Peca Wants Vengeance!

When Michael Peca returns to the New York Islanders lineup next season, a certain Toronto Maple Leafs forward will be in his crosshairs…


In an offseason interview with New York’s Newsday, the injured captain was still seething about about the hip check by Darcy Tucker during the playoffs in April. The hit caused a season-ending knee injury and painful rehabilitation.

“All I keep telling myself is if I can have him experience the first three weeks after ACL surgery that I felt – not that it has to be ACL surgery, but just the misery and the discomfort and everything – I’m certainly going to repay that,” Peca told the paper.

Peca suffered a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, which was reconstructed May 29, a week after a shoulder stabilization procedure from an unrelated injury. The knee injury was suffered on a controversial low-bridge hit by Tucker during Game 5 of the Islanders’ first-round series with the Maple Leafs.

“When something does happen and then you take into consideration the character of that person, you can’t help but think it was premeditated,” said Peca.

Peca maintains that Tucker threatened him in Games 3 and 4. After Peca laid a heavy open-ice hit on Tucker in one of the games, he skated past the Leafs’ bench during a line change and heard Tucker scream, “Don’t worry about it, Peca. I’m gonna take you out.” An off-ice official at the Coliseum also heard Tucker say to Peca during another altercation: “I’m gonna kill you! I’m taking you out!”

Islanders forward Steve Webb twice laid out Tucker during Game 6. Peca told Newsday that satisfied him, at least for now.

“I’m just glad to see somebody not back down from this guy,” he said. “He’s got a big bark and that’s about it. But I give him credit, though. He’s a guy that plays the game physical and plays tough. He does a lot of things well that helps make that team successful. At the same time, you’re not on his team, so you really hate him. I think even if you were on his team, you really wouldn’t like him anyway.

“Whatever I do, if anything, is going to be within the rules of the game,” he said. “I don’t feel I’m stepping over any boundaries or anything.”

The Islanders’ first game this coming season against Tucker and the Leafs is Dec. 6 Peca said he anticipates a return “before the new year” and an overly optimistic best-case scenario is by “mid-to-late November.”

I thought it could make a good debate…


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  1. Glen says:

    Peca should tear every limb off of Tucker, so long as he doesn’t use his stick or paralyze him in the process. Past that Tucker should be fair game. His hit was cheap, dirty and away from the play, and I liked it. But paybacks are a ***** Darcy.

  2. isles4life says:

    Thank you for the post

  3. isles4life says:

    It amazes me that everyone forgot the hit on Johnson.This was far worse than Tuckers.Roberts intentionally ligned him up and threw his head against the glass with his hands.The worst part about his is that Roberts himself was almost forced into retirement due to a dirty play.I dont know if I can say it was premeditaded by the team.But it sure makes it seem that way.

  4. Freezer says:

    I think you’re going to the other extreme. I’m talking about intent to injure a player to the point of possibly ending his career. Tucker let it be known he was out to injure Peca and he did just that in a very big way. Are you saying that that is part of hockey? That goes way outside the rules of the game.

    As for clean hits, it’s part of the game. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with blowing out a guy’s knee. On the other hand, Scott Stevens’ hit to the head on Lindros was a supposedly “clean hit”, but what was his intent and what was the outcome of the hit? Stevens knew all about Lindros’ history of concussions along with Brett Lindros’ history. It’s the achilles heal of the Lindros family. He practically ended his career. Those kind of “CLEAN” hits are bullshit. The NHL needs to take a closer look at that.

    I agree with players settling it on the ice. I do think the NHL should dump the instigator rule and allow the stars to be protected by the cops. There are very few players whose career has ended due to a fist fight. A black eye, bloody nose, and some embarrasment might save another players knee and career. The NHL has jeopardized the safety of the star players by punishing the cops for protecting their top players, yet it’s the stars that everyone pays to go see.

