Pat Quinn to Stay Pat

Leafs president Ken Dryden and coach-GM Pat Quinn will be staying with the organzation, the Toronto Star reported.

But the president of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment was guarded in his words about each man’s role.

Reporters say that he can see the team splitting Quinn’s duties, but it may not be this summer.

`Pat has two years left on his deal and that is not a long time. He may have both roles right through to that time,” ‘That will be for Ken and Pat to decide and it will be done in a collegial way.”

Quinn made it clear he wants to keep both jobs, while bringing in a young executive to be groomed as his successor.

Reports maintain that unlike Quinn, Dryden does not have a formal contract with the team, but said all vice-presidents with MLSE have what he called “an employment letter. What the deal is, is we keep our jobs if we do a good job.”

“I would be very surprised if Ken was not with us. It is definitely our intent to have him back,” Peddie said.

This basically means that the core coaching strategy will remain the same, which is a no-no for leaf fans. Personally, I believe that the leafs need to work on defense infront of thier own net. They were way too soft against the Philidelphia series.

This may also mean that the Leafs may slpurge on the Free Agent market as well as making deadline deals next year, because Pat Quinn never really dipped into either before this year. Id like to see the leafs lure Derian Hatcher into the blue & white for next year, and maybe another 2nd/3rd line winger, to help with Nik and Owen.

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  1. Pock says:

    So it may be atleast two more years for leafs fans before you see a cup.

  2. Aetherial says:

    It will be a lot longer than 2 years.

    The Leafs need more than some *tweeking* the line up.

  3. Glen says:

    This is an anti-Leaf site, but it sure is Belfour, Sundin, and Domi hammered.

  4. WeStSiDe says:

    So what if it is? Idiot.

  5. WeStSiDe says:

    Dont get too ahead of yourself there… If the Leafs go in with a chance to win next year you will be the first to be a “believer”… So dont go pulling that crap.

  6. WeStSiDe says:

    This is not definate what is going to happen, his role have not been decided yet, that is going to be talked about this off season. If Quinn does stay as both jobs, if he starts to smartin up a bit I dont see why they cant be succesfull, he just has to get rid of the losers and quit playing shitty players because “he” got them, and implement a bit of defense and discipline, if you cough the puck up there has to be a price to pay. Stuff like that, it isnt something out of reach.

  7. WeStSiDe says:

    Were not talking about anti leafs site… Were talking about management. Enough of the Anti Leaf stuff, give it a rest.. It gets annoying.

  8. WeStSiDe says:

    Let the speculation begin. Your going to hear a lot of it until something happens.

  9. WeStSiDe says:

    I do say though that they have to continue to get some more younger guys for the future. So maybe regaining a first round pick isnt a bad idea… I think that with some “tweaking” if you can call it that, they can be right up there next year. There is some stuff that has to get settled though, I will say that. I dont agree however about that they wont be able to win a cup for a few years, that is something that cant be said yes or no yet. A lot of those statements come from Anti Leaf fans, but what can you expect. I know your a Leaf fan though but I dont get your reasoning to be honest, a lot will still happen this off season as well which can change a lot of things.

  10. Stuv_Dogg says:

    I speculate that it is typical Toronto media bullshit.

    These guys can make a mountain out of a mole hill.

    I bet one of the reporters friends sisters cousins uncles dads brothers sons classmates girlfriends brother wandered what will happen in Edmonton if MacTavish were to leave, and all of a sudden it is written in stone (at least worthy of an article in the Globe) that MacTavish is coming to the Leafs.

    You sorta get used to it in Toronto. But ehhh, slow days on the Toronto sports scene so they have to fill their pages somehow.

  11. Stuv_Dogg says:

    So, Glen, you’ve never been wasted before?

    You and your Dungeons n’ Dragons geek friends never sniffed the cap of one of your dads beers?

    It’s alright that a couple of the Leafs got a bit drunk, but really, who (besides you) gives a fuck?

