Paul Maurice Has Lost His Mind!!!

Has Maurice lost his players?
(Feb. 7th) It appears that its just a matter of time for coach Paul Maurice in Carolina. The NHL’s longest serving coach with his current team is on thin ice and will likely not be back with the team next year. Its really just whether management decides to make a coaching change now or wait until the off-season. If Maurice turns his best players against him any further it is likely that his dismissal date will be accelerated. Yesterday Maurice, at his wits end trying to motivate his players, singled out seven players after practice and put them through a gruelling set of skating drills that left centreman Craig MacDonald collapsed on the ice. The other six players were leading scorer Jeff O’Neill, Bates Battaglia, Aaron Ward, Niclas Wallin, Jeff Heerema and David Tanabe. “It’s a [expletive] joke is all it was,” said O’Neill, who tossed his helmet in disgust. “If that’s how he wants to carry on, that’s the way he can do it. Whatever. I don’t even care. I’m playing for my teammates.” Maurice had a different view of the matter, “There’s no sense skating the entire team. The people that hear you aren’t necessarily the ones that need to get the message” he said.

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  1. mikster says:

    This guy should get fired and i would not even hire him. What a complete dork….Fire him now.

  2. guinsfan4life says:

    WHy should a coach have to even try to motivate players???

  3. guinsfan4life says:

    Hire Bill Cowher–he’ll motivate you.

  4. r_milley says:

    What exactly is the source of this(other then just TFP) is there any newspaper article links or anything to confirm this story?

  5. Aetherial says:

    I also do not know why that degree of motivation is necessary.

  6. mikster says:

    The quotes confirm it enough. If this was false, TFP would get a lot of heat and basically be shut down.

    However, St. Thomas, here is another source:

  7. Leaf_Expert says:

    When Paul Maurice was hired at such a young age, it was so he could adapt to coaching the style the Hurricanes wanted to play…

    But really, Maurice has shown NO coaching ability what so ever… He may teach his players to play the trap, but that one of the easiest things for a coach to teach..,(Its if you have the right players for it)

    Best thing for the organization and him is to be fired….It will send a message to the team, probably bring in a better coach, and it’ll also put a learning experience on Maurice’s coaching resume…

  8. guinsfan4life says:

    If he has absolutely no coaching ability, then how in the hell did the canes totally overachieve last season, and make it to the Stanley Cup Finals?? You think the players were solely responsible for that??

  9. Tony says:

    First off Maurice took his team to the finals last year and had 5 really really close games againts Detroit who was far more talented. His team isn’t showing up this year so he skates him. That happens in every level of hockey if the team doesn’t play hard you do stops and starts at the next pratice. O’Neil responded like a baby and should of stepped up and said they deserved it.

  10. leafsrule31sucks says:

    Exactly these players are in the pros and they should start acting like it. I don’t think anybody is to good not to respect there coach. He was sending a message and now the baby O’niel needs to suck it up and start playing the way he is told and the way he can along with the rest of the Canes. Bottom line is he is the coach and you do what he says and shut the hell up. He didn’t take them to the finals with luck he took them with good coaching. I say it was the right move on his behalf.

  11. Islesfreak says:

    When will players ever start to take blame for failures as a team? Why always the coach? The Rangers are still losing under Sather. The Bruin are doing terrible despite frequent coaching changes. Then when a team starts getting their act straight the new coach takes all of the credit.

  12. Wigdog says:

    What the hell are you talking about? This team hasn’t done crap all season….it’s about time Maurice kicked their butts. O’Neill has been invisible the past 10 games (1 goal) and he’s playing like a puss. How many games have you been to (or seen) where at the end you felt you got your money’s worth? As far as I’m concerned the players need to take responsibility for there terrible play. Maurice shouldn’t be the fall guy.

  13. Wigdog says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. Somehow O’Neill thinks he’s a superstar. He’s played like a puss all year, he’s doesn’t hit and his defense is marginal at best. He has gone from an up and coming power forward to a finess oriented player. He needs to take a look in the mirror and realize he deserved to be skated like that weeks ago. All-Star my ass……

  14. Leaf_Expert says:

    yup, And the fact they used their size very well to play the trap….

    But yeah, thats it,

  15. Leaf_Expert says:

    Honestly ye stupid youth, change your fuckin name….

    You kids are pissin me off….

  16. acebailey says:

    Paul Maurices system won’t work with these no obstruction rules. Coaches like Maurice, and players like Wesley and Don Sweeney in Boston are losing their value in todays game.

