Pat Quinn to Stay Pat

Leafs president Ken Dryden and coach-GM Pat Quinn will be staying with the organzation, the Toronto Star reported.

But the president of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment was guarded in his words about each man’s role.

Reporters say that he can see the team splitting Quinn’s duties, but it may not be this summer.

`Pat has two years left on his deal and that is not a long time. He may have both roles right through to that time,” ‘That will be for Ken and Pat to decide and it will be done in a collegial way.”

Quinn made it clear he wants to keep both jobs, while bringing in a young executive to be groomed as his successor.

Reports maintain that unlike Quinn, Dryden does not have a formal contract with the team, but said all vice-presidents with MLSE have what he called “an employment letter. What the deal is, is we keep our jobs if we do a good job.”

“I would be very surprised if Ken was not with us. It is definitely our intent to have him back,” Peddie said.

This basically means that the core coaching strategy will remain the same, which is a no-no for leaf fans. Personally, I believe that the leafs need to work on defense infront of thier own net. They were way too soft against the Philidelphia series.

This may also mean that the Leafs may slpurge on the Free Agent market as well as making deadline deals next year, because Pat Quinn never really dipped into either before this year. Id like to see the leafs lure Derian Hatcher into the blue & white for next year, and maybe another 2nd/3rd line winger, to help with Nik and Owen.