    I’m with West, give the anti-Leaf shit a break.

  12. WeStSiDe says:

    True, I cant stand most of the Toronto media, they cause problems and issues, and that is what they want, because it makes for interesting news. All it does its make the Leafs look bad. Fuckin media can go screw themselves.

  13. WeStSiDe says:

    Oh ya, and the problem is people do read it, and you dont know if it is true or not, and that is how shit starts like this for instance. Pisses me off, I really do think the Media is the cause for half of the problems, they give Toronto a bad name because of it, it’s a shame. I guess it is something you have to live with when your a Hockey fan, problem is SOME players dont like all that attention and in turn rather not play for the Leafs. Im not saying all the media is bad but I would say half. Just think what it would be like without them. Yes, there are some stupid Leaf fans that do stupid stuff but you get that anywhere, it is just more magnatized because there is a much more greater volume of fans here then most other places, so what do you expect.

  14. Glen says:

    Too bad they didn’t show Belfour beating his wife when he got home too.

  15. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Gee golly gosh, it is also too bad that they didn’t show Belfour having his beer shit the next morning.

    What exactly is your point with all this?

  16. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I think Quinn should just pick one job and keep it. The only problem is which one to keep, because he’s really not the best at either. He’s not a terrible coach, but he seems to be alittle too into veteran players. Same as a GM. I don’t really look for the Leafs to make any huge changes, they never seem to. Leafs seem to be happy having a team that can win a round or two but eventually go out. They’re fans seem to think they’re a cup contender no matter who’s on the team anyway, so its not like it matters in the long run. If they’re serious about winning, they need a bit of a shake up. Quinn can’t keep both jobs. He gets attached to players as a coach that as a GM he shouldnt be keeping.

  17. WeStSiDe says:

    Ah fuck man wake up…

  18. matteo says:

    I agree that the GM and coach should act as a sort of check and balance for eachother. He should stick to coaching and bring in a real GM who can take a step back and look a the big picture…..Quinn is too involved in coaching to be able to do that.

    PS…I hate the leafs.

  19. WeStSiDe says:

    I think most agree, whether he is just the GM, or Coach, is fine, but NOT both anymore. That is quit apparent I think…

    P.S. I like the Leafs lol

  20. amok says:

    Words said right before the picture of Mats with Belfour.

    “You’ve got a war face? Aaaaaaaagh! That’s a war face. Now let me see your war face!”

  21. jpmac says:

    Man get a fucking life…so what he got a drunk big deal… I am sure you have never gotten frunk before…and that is bullshit about beating his wife you don’t know he did that. GET A LIFE

  22. canucklehead says:

    The playoffs aren’t even over & already the talk about next year. I wish all of you Toronto fans the best of Luck getting Derian Hatcher, you’ll need it.

    Does anyone actually think that Hatcher (An American) would actually consider playing in Canada, with all the taxes this great country has to offer.

    Does anyone actually think that Multi-millionare Tom Hicks, after seeing his team get Quacked is going to let his Norris Trophy Finalist get away. You’d have to pry him from his cold dead hands.

    I’m sure that every team in the league would love to have Derian on their team, but get a grip on reality, It’s only May and I’m already sick to my stomach reading this crap.

    Good Luck Toronto, you’re gonna need more luck than the Ducks/Wild combined to land this guy. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either blind to the facts or a complete moron.

    When it comes to TO fans, I think the later.

  23. silva21 says:


    quinn completely sucks as a coach

    next year come play off time we need some1 to hold our defense together and not just say “f*** this, f*** that whenever a penalty or goal is scored on us.

    the man is absolutely a deadbeat, and i would really try for another defensive minded head coach with dryden as GM, our team seems to be fine. We all know iz not quinn behind those deals. dryden should be getting the money and not some fat b****** that chews gum all day long.

