Peca to Toronto?

If the Hotstove says it will happen…it’s going to happen…right?

Last Saturday night, on the Satellite Hotstove, on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, a rumour quickly popped up, and ducked out, about Mike Peca heading to the Toronto Maple Leafs. SLAM! Sports has an article posted, “Maple Leafs Watch” by Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun, citing a New York Post article commenting on this rumour as well. My take on it, it’s just a rumour. JF Jr. could very well have expressed interest in picking up Mike Peca, but why would he be looking to trade for Peca, while the major concern for his team is depth on the blueline. Being already over-stocked at centre, (Sundin, Nieuwendyk, Antropov, Reichel and Stajan) there is no sense really in trying to acquire Peca, unless Fergie’s thinking long-term; in that case, Peca would be a great acquisition, as Nieuwendyk isn’t going to be playing much longer.

Peca is one of the game’s greatest leaders. He is a stand-up guy on and off the ice. Perhaps Pat Quinn is putting pressure on Ferguson to add Peca, as it is apparent that Quinn like’s having players from the Team Canada Olympic Squad. (Belfour, Nolan, Nieuwendyk) The question is, what would the Leafs have to offer to the Islanders?

Darcy Tucker is becoming a bit of a comodity around the league. He is putting together a solid year, offensively and defensively. He has played very responsible as well, compared to years passed. Focusing on the game, and not losing his temper (Savard’s gonna get it!!!) is making Tucker appear to be a cheap, and attractive peice of bait for the Leafs to dangle around the NHL. They should think about acquiring a blue-chip blue liner first though.