  5. garry1221 says:

    i have to agree…. hell, i replied on to this w/ just about what forsberg21 said, was a low hit… tucker meant to put peca out, as far as some of you who are talking about alfredsson’s hit you guys have got to have your eyes checked, that was a cleaner hit in every way, …. not sure if tucker ever touched the puck, but when you dive at the slightest touch, ur not gonna be able to touch the puck, only reason i feel bad for him was cause he got hurt BUT … he should know better….YOU DON’T DIVE 5 FEET FROM THE BOARDS…that’s all i have to say, the only thing i’d say differently is where u brought up about stevie’s hit on pronger, wasn’t a hit, he just protected himself,…. hell if pronger weren’t so damn tall he woulda never gotten hurt i don’t think, there’s a difference between clean and malicious…. and tucker’s as malicious as they come

  6. Freezer says:

    Well said. Let Colin Campbell start considering intent. Let the on-ice officials stand back and allow the enforcers to punish the hacks for their intent to injure.

    Isn’t it amazing that the Leafs pack the house with fans who enjoy watching goon hockey? I might expect that type of thing in Philadelphia or some expansion city, but TORONTO? Let’s get one thing straight. Montreal, with twenty-something Stanley Cups, is the meca of hockey, not Toronto. Montreal, with all their financial woes, is a cut above Toronto. Why is the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto? It sure as hell doesn’t belong there. Actually, both Montreal and Detroit are more deserving cities for the Hall that TO. And people talk about how knowledgable and sophisticated the fans are in Toronto. Ha! Toronto should be the meca of the WWF.

  7. mikster says:

    Yeah…and? Those are hits we see. Just because it happens to one of your team’s players it doesn’t have to be a big deal.

  8. Freezer says:

    Well now. Would Gary Bettman find your “ice street fight” suggestion to be politically correct?

  9. The_Baron says:

    I love Peca, but he’s not being to smart here about this one. You don’t go ahead and threaten a guy for something you’re going to do months from now. You just go out and do it. Reminds me of what he was trying to do in the playoffs by playing the media, he’s trying to do it again. It also kind of reminds me when he was complaining to the media when he got beat in a fight and seperated his shoulder. You can’t go crying just because you lose.

    All I know is that he wouldn’t have gotten hurt if he hadn’t been sitting there admiring his pass like a houseleaguer. The guy’s a gritty vetran too, that’s what it was so shocking.

  10. amok says:

    If he gets the chance, Peca should line up Tucker like he did to Selanne way back in the day when he was a Canuck.

    Everyone loved that hit. Except Teemu.

  11. amok says:

    Man, everyone thinks you’re an Islanders fan! I bet when you walk down the street people whisper to each other, “See that guy? He’s an Islanders fan!”

    And then the other guy responds in his best Jerry Seinfeld voice, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

    Maybe instead of a pink bubble you need a pink fishstick.

  12. ManillaKilla says:

    That game was a classic. I got it on tape and still watch it occasionally. Because of all the fights, people forget how good of a game that was. Both teams going back and forth, with the wings wining in OT. And you were right. They were still hey rubing midway through the third period.

  13. ManillaKilla says:

    It goes on in the states, too. Most of that stuff is lite compared to what goes on in the trenches during a football game. It’s all about intimidation, and it happens all the time in any violent sport.

  14. nskerr says:

    It’s obvious that Toronto fans are going defend a cheap shot. An off-ice official heard Tucker threaten Peca. That off-ice official was not a member of the Islanders off ice officials. The puck was already gone when Tucker started his run. He then dove down to get out of Peca’s way according to Tucker. Get out of his way?? Tucker initiated the contact. This is the same team that in the same game ran Jonsson face first into the boards and said Jonsson caused the injury by turning into the check. It is also the same team that said the hit last year against Niedermayer was a fake job. The Maple Loafs have no credibility.

    As far as revenge. It is coming and it will be bad. The Devils last year loaded up against Toronto in the first game. On 12/06 at the Coliseum, a Friday night where fans can have a few adult beverages before the puck is dropped, it will be a charged atmosphere and you know Tucker and Corson will be targeted again. There is absolutely no coincidence the Islanders got Wiemer, Asham, and Goddard to tag up with Webb. Wiemer was suspended for spearing Toronto last season and Milbury even said that it is those type of players that he needed to compete. I can’t wait because I have tickets to the game. It’s too bad Peca will still be on the sideline because you know he would want to be out there.

