Penguins Coach Denies Malkin Rumors…

On the Local french show, 110%, there was the debate of the Malkin rumor. This Rumor consisted of Malking coming to Montreal in exchange for Ribeiro, Ryder, Souray & Aebischer.

Michel Terrien, Penguins Coach denied this rumor by saying that ”why would we want Aebischer when we have Fleury” quoted by one of the 110% members. Then again they went on debating, saying that maybe the coach doesn’t have any clue what’s happening in the upper office, which I highly doubt.

Anyways guys can we get to more serious stuff, please!

12 Responses to Penguins Coach Denies Malkin Rumors…

  1. Drifter says:

    Good post, thank you for using this information to slow down reports of this garbage rumor.

  2. Hockey_is_Canada says:

    “can we get to more serious stuff, please”


  3. Kosovo says:

    Yes more serious stuff. Stupids rumors

  4. christos says:

    thank god! ….


  5. Les-Habitants says:

    Man, these rumors are giving Hab fans a bad name. On to new, better, and hopefully actually realistic trade rumors.

  6. Habroller says:

    Let’s just not talk about this ever again. Period.

    Anyway, I’m all confident with our present roster. Let’s keep it intact!

  7. Osh77 says:

    ”why would we want Aebischer when we have Fleury” … Cause Fleury was 13-27-0 last year and 4-14-2 in 2003-2004 …. They need a goog backup !

    This could be a great trade for both team even if it will never happen …

  8. Les-Habitants says:

    couldn’t agree more.

  9. blarneylad says:

    montreal needs more russians…they are the best

  10. souray_brawls says:

    finnaly sumone who hasnt lost there fkn head

  11. peataters says:

    yeah i heard thi one on the score but do you actually go through/

    i think shero would wait for a year before trading him or anything

  12. passionch says:

    Malkin coming to Montreal is such a joke.

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