Pat Quinn

Seeing the effort of the Maple Leafs against the Sens, this team needs a new coach. This game was the biggest for the Leafs this year and the Leafs did nothing. This team lacks chemistry, discipline, fundamentals and heart.

Pat Quinn has Tie Domi playing on the same line as Sundin which makes no sense at all. This is a one of the many reasons why Sundin is not having a great year. I could go on this part forever.

The Leafs also lack chemistry and an identity which is a reflection of the coach. The Leafs are terribly fundamentally. The team keeps making the same mistakes over and over. This reflects the team discipline and focus.

The Leafs take dumb penalties. Also a reflection of discipline and the team’s style of play. Plus, when is the last time Pat Quinn has benched a player (besides O’Neill) for making constant mistakes and lack of discipline.

What is it going to take before people recognize that Pat Quinn is not a good NHL coach. His teams lack defence, discipline and accountability and is a big reason why his teams have not won a Stanley Cup.

It is time for a change. Pat Quinn should be shown door for a coach that demonstrates discipline and will not put up with bad fundamental hockey.

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  1. PaulK123 says:

    I don’t exactly agree with all your points. I agree

    with the fact that he plays dumb lines and love of

    using veterans. Pat Quinn shouldn’t be fired because his roster is depleted and I understand

    what he is going through.

    P.S: (You don’t fire the head coach of Team Canada

    weeks from the Olympics)

  2. future_agent says:

    I Agree with you completley, Quinn is doing a terrible job this year and should be shown the door, but I also agree with the PaulK, they cannot fire Quin a coulpe weeks before the Olympics. But watch, if he screws Wayne over in Turin by not winning Gold he will be fired from Toronto and will never be heard from again.

    I think it’s time for either Sutter or Nolan or whatever his name is…the old buffalo coach

  3. BeLeaFeR28 says:

    Its not Quinn its the players, get rid of the players, and rebuild, if we dont rebuild now it is going to take another 50 years to win the cup

  4. tmltpc says:

    Firing quinn wont solve the problem at all, i think that quinn is a great coach, but its just that he has very little to work with

    the solution lies with getting rif of their useless players such as:

    tie domi ($1.25M)

    ed belfour (4.54M)

    ken klee (1.90M)

    lately people have been saying that the leafs should pursue brian leetch, but he WONT solve the leafs problems

    the leafs need to get tough and fast…

  5. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    Don’t fire Quinn, who else could come up with post game comments like this:

    “But if you abandon the plan, then, like that fish you take out of the tank, he can flip and work and flop all around, he’s not going back in the tank. He’s just flopping around and that’s kind of what we did.”

  6. McCabe-fan says:

    I was thinking the other day that the Leafs could fire Pat Quinn but then again, it is not all his fault. The defence despartly needs to improve. Leafs can’t be always relying on Belfour or Telvquist to win games for them. That is not going to get the team anywhere! The game on Saturday against the Sens, there were about 2 or 3 breakaways for Ottawa. What the h*ll is that!

    But on Quinn’s part, he needs to be telling these guys something instead of yelling at the refs all the time. Quinn has got more mouth than he does brains! He should be practising defensive coverage more. The Leafs need a change somewhere in the team before the deadline comes.

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