his deal is up.

Grade on acquisition: 92 %

Joe Nieuwendyk (Ferguson free agent signing):

– looks great as our second line centre, and has some really good key goals. Ferguson didnt pay much because it’s where Nieuwy wanted to play.

Grade on acquisition: 85 %

Owen Nolan: in exchange for McCauley, Boyes, and 1st Rounder.

– This deal is what I think was Quinn’s best trade as a Leaf GM. If Nolan could only stay in the lineup, it would make the Leafs just that much better.

Grade on acquisition: 89 %

Nathan Perrott – in exchange for Bob Wren

– Perrott looked seems better than Wren anyways. Perrott could possibly take over the tough guy role pretty soon.

Grade on acquisition: 69 %

Robert Reichel – in exchange for Danny Markov, but came with Travis Green and Craig Mills.

– Well, Green is no longer a Leaf, but Reichel is. Nobody gives this guy as much credit as he deserves. He might not be the offensive star he used to be back with the Flames, but everybody does that with age. Reichel does the little things that Toronto counts on. He is great in the faceoff circle, too.

Grade on acquisition: 78 %

Mikael Renberg – in exchange for Sergei Berezin

– Was this deal worth it, you tell me? Berezin has only good stats while with the Leafs – he was good with Washington for a couple of games last season. Anyways, Renberg, should be a healthy scratch. He adds some great depth to the lineup. Now only if his shots could hit the net…

Grade on acquisition: 69 %

P.S. on Renberg – STOP PUTTING HIM ON LINE 1 !!

Gary Roberts – unrestricted free agent signing

– is great in the Sundin and Mogilny combo. Can step up when the coach needs him to. He is one of the Leafs two best power forwards (Nolan is the other.)

Grade on acquisition: 88 %

(Sundin not included because he was acquired back before the Quinn as GM year)

Darcy Tucker – traded for Mike Johnson, Posmyk, 5th and 6th Rounders.

– Is really coming on this season, but is injured a little too often. Is a very intimidating player.

Grade on acquisition: 85 %

Calle Johansson (Ferguson free agent signing):

– Looks like he is just getting back into good gameplay after being off almost the whole regular season. Is good defensive and should pop in a few goals soon.

Grade on acquisition: 78 %

Ron Francis (Ferguson TRADE):

– Is starting to pickup the pace. Doesn’t he look great in a Leaf uniform? I guess you could add 1 more Stanley cup ring to his resume after this years playoffs.

Grade on acquisition: 86 %

Brian Leetch (Ferguson TRADE):

– The best acquisition made by Ferguson in his short history. Only gave up players of the future, but hey, this now, WE WANNA WIN NOW!!!!

!!!!!GO LEAFS GO!!!!!

Here’s my playoff predictions, too:

Isles over Lightning in 6.

Canadiens over Bruins in 7.

Devils over Flyers in 7.

Maple Leafs over Senators in 5.

Predators over Red Wings in 6.

Sharks over Blues in 6.

Flames over Canucks in 6.

Aves over Stars in 7.

Maple Leafs over Isles in 5.

Devils over Canadiens in 7.

Predators over Sharks in 7.

Flames over Aves in 7.

Maple Leafs over Devils in 6.

Flames over Predators in 6.

Maple Leafs over Flames in 5.

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