  24. WeStSiDe says:

    Quinn’s biggest problem is he plays players that shouldnt be in the line up, sometimes I think it is because he was the one who brought them in, I dunno, either that or he is a bad judge of players. Im not saying he is a BAD coach, but he has things to work on, including defense, he doesnt have anything im aware of for defense. Also, when someone coughs up the puck or takes a stupid penalty, dont let it go, sit them or work on stuff with them! If he could do those things mentioned he would be decent. Either way I dont think dual roles work, they are a tough thing to mix, Bill Watters actually does the work mostly, not Dryden. So make Watters the GM maybe. I dunno just an idea. Or keep Quinn as GM and bring in a new coach.

  25. Kyleton says:

    I believe that quinn has done an excellent job as general manager, but a change is needed in the coaching department. The Maple leafs style of play is just too predictable and that’s what I believe is getting them beat on many nights. They may want to look at a coach who teaches a more defensive game as that is where the leafs are most weak…

    These are my thoughts, hope you enjoyed…

  26. OilersRush says:

    Like I said before in the post about the Stars not being sold. No chance at it. And as for all you Make Believe fans (my bad Maple Leaf fans)Hatcher’s “friendship”with Eddie will not have him come to Toronto. forget about Hatcher leafs fans.

  27. OldNord says:

    ZZZZzzzzzzz…yawnnnnn Quinn must keep his GM job and let someone else coach, like the guy wrote above me, a new coaching staff is necessary….. ZZZZZZZzzzzz…

  28. nskerr says:

    As long as he stays there, the Leafs will continue to lose.

  29. MantaRay says:

    I am not a Quinn fan, but give him credit for at least making the Leafs competitive.

    Quin bashers have selective memory:

    Prior to Quinn the Leafs were truly the Laughs.

    They were one of the worst teams in the league.

    Give Quinn some credit, his teams averaged 95 points a year.

  30. WeStSiDe says:

    First off, obviously the mods of this board think it is ok to post this because they have to ok it so stop bashing Leaf fans, and second, his agent wouldnt have mentioned Toronto as a possible destination if he didnt think he would want to go there. You have to wait and see, who knows if Toronto will go after Hatcher, I doubt anyone here knows Hatcher, so I highly doubt anyone would know a definate answer.

    To the other about playing in Canada, wouldnt you think the opposite with the $ value? Remember they are making U.S. dollars.

  31. JeffBurnz09 says:

    Alright so Quinn has been coaching the Leafs for 5 years now. He’s been unable to get them to a Stanley Cup, or a Stanley Cup finals. 3rd round exit is the best he can do, and he’s only been able to do that twice. Would any other coach in that position still have a job if they wern’t their GM also?

    I don’t really know whats wrong with the Leafs, but Quinn would be a good start. He brings in, and relies on too many veteran players. Why do you need Gilmour when you already have Roberts? It’s funny, I watched an old playoffs game from 1994 between Vancouver and Calgary, back when Quinn coached the Canucks. You’ll find about 5 players in that series that play or played for Toronto recently.

    Sundin’s not really making much differance anymore. I mean he’s their star player and captain, but they’re not winning cups with him. Give the team to Nolan, bring in some younger players. Drop the old agers. There’s not quick fix signing for Toronto, they need to rebuild. Maybe they can rebuild while still making the playoffs every year, maybe not. What do you have to lose? Your already NOT winning Quinn.

    So which job does he take? he’s not so great at either of them. As a coach he relies on his veteran players, gives them too much ice time…As a GM, he goes out and gets these players, and has 2 pretty shitty defenceman that he keeps on board. When he does make moves, he goes at gets old guys, and its rare that he’ll even make a move. He’s not a great GM, and the team needs a new coach. Not that he’s a bad coach, but after so long of not winning, you need to try something new. Maybe he can fool someone into thinking he’s a great GM so when he gets fired as coach he still has a job.

  32. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    True but you forget somthing. In Texas there are less taxes then any other state in the US outside of Florida.Why got to Canada pay more taxes, and be on a team that has less of a shot at winning the cup?

    And also Hatcher is a lifer with the Stars, the only way he goes, if Hicks does not want to resign him.

