Peca's Comeback>>Isle's. Lindros Slump>>Rangers. Obstruction Calls>>Refs Don't G

Peca so early? Yay….but not so yay to the 6-1 loss to a Blues team that misses Pronger, Tkachuck, and are playing with Brathwaite.

Lindros just ain’t doing the offensive job, but defensively he is. Not helping the Rangers, and after the seriously unlucky loss to the Bruins, who have a fan club at the Fleet Center of about 9,000 people.

Refs still don’t get it do they? Maybe the old timers should retire and let new refs come in. Obstruction is seen….(more)

Well, Michael Peca is back, and though he only played about a minute, the Isle’s still looked lost in a smothering attack from the Blues. Expecting to see more confidence in the players, the Isle’s don’t seem to have enough fire and talent to be as successful as last season. This is the Islanders team I was looking at last season when i ranked them put of the playoff seeds. Sure, it’s early in the season, Peca has yet to play 100%, but does this team’s success only rely on Michael Peca? Mad Mike ought to pull a trade.

Lindros is having a problem playing offense. Whatever the problem is, E-Train better get his choo choo going soon. His defensive play is good, but he can’t find the his offensive game that is hiding somewhere on the ice. With four minutes of PP, and about 19 minutes of ice time overall, Lindros only had one shot. And, that one shot was a confused breakway with Matt Barnaby right behind him by a few inches. His -2 is an unfortunate stat to look at in the game. One goal against was a shot that deflected on Bure’s stick and into the net, and the other was a goal that should have been aken care of by Sandy McCarthy who left his man open in front of Blackburn (who had a very solid game). So, where is his offense? Who knows…, but he must get it going soon.

Overall, the Rangers are slowly starting to come along, and they should have won that game, but the offense failed to support the team with goals (cough cough Lindros). The PK has greatly improved, the PP needs to score. The fore checking is working, the back checking is working, the defense is starting to play better (better than last season), the goaltending is becoming more than just solid, and it appears that it is just a matter of time for the Rangers to get it going.

Obstruction calls are re-inforced for plays that happen away from the puck. Now that I have NHL Center Ice, I get to watch more games. Refs have been less than mediocre, and the old timers appear to get away with most things. How about Mr. Marouelli. He declined GM Sather’s request to erase Lindros Game Misconduct back in Toronto. Why? The replay shows, the victim (Wade Belak) even apologized to Lindros, every paper says it….so why not cancel the misconduct?

Paul Stewart ought to retire. He calls a penalty when there isn’t one, and doesn’t call a penalty when there is one.

Hockey is supposed to be a physical game, especially when the players are battling with the puck. The refs are turning it into sissy hockey, a game where Brian Boitano would love to play, and fall in love with…..Fraser?!!!

Ok, the verbal abuse misconducts are also a bit out of hand. I was watching the game between the Bruins and the Ducks, and after Kariya sees the ref pointin gat him, he skates away and yells out “F-ing bastard”. Now that is a misconduct, and he only got 2 minutes. However, doing a bit of contesting with a call, and getting a penalty for that is ridiculous. Now you can’t say anything to the refs. The NHL is protecting their poorly skilled refs.

Teams that should trade:

1- Leafs

Ok, losing to the Canadiens (who are also struggling) will give Pat Quinn a message. MAKE A TRADE! Whether it is for offense or defense, the Leafs need a shake up, a change…and change is always good. I doubt Quinn should get Turgeon (whether or not the rumor is true), the old timer is losing his touch, and will do little for the Leafs. Quinn should seek a trade with the Predators, Thrashers, and especially the Panthers. For get about Kyle McLaren. He is not much better than Pilar, so why trade Pilar for McLaren? Won’t change a THING! Try to get Val Bure. The guy is not that good at all, but he has the skills and can score. He should help on the PP, and why not? Ho about getting younger, and trading for Patrick Stefan? This kid is so young, you have yet to see him play his game and has many years until he reaches his prime.

2- Thrashers

I still disagree that the Thrashers should get Dafoe, at least it should not be their number one task. They ought to get better defensemen. How about Kyle McLaren? Giving the Bruins a 2nd round pick would be great for O’Connell since 1) Entry Draft Class of 03 appears to be good. 2) It’s guranteed it’d be a 31st to 35th overall. Get defensemen, there is better coaching out there (cough cough Wilson), start making changes. First thing should be Waddell getting fired, but that won’t happen until the owner realizes (better yet told) that management needs change. (HIRE ME!!!)