    Ron Francis is going to be the next career coach in Raleigh. It just depends on how much time he takes off after retireing as a player, and how much longer he stays on the ice.

  17. habsoverserver says:

    If O’Neill is playing for his teammates, then he must hate them. He’s a team leading -17 in plus minus and he is below his goal pace of the past two years.

    As a Habs fan I would not be upset if Julien skated our worst +- players hard in practice.

  18. Tony says:

    I don’t know about that, to me it looks like they have stopped calling the obstruction rules again. I watched the Detroit vs. Colorado game and they didn’t call a thing and let them play. I think they’re was 3 penalties called all game.

  19. Bossy22 says:

    Finally a coach that steps up and starts to work thesse overpaid athletes. People tend to blame the coaches so much. I know the coaches have a great deal to do, but come on. The players have to start working for their paycheques. Maybe if they got paid at the end of the year we would see more consistency to their game.

  20. mikster says:

    Yeah but after seeing athletes die after collapsing….i think it’s ridiculous. I’d rather see my team suck than my coach being a tough nutduring a practice, and one of the players dies. Had that never happened in sports, then i would support Maruice.

  21. leafsrule31sucks says:

    whats your problem

  22. titans says:


  23. cwhockey says:

    Andy Sutton of the Thrashers collapsed in a practice on Thursday, dehydration. He’s gonna be okay, but that’s a risk of pushing your players. Not saying that I think it’s entirely correct in pushing that hard, especially if Maruice’s reasoning may be flawed. But I don’t know the whole situation in Carolina, so I can’t say with any real certainty.

    In the case of Atlanta, Hartley is the type of coach to push these young players to the max, to get everything he can out of them. If they don’t have the conditioning necessary for it, something like the Sutton collapse is bound to happen, even though it was nowhere close to being serious. If the Carolina players are really playing that bad, they deserve to be put through the ringer. Not to the point of risking their overall health of course. Since I don’t know the specifics of what is going on there, I can’t assign blame. If Maurice is wrong or being vindictive, then this is abhorent. But if the players aren’t doing all they can, then the blame is squarely on their shoulders.

  24. Leaf_Expert says:

    change your damn name….

    These light weights think they a match for the heavy weights… Juss go back to playin video games and admiring our battles….

  25. acebailey says:

    Maurice has been watching his “Miracle on Ice” video. I don’t think the Canes played a very good game against the Sharks either, but how would you feel the day after their GM Jim Rutherford comes out to the press and announces that he is giving up on the year and lists a bunch of players that he wants to ship out. I mean geeeez…. he gives up on the team, and then they take heat for playing off their game. How would you feel if you were with them right now. If anybody is to blame for the performance in San Jose it is Rutherford. If anyone has given up in that organization it is the GM.

  26. beckfan says:

    Maurice shouldnt be the fall guy is right. Kinda like Trottier was w/ the Strangers. I belive that if players are sucking, then they should pay the price like busting their asses in practice or and or even sit. To me, that shows that the coach is sending a message that hes had enough. Were talking about a team that made it to the finals last season. Some people said that Trottier shouldnt have been fired because of his players lack of play, but he got canned for it. On the other hand maybe he should have done what Maurice is doing to his players and busted some balls.

    And Mikster, were not talking about pushing these guys in sweltering August heat like most athelets that have died in due to overexertion.

  27. cwhockey says:

    Players don’t go out on their own and make it all the way to the finals. As professional as they are supposed to be, players have to be brought together with a structure to become a team. Maurice has done a good job over the last few years in providing that structure, and his efforts came to a head with a trip to the finals last year.

    This year, many different factors have led to the poor play of Carolina.

    Is it his fault? Don’t know, I’m not in their locker room or in their practices. Whether it’s him or the players that are to blame, the coach is usually the one to get the axe. Not entirely fair, but that’s the way it is today.

    You can’t deny what he has done in the past few years. It got them to the finals, where they played very well even though grossly overmatched. Ask players at any level of hockey, and they will tell you that you have to have a good coaching staff if you want to achieve any success. If you believe the coach has little to do with it, then perhaps you don’t understand the game as well as your name might suggest.

  28. Leaf_Expert says:

    I understand the game more than you…. If thats all you think that came to factor for the Hurricanes then you wrong…. If they could re-match any of the teams they played in the playoffs they would lose sorely…. The thing is, I also understand what a *Fluke* is,

    Jerome Iginla=Fluke

    Jose Theodore=Fluke

    Carolina Hurricanes of 2001-2002=FLUKE

  29. BoxoRocks92 says:

    We have suffered with this guy long enough! No one on the team is playing for this guy. O’neill was the only guy to voice it. Good for Jeff. Peter Forsberg summed it up best after the All-Star game when he said after four years his team had heard everything Hartley had to say. Can you imagine listening to “”Mo” for eight years? It’s time for a change in Carolina. Mo has lost control of his team and himself.

