Paul Mara in Rangers doghouse

     Rich Stieglitz/Icon SMI is reporting that Paul Mara and his large contract may be on the outs in New York.

According to the article Mara is the most expensive Rangers blueliner and he has “found his way into Renney’s doghouse.” As a side note … HTR is fascinated at the number of highly paid defenseman that seem to find their way into Renney’s doghouse. Mara is the second highly paid d-man this year to do so after Kasparaitis found his spot in the doghouse earlier.

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  1. puckhead94 says:

    Paul Mara may find himself in a different uniform very shortly, whether that be the Phoenix Coyotes or the Hartford Wolfpack.

    The bottom line is that in a cap league, you cannot spend $3 Million on a third/fourth pairing defenseman.

    In all reality, they don't need 8 defensemen. But if they insist on it, why not try a cheaper alternative like a Michael Sauer or an Ivan Baranka? The best defensemen on the Rangers to date are Tyutin, Girardi, and probably Staal. Any coincidence that the home grown talent is what's making it happen? I don't think so.

    Mara is unneeded. At this point, I'd even take a swap of Mara to Hartford for Kasparaitis.

    As for the Jovo trade, there has GOT to be a cheaper alternative. There has to be.

  2. CommonSense says:

    Is Mara in the doghouse because, just maybe, he is not a very good hockey player in addition to lacking all out hustle? In this league you have to have skill or heart. I am not sure Mara has either…

  3. Girardi46 says:

    Mara = Bad

    Pock = Good

    Rangers + Pock = Better

    Rangers + Mara = Worse

    Rangers + Pock – Mara = Duh.

    It's that simple folks.  Trade Mara for a bag of frozen corn, and let Pock play.  Pock is good and consistent defender, why is he always the one to be scratched? So that Malik and Mara can show their "stuff"?

    Anyone else feel Pock would be a great, cheap alternative to going out and finding someone else making just as much, or even more than Mara for no significant improvement?

  4. RangersBaby says:

    I agree, Pock is fine.  I honestly think our defense is fine as well.  I mean the other night was obviously a collapse, but other than that they shut ottawa out for about 59 minutes.  I think it is safer to say its our offense that needs to find the chemistry and start putting somerthing togerther.  Jovo would be great, but I dont know how worth it that deal would be knowing that more than 1 player would ahve to go. 

  5. wingerxxx says:

    I think that a big part of why guys like Tom Poti and Paul Mara find themselves in Renney's doghouse or whatever, is that they are obviously capable of so much more than they end up producing.  I still think that the Tom Poti-Mike York trade that Sather made years ago, was pretty justifiable in hindsight.  Poti has great tools, but has never been able to put it all together.  Mara has the overall skills to be a top defenseman, but plays more like a number 4-5 guy on the depth chart.  Which is exactly where both of those players have found themselves recently with Coach Renney.  Things going as they are, Mara will definitely be dealt at some point, unless he can pick things up.  And Sather is pretty good at getting good value back, when he decides to make a trade.  So we'll see what happens in the coming weeks.

  6. beckfan05 says:

    Dont forget Arron Ward.

  7. ranger_fan says:

    Are you guys all serious? Most Ranger fans on this site said "Oh we need Mara this season Who else do we have to play the PP?"

    I said and I quote "Paul Mara will be no better than Sandis" Why? No hussle, poor defensive skills and reads, not to mention he doesnt produce anymore either. I suggested moving him for Darius Kasparitis to play this season. I doubt that is the case anymore, but still good to clear space.

  8. Rico71 says:

    At 3M and not worth half of it…

    Who wants him?

    No one.

    All this talk about moving him is funny. No team will want him at 3M. He wil clear waivers and join Kasper on the farm. That's 6+M wasted right there. Lucky for the Rangers it doesn't count on the payroll.

  9. Tachmo says:

    Paul Mara is a gross defenceman. I will not stand behind many Bruins trades, but when they shipped Mara out last year for Aaron Ward, I was signing and dancing.

    I'm not sure what happened to Mara, because he put up really good #'s in Phoenix.

    He is just plain horrible, the worst in the league in his own end and more often times or not the other team scores when he is on the ice.

  10. Tachmo says:

    singing and dancing.


  11. ranger_fan says:

    Neely trade?

  12. nyrhockey094 says:

    Ranger fans were doing the exact same. Im 99% sure that Ward had more goals that he scored on his own team then he did others. He was just brutal for us.

  13. 1messier1 says:

    i agree of what you all say except for the comment about the offense needs to come together,the defense is whats terrible,they dont give henrik much help,he can only stop so many,and the defense gives up way too many turnovers scoring chances as well as they have a hard time clearing the puck out of the zone,they also allow to much center ice turn overs and cant even dump the puck in cleanly.i will say that the offense is slightly disappointing so far,but they will be fine,plus look at how many times our fwds are caught behind the play trying to help out the defence,to where there not even in play as the puck is moving up ice.they also need to stop all the fancy passing and just move the puck and shoot.its all about defense and the rangers defense sucks.

    i say the rangers go after brett burns great talented youth player who is going to be good as years go by for him.

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