  33. canucklehead says:

    Praise the Lord, there is another intelligent person on this site!!

  34. canucklehead says:

    The only reason his Agent would mention Toronto as a possible destination, is becase they need serious help on the blue line & the way rumors swirl around ‘The center of the universe’, it can only help his bargining position with the stars.

    Can you even name the last Dallas player (if there even is one) to be lost to free Agency.

    The Canadian Dollar going up means nothing to these players when they have to pay 40% in taxes as opposed to 15-20% in the States.

    Again Derian Hatcher will NEVER, I repeat NEVER play in Toronto.

    If you still believe this crap, then put your money where your mouth is. Hatcher will be resigned as a Star within the next 2 weeks.

  35. WeStSiDe says:

    Well, Dallas has said today they wont increase their payroll, and with Turco likley seeking a hefty raise, say goodbye to Hatcher.

  36. Kroeter says:

    Bret Hull

  37. Kroeter says:

    Its very very sad that your life revolves around the Leafs and their fans. Theres a whole world out there, you should go see it.

  38. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    He drove them Crazy, just like Eddie did. It was more like get out allready.

  39. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    Naah I see them dumping older players like Dahlen, Lemieux, even trading Richard Matvichuk, before letting Hatcher, there captain who is in his prime go.

  40. canucklehead says:

    That is because he & Hitch didn’t see eye to eye, but a good example.

  41. canucklehead says:

    I could give two shits about the Leafs & especially their fans. I have seen more of the world than anyone on this site could hope to dream about and If I learned one thing in all my travels, it is that Toronto is the Garbage dump of the world.

  42. WeStSiDe says:

    Is that why it is voted one of the best cities in the world?

  43. WeStSiDe says:

    I dont know what it is, but you seem to be obsessed with the team itself, the fans, and now the city? You seem to be so worried about what is going on there.

  44. Kroeter says:

    Whatever, I don’t live in Toronto so I don’t care what your opinion is about the city. But let me ask you, do you know what a fan is? A fan is someone who cheers for their favorite team just so you know. So if a leaf fan or any other fan comes out and starts speculating about who they should go after, trade or get rid of, who cares. Thats what being a fan is all about, being excited about YOUR team. Just like you are a fan of your team. and I’m sure you would like certain players to come your team. So I don’t understand why people like yourself get bent out of shape when fans start speculating.

  45. canucklehead says:

    Didn’t even make the top 10, while Vancouver & Geneva have to fight it out for #1 & #2 every year.

  46. canucklehead says:

    I am a huge Canucks fan, but I am at least realistic when it comes to my team. You don’t hear me saying that the Canucks are going to sign Fedorov, because it is unrealistic.

    I’m not bent out of shape, just sick & tired of the ‘Cory Cross will be traded for Lindros’ or ‘Derian Hatcher will sign with the Leafs’ or ‘Trade Hoglund & a bag of pucks for Modano’ crap that gets posted on this site. If you are a real fan, you should actually know something about Hockey, the value of certain players on the Trade market, The money that your team has to spend on players, etc.

    I could write stupid predictions on this site till the server overloads, but I won’t because I am a real fan & not oblivious to the facts.

  47. Kroeter says:

    I’m as real as they come and I do know what it takes to make trades and sign the free agents. And it does make me laugh hearing all the ifs ands and buts. But I don’t see anything wrong with that, if fans want to fantasize who cares wheres the harm. If you don’t want to hear about it don’t read it.

  48. WeStSiDe says:

    How many fans make those proposals? Probably very few, and actually the Leafs signing certain guys isnt out of the question, Toronto has what it takes, obviously Vancouver cant sign anyone, so you dont really have any valid points here, you are basically stating shit… So get with it.. A lot of these idea’s arnt far off, some are, but you get that with every team, the reason you see so much here is because of the volume of fans, I think your the only canuck fan on here. Again, Leaf bashers have no substance to back anything up, but instead state the obvious.

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