3- Canadiens

It was just a matter of time for Jose Theodore to get in shape. I guarantee you he is not Jim Carey, because cable-guy had half the skills Jose has. With Theodore playing better every game, it puts Hackett closer to purchasing a plane ticket departing from Montreal. I wouldn’t try to improve the defense in Montreal, but seeking a better goal scorer would be best. Of course, whatever Andre` Savard can get best for Hackett is worth it. Mathieu Garon is ready for NHL action anyway. A scorer or a solid d-man would help the Canadiens significantly.

4- Islanders

Not much to trade with. Sure, who wants Kvasha? Snow? Bates? Mad Mike has to find a better way to improve his team. Hey, why not try and get Val Bure? Worth a shot, and he’d be playing with Yashin on the number one line.

5- Rangers

Weird to see the Rangers play well without Holik (!!!!????), but he has yet to play a game where he is 100% healthy. I do believe the Senators are intersted in Matt Barnaby, (needing a LW), and Barnaby’s solid games and popularity have been showded by waiver pick up Ronald Petrovicky. No need to press the panic button at all for the Rangers. However, Slats needs a LW to work with Lindros and Bure. Swapping Arvedson with Barnaby? I doubt it, but it could happen.

Thanks for reading,

Micki Peroni


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  1. Tradedude says:

    WOW! peca’s back already. man, i guess laviolette doesnt give a dam whether he’s 90% to 100% healthy or not.

    and leafs. they WON’T trade for anyone as for now. Why? cause they have Quinn as GM as he even said on that a roster change wont do us any good.

    its true, but he should do something to pull some confidence for the leafs.

  2. mikster says:

    Just because he said so, doesn’t mean that no changes will happen.

    Val Bure could play both positional wings, and that could help the Leafs scoring…..somewhat.

  3. saiklo says:

    The Leafs are just now learning how integral Cujo was to their club.

    You actually think the Bruins would deal McLaren for the 2nd pick of Atlanta? Never will happen. They possibly wouldn’t even deal him for their first pick, in fact, O’Connel said that he wants immediate help in return for McLaren.

    I just think Theodore is coming off the high that was last season, once he gets going, the Habs will be fine, plus they will have a hot goalie to shop in Hackett.

    The Islanders are realizing that last year was basically a 500 hockey club that had one hot streak to start the year. Without Peca, the team will be even worse. And do not think that tonight’s little stint means that he is anywhere close to being the dominant player that he was.

    The Rangers only problem is that they are playing like players with big contracts and no fire for the game. Oh, that is what most of their players are. Kidding aside, the Rangers have been extremely lazy, few of them backcheck, and they just do not work as a team sometimes. I do not understand how Darius is a minus 9, I thought he was the Rangers best pickup.

    Sometimes it looks as if Bure and Barnaby are the only guys that even care. If the Rangers gel as a team, they will be the Eastern Conference Champions, if they don’t, they will miss the playoffs.

    On a closing note, does anyone else agree with me that the Penguins could possibly be 1-10 if Mario was not playing? And if they are this good now, how good will they be when Straka, Robitaille, and Melichar are healthy?

  4. mikster says:

    Leafs would be the same if Cujo was in net.

    No, not a 2nd rounder for McLaren straight up, just part of the deal.

    Theodore has a great career to play. Still very overrated and underrated by so many people.

    This season’s Isle’s are the ones from last season, except last season no one expected them to be much improved. They do this season, and maybe they’ll get it going once Peca is 100%.

    Rangers not back checking? To any B’s fan who watched the game last night, the Rangers played great hockey by great back checking and great forechecking, PK was solid (Thornton’s goal was a lucky one), and defense was not such a big problem except for that McCarthy mistake where he left the Bruins player alone in front of Blackburn (who made a great first save and rebound save couldn’t be stopped).

    Darius had a very bad start, but is starting to improve. Remember, when the defense is working well, but the offense ain’t working well, a the defense will end up getting minuses. Aside from that mistake by McCarthy, the game winner for Berard was caused by a bad deflection off Bure’s stick.

