Pay-Cut for Stevie (Y) Franchise?

I saw this on Fox Sports News in Detroit tonight:

Apparently, when a Detroit front-office exec was asked about the progress of the free agent signings the exec stated that Yzerman would have to take a paycut in order sign Fedorov and McCarty. They simply don’t have the funds to sign all three of them at their asking prices.

Big problem with the above statement: They forgot to tell Yzerman about it first. He found out through the media. A major slap in the face to the captain. What will Stevie do now? Will he take the cut? Will he retire?

What it comes down to is this: Who do the Wings want, Yzerman or Fedorov?

As a Wings fan, I would take Yzerman over Sirgay any day of the week……and twice on Sunday. Obviously, there is concern over Steve’s knee, but I would be more worried about Fedorov’s erratic play and his invisibility in the Playoffs last year. Here is what the Wings need to do:

1: Do whatever it takes to resign and appease Steve. Give him 8 mil a year and a tossed salad with the syrup.

2: Give Mac 2.5 a year for 3 years. It’s a bargain compared to what that hack Lapointe is making.

3:Let Fedorov test the waters and see what other teams will actually pay him 11 mil a year. When he gets no offers, offer him 8 mil a year when he comes crawling back. After that, put him in a pit “Lambs” style and make him put lotion on his skin until he realizes what he did wrong.

Fedorov or Yzerman is what it comes down to….what do you do?