  15. DaMick says:

    im not getting into it….But Peca should call Vince McMahon to get Tucker in a steel cage match..

    anyways….Its pre season & people do love to talk smack….

    Even as Your Resident RangerHater & LeafBasher….ive commented too much on this topic in the past…

    so right now…all i gotta say is I hope Weimer flattens Tucker in the first matchup…besides that….i could care less.


  16. ManillaKilla says:

    What does titans know about meeting females? He has a pink bubble for christ sakes. LOL.

  17. nskerr says:

    The other interesting thing I find about this article is that this story is getting a ton of coverage in Canada because the word revenge was used, but the fact the Toronto player said I am going to get you and kill you was glossed over by the Canadian press.

  18. kreatiiv says:

    thank you… the one thing i forgot in my previous post.

    as an islander fan, i saw that hit in real time, and watched it over and over as the controversy unfolded… and anyone that looks at the hit cant realistically say it was clean in any way.

    the only thing that made it a hip check was that tucker’s ass was sticking in the air.

    his entire upper body strength, arm strength, and momentum was placed so low to the ice in his upper body there is no real question he wasnt targeting the knees.

    he wasnt trying to flip anyone… he was going for smash the knees against the boards with maximum momentum to do maximum damage.

  19. titans says:

    Yea but he thinks Edmonton rules, so shows you what mentality level were dealing with here doesn’t it?

  20. Forsberg21 says:

    Tsn said Peca might be back for that game. Check it out, “The Islanders’ first game this coming season against Tucker and the Leafs is Dec. 6 Peca said he anticipates a return “before the new year” and an overly optimistic best-case scenario is by “mid-to-late November.”

  21. isles4life says:

    Hey jackass.I would feel this way even if it were a Rag.If you didnt not see this hit Shut youe=r F&ckin mouth.You can be so damn biast.It amazes me that u are an Admin.Roberts came flying in from the blue line to line up Johnson.He then used both hands to the back of his helmet right to the glass.If that was not intended to hurt.Your talkinout of your A$$.

  22. BossyIsGod says:

    You hit the nail on the head. What do you expect from a ranger fan?

  23. BossyIsGod says:

    He saw tucker comin. Unfortunately he didn’t expect the hit 3 seconds after the pass , but it’s tucker , the master of late hits.

  24. Tradedude says:

    i dont care how much peca is complaining and whining that tucker threatened him, IT WAS A LEGAL HIT therefore there wasn’t a suspension, nor game misconduct, nor major, nor double-minor , HELL, not even a penalty, nothing but a clean hit not like the DAN “fish eyes” ALFREDSSON (that nick was good for him) did on tucker in game 5 and walked right up and got a pass and scored the winning goal.

    there has been atleast one BIG unfair call against toronto in every round of the playoffs other than all the cheapshit minor penalties that were never called against the teams, toronto does jack-shit and they get a penalty, ne ways

    ISLANDERS – penalty shot when somehow mccabe tripped bates on an unclear shot, which ENDED UP 2 BE THE WINNER

    SENATORS – cheapshot on tucker, (injured for 4 games) and alfredsson the fisheyes walks right up the the net and receives a nice clear shot and scored WHICH ENDED UP 2 B THE WINNER, i mean not only there should have been an atleast 4 or 5 game suspension for that, there was even a whistle called to see if he was alright, i mean *****! nothing worse than this bs

    also the sens game whatever it was when joseph was interfered with and once again, that goal ended up to be the winner

    ne ways what im trying to say is PECA, u wont keep ur promise , with the likes up roberts, domi, corson, green, tucker, mccabe, svehla, (belfour, lol) fitzgerald and possibly THEO FLEURY ur the one that will have be looking out 4, and ottawa will pay 4 that cheapshot, whether its tucker or ne other player ont he team, u wont get ne where once u return from that injury (HAHA!)

  25. Tradedude says:

    it was a clean hit and peca deserved the painful injury. after all the cheap shit he gets away with its about time he feels the pain, i dont know about u isle fans but checking out hockey players asses out isnt the appropriate thing to do, its just WRONG!

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