  30. BoxoRocks92 says:

    As a Canes fan I agree. Mo blows as a coach. His great quote when he was about to be fired last year was that the players paychecks should motivate them. That’s a great perspective coming from someone whoes job definition is to motivate players. If he is such a good coach, name one NHL team that will take him. Every team in the league knows what your gameplan is night in and night out because it never changes. I don’t think anyone in the NHL would score playing for the Canes under Mo’ system. I know what a FLUKE is and it was Mo getting to the Cup Finals. Bet he never comes close again.

  31. Tony says:

    You have to relax. Its a name, does it really hurt you that much. You use 5 year old language then you complain about kids. Show some class.

  32. pop0331 says:

    The coach has every right to get under their asses to get things moving and motivated. If a player cries about it like a siv, he’s just looking to get some of the blame off of himself not living up to potential. I was in hartford when Maurice first started coaching, the players, management, and the city loved this guy and knew he would be a good coach. This year he’s been a little predictable yes but look what he’s had to work with, the canes haven’t done shit all year. Now he lights a match and tries to get a spark goign, someone loses some wind, and he’s a bad coach? Thats total bs. Canes need to suck it up and play hard. oh and anyone that hates the Friggin Leafs — check out this link

  33. pop0331 says:

    The coach has every right to get under their asses to get things moving and motivated. If a player cries about it like a siv, he’s just looking to get some of the blame off of himself not living up to potential. I was in hartford when Maurice first started coaching, the players, management, and the city loved this guy and knew he would be a good coach. This year he’s been a little predictable yes but look what he’s had to work with, the canes haven’t done shit all year. Now he lights a match and tries to get a spark goign, someone loses some wind, and he’s a bad coach? Thats total bs. Canes need to suck it up and play hard. oh and anyone that hates the Friggin Leafs — check out this link

  34. cwhockey says:

    As I said, many different factors have led to their poor play. I’m not naive enough to believe that one single factor is the reason for their run last year and their bad play this year.

    You’re right. They would lose to those teams if they played now. The Canes are different as are those other teams. Please read the message more carefully before making a comment on it.

  35. leafsrule31 says:

    man, seriously. get a life away from the computer. you sad, so sad, little prick.

  36. BabyLeaf says:

    Can you really blame Maurice?

    These players need to stop whining and start producing.

  37. leafsrule31 says:

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    third.. i can understand your lack of attention as a result of your mother’s useless ways and a welfare filled life filled with frenchys clothes and frequent trips to the salvation army. but try taking it out on someone that can actually get ahold of you and beat the piss out of the urine soaked waste of skin you oh so tragically are, you gutless.. so very gutless, piece of nipplified ass cork.

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  38. Rico71 says:

    A bunch of lazy overpaid players riding on the coat tail of a cinderella run to the Cup…that’s all they are.

    O’Neil now thinks he’s god or something. He sucks defensively and doesn’t hit anymore.

    Francis burned out last year.

    Brind’Amour is a great player but he’s out with an injury. Same with Cole.

    Kapanen simply wanted out and played like it. Look at him come back to life in Philly…its gonna be a ‘miracle’.

    Irbe and Weekes had a wild run in the playoffs…but both are not #1s.

    Wesley is about done.

    What a great team. Fire the coach and all with be better eh? Look at Montreal, new coach…same bunch of gutless, lazy douche-bags playing for the $$$…nothing else.

  39. cwhockey says:

    Only seems to be getting worse for the Canes.

    Heerema hurt in the game against LA. And the big one, Irbe has apparently been placed on waivers.

    What a difference a year can make.

  40. Tradedude says:

    Well….not smart of Maurice, but if your team is losing with the players your playing, why not try new players and see how they’ll do.

    Then again, LA did win last night 8-2 ??????!!!!!!!

  41. Tradedude says:

    Francis has unlimited respect from myself!

  42. MossRocks says:

    Maurice had every right to do that and should continue to do so. While they probably overachieved last year, his players are now definitely underachieving. O’Neill needs to suck it up. He’s gone back to being a middle of the road player after making a lot of progress last year. He is a major part of their struggles this year and needed a kick in the ass. If you don’t like it Jeff, McDonalds could use some fresh high school educated talent.

  43. Rico71 says:

    He’s got my respect also!

    But it seems that the years have finally caught up to him…too bad.

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