    Nedved has been great in back checking. Lazy penalties were not seen tonight.

    Rangers have played really well in the last two games, and their offense isn’t working right.

    You’re right though. IF the Rangers gel, they’ll get up there. But, this has to happen:

    – Lindros: needs to score

    – Holik: Once 100% healthy, needs to keep opponent player from scoring regardless if it’s a 1st line player, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.

    – Kaspar needs to play consistent defense. Plays great one shift, the next one makes a small mistake, and bam…there’s a goal

    Scott Stevens was a -8 at the start of last season, because the offense was not helping him out at all. When there is no offense, then the defense will face minuses in +/- category.

    It’s just a matter of time, they’re playing very well recently….but offense needs to be a threat.

    Penguins…..only good because of Mario and their PP. Kovalev is great too, but would do half of what he is doing with Mario.

  5. laserman says:

    Lindros is NOT playing good defense. His bonehead penalties are really starting to kill the Rangers. The Rangers also would be crazy to get rid of Barnaby, who might be their only player with a little bit of spark. Somebody better light a fire under that team soon otherwise we will be looking at six years without a playoff berth.

  6. mikster says:

    Are ya blind? aside from the dumb penalties, he back checked most of the times and blocks a lot of shots.

  7. saiklo says:

    The Rangers have to backcheck for more than two games before I will believe they are for real.

    We will see how they respond to their fluke loss tonight.

  8. LEON says:

    I really don’t understand, why is it that when a comparison to Kyle McLaren to another player in a trade proposition always ends up being an asinine statement?

    There is no way you can compare Pilas to McLaren by saying he’s not much better then Pilas. To say that is just an insult or a lack of hockey knowledge. Any Bruins fan who, like myself, feels that even though I hate the guy because he doesn’t care about being a bruin and for that he’s dead to me, know he’s worthy trade bait and should be talked about accordingly.

    Let’s get something straight, he’s been injured in the past, O.K, but he’s only 25 years old, he’s played in 417 games over a 7 year NHL career (I challenge you to find many other who have played as many at te same age). Pilas(24 yrs. old) has played in how many games? And you going to compare the two players based on what? Most deals that go down involve a player whom the team aquiring them is doing so because they feel the player they are aquiring has more to offer and could bring their game to another level. Kyle McLaren is 6-4, 230lbs and a former 1st round (9th overall) draft selection who now has 7 years NHL experience. I think it’s about time his worth is noticed and discussed accordingly.

  9. Sands says:

    After that game in Bosten…… They better make a deal. Send Dvorak, send Nedved, send Klouck, and if we need to… Snd Barnaby.

    Something is wrong with this team. We need a new look.

    Lindros picked his game up when Bure came… probably to make himself look good infront of him. We need a new look on this team. Trade for all 3 Ottawa players that have been rumored and send what you have to to make the team better.

  10. saiklo says:

    You just cannot make wild trades because a team starts out slow!

    Patience is virtue, and that should be the Rangers motto this year.

  11. titans says:

    Just goes to show you how great Peca really is!

  12. mikster says:

    “to compare the two players based on what?”

    Based on skill. McLaren and Pillar is pretty much a wash up. Pillar has more of an offensive upside, and he’s been playing well from what i’ve seen. He is cheaper than McLaren, and not worth trading him.

  13. mikster says:

    After that game in Boston, all i basically thought was “i wish there was a 100% healthy Holik” in there.

    Offense isn’t working, and it was the offense responsibility this time. Can’t score on a breakaway, left a man uncovered (Sandman), not scoring on the PP.

    Slats will make a trade soon, but more time is needed. He might pull one arounf the 20 game mark.

  14. mikster says:

    Fischler: “Impatient Ranger fans should bear in mind that less than a month of hockey has been played. Nobody is running away from the Blueshirts.”

  15. MantaRay says:

    Always comical to read that losing two of three games, scoring 5 goals and giving up 10 is considered playing “better” .

  16. JohnFlan22 says:

    According to the post game show, Mike Peca will not play again until December, so all the stint did was take away Asham’s spot in the lineup for a night woo-hoo. Isles look really bad, really un-into the games. Big shakeup is needed but as Peroni said, who do they deal? I say Hamrlik, Scatchard, Isbister and Kvasha are gonna be the pawns or later in the season if no deal is made and the isles are out of the playoff race everyone minus Peca and Yashin and Aucoin become available. The Isles need a speedy puck magician on the wing like a Datsuyk or a samsonov but unfortunatly would probably have to settle for a valeri Bure. Maybe Send Hamrlik to Sanjose for Brad Stuart? inject some life and youth back into The Dfense. What do you guys think they need?

  17. mikster says:

    Umm, do the math…

    Last three games:

    (W) vs Yotes: 2 GA

    (L) vs Bolts: 3 GA

    (L) vs Bruins: 3 GA

    Total : 8 GA

    Considering two of those goals went off Rangers, and allowing one PP goal in 3 games out of 20 something PK’s.

    …yeah, that is playing better compared to the previous losses.

  18. MantaRay says:

    Its not much better.

  19. laserman says:

    I wish I was then it wouldn’t be so friggin embarrassing. As I’m typing this The little E just took another bonehead penalty, and guess what??? 3-2 Blues. Yeah Micki Eric is just wonderful…

  20. mikster says:

    Never said he is wonderful. He is just back checking and blocking shots.

  21. mikster says:

    That’s not my arguement.

    All i said is ‘better’ not ‘much better’, just ‘better. I think it’s better if the Rangers go back to their old ways getting outplayed yet winning games since outplaying teams now isn’t getting them wins.

  22. NYIchooch75 says:

    I’m not sure what the Islanders can do. Who can they trade? I would hate to see them trade Torres and Mapletoft. I really don’t want to see Isbister traded either. And since the goaltending has been horrible, do they trade DiPietro. I was all for that 2-3 weeks ago, now I’m not so sure…You may see him in the not so distant future.

    I don’t think a Valeri Bure would help the team at all. Their problem is lack of effort, and they are playing uninspired hockey right now. With the exception of 4 games, they have pretty much outplayed everyone. Bure is a cancer and would not help team at all. I wouldn’t even want his brother Pavel.

    I would love to get Samsonov, but I’m not sure we have enough right now to give up.

    As far as the defense goes, Martinek just doesn’t look right. I would send him to the minors and bring up someone who can play 5-10 minutes and let Aucoin play his 30-35 minutes.

  23. NYIchooch75 says:

    Let’s start a pool…

    How soon do you guys think Lindros and his father will demand a trade from the Rangers because Trottier was mean to him and hurt his feelings?

  24. laserman says:

    Well, he got benched after that last stupid penalty. Its about time that he pulls his head out of his butt…

  25. JohnFlan22 says:

    Newsday said Milbury is planning on making “changes” in the next 24 hours. This probably means that either Weinhandl, Chabada and maybe even Dipietro might get a call or perhaps all of them could get the call for tonights game Vs. the flames. I agree that we should hang onto mapletoft and Torres. If we keep Mapletoft up after Peca returns Thats alot of natural Centers on the team. at that point one of either Scatchard, Wiemer(bieng shopped already) and maybe even Lapointe(unrestricted at end season I think) become Expenadable. The D has been a shadow of itself from last year and needs new life. I don’t think Timander is very Impressive at all. Martinek has potential to be solid and has good speed. Maybe try and ship him to Boston for Mclaren. We need a big crease clearer that logs 20 minutes that really hits and doesnt just fight like Cairns.

  26. NYIchooch75 says:

    WOW! I really like Timander. He looks pretty solid back there. Martinek on the other hand looks like he is lost out there. I’ve seen two games where he went to play the puck around the net and hit the side of the net, and it was a reason for a goal Saturday night too. He does have potential, but he is playing scared and being in the minors for a little while may help him.

    Good point about the centers, but I couldn’t see them getting rid of Lapointe, even after the season. He is too valuable and they won’t get anything for him anyway.

    Weimer is a piece of crap. What a huge disappointment. He is terrible. ‘Nuff said.

    They might have to trade Mapletoft or Torres to bring something back.

    One thing though, Darren Van Impe played very well last season, and he sitting home unsigned. Why not grab him? That might allow the Isles to trade Hamrlik for an offensive player.

    Just a thought.

  27. big_booty says:

    What makes you think that it hasn’t already happened?

    I’m sure Bonnie and Big Carl have been burning up the phone lines to Slats’ office.

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