Penguins eyeing Kulemin of Toronto?

The Pittsburgh Penguins, sitting first in the Atlantic Division, could be looking to acquire another winger to play alongside Evgeni Malkin.

It’s believed the Penguins are once again taking a look at Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nikolai Kulemin.

Malkin, who currently leads the Penguins in assists with 10, played alongside Kulemin during the lockout in the KHL.

Last season, the Penguins inquired about Kulemin’s availability, but a deal was never finalized and then-GM Brian Burke reportedly turned down a first-round pick in exchange for him.

In nine games with the Leafs so far this season, Kulemin has recorded one goal and five assists.

156 Responses to Penguins eyeing Kulemin of Toronto?

  1. Gambo says:

    Derrick Pouliot would be a nice return, however I don’t really see anyway that the Pens fork up their 2012 8th overall pick for just Kulemin.

  2. toronto77 says:

    SInce Crosby and Malkin are untouchable. I am not too interested in the roster players that the pens have other than maybe neal.

  3. toronto77 says:

    What are the chances of the leafs acquiring Mike Richards? I wanted this guy to be our no.1 centre since he went to the cup final with the flyers and would be nice to reunite him with JVR.

    I would offer Phaneuf, I don’t know if we should offer more because Richards is off to a slow start as well, just scored his first goal last night, but Phaneuf + some mediocre picks should do just fine.

    I am really intent on moving Phaneuf out of here.

    If the kings are out of a playoff spot by the deadline then it may be a possible to acquire him, but if they are guaranteed to make the playoffs then Richards is untouchable.

    JVR-Richards-Kessel would be nice.

    • Gambo says:

      I was actually just thinking about that! I think Phaneuf for Richards would be a fair swap.

      I’m not crazy about moving Phaneuf, however for Mike Richards I would.

      I was actually just about to post on here asking about Mike Richards haha, love that you thought about it too.

      • mojo19 says:

        Where are these Richards rumours coming from?

        • Gambo says:

          I haven’t heard of any actual rumors of them wanting to move him, but they are looking for help on the back end and Richards is off to a slow start so you never know

        • toronto77 says:

          to be honest, i just pulled it out of my ass. I am just throwing examples out there, we need a no.1 centre and Richards is a very good no.1 playing as a no.2 on LA.

          Did you see his work ethic for the flyers when he went to the finals? that talent is a waste on the no.2 line. Bring him here to play that no.1 role because Dustin Brown is clearly the kings no.1.

          Two weeks ago I was throwing out the idea of acquiring Grandlund from the wild.

  4. doorman says:

    I would want Matta plus for Kuli, but that’s just me.

    As far as movi g Dion I would see if Dallas in interested in him there are pieces there I really like?

  5. leafy says:

    Unless we’re getting back a productive center or high draft picks, I don’t think the Leafs should be trading good forwards right now. And Kulemin is playing fairly well this year.

  6. mojo19 says:

    Brandon Sutter and a 1st

  7. leafy says:

    Gardner needs to come back healthy like last year. Once he’s back in form, I say Phaneuf is outta here.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Phaneuf for Ryan O’Reilly
    Kulemin for Brandon Sutter and a 1st (or 2nd)
    Bozak for a 3rd rounder

    FWD’s –
    J.V.R. – O’Reilly – Kessel
    Mac – Grabo – Kadri
    Komarov – Sutter – Fratt
    McLaren – McClement – Orr/Brown

    IR – Lupul

    D –
    Gardiner – Gunnarsson
    Liles – Franson
    Fraser – Kostka
    Holzer – Komisarek

    • lafleur10 says:

      you wouldn’t get sutter for kulemin mojo the penguins gave up j.staal for him so he’s certainly worth more than kulemin i think tangardi and a pick is all you’d get from the penguins as for phaneuf you’d get more than ryan o’reilly for him i think you could get a coutourier type for him because the flyers are desparate for defnceman and i think the flyers would part with him for phaneuf or a defenceman like him.

      • mojo19 says:

        The true value of Brandon Sutter wasn’t revealed in that trade. Staal turned down a 10-year $60 million contract from Pittsburgh because he only wanted to play in Carolina. So their hands were tied. They got a good package including Sutter, but he wasn’t the only thing they got.

        Sutter also hasn’t really blossomed offensively. He’s 23 now and his best season so far he’s posted 32 pts I believe. He’s a good, gritty, two-way player. A real Sutter, but he’s not exactly a 1st or 2nd line centre with that type of offence. His ceiling is 2nd line centre, not top line. So it’s not a huge loss, and they would appreciate a guy who can snipe with Malkin.

        Besides if its Pittsburgh who really wants the player in Kulemin, and have asked about him a couple times, then I believe they would be willing to pay a reasonably substantial price for him, such as Sutter and a pick.

        • He hit 40 with 21 goals during his second year.

          • mojo19 says:

            Ya he’s a pretty good player. Kulemin hit 30 goals, and he’s a physical beast. Are you trying to say Sutter’s modest stats make him more valuable than Kulemin somehow.

            Like I was saying to Lafleur, we’re not shopping Kulemin, the Penguins want him. So the question isn’t “what could we get for Kuley” the question is “what do we want for him?” If the Penguins can pony up then I would move him.

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        Staal went for the 8th overall pick more so than Sutter. The Pens got a replacement 3rd line center at half the cost (no roster loss for them) and picked up the 8th overall pick + a small piece.

        Sutter is in no way equal value to J.Staal, not even half based on the deal.

        • 93killer93 says:

          Ya the other piece, Brian Dumoulin, was Carolina’s 2nd best defensive prospect behind Murphy. I would think a 6’4” 220lbs two way d-man would have considerable value. And like you said the 8th overall pick was huge in that deal, as the Pens are very high on Pouliot.

    • mojo19 says:

      Maybe add a veteran d-man at the deadline (2nd rounder and medium prospect for Mark Streit), and a veteran back up goalie. Get Lupul healthy, go into the playoffs with a decent club

      Lupul – O’Reilly – Kessel
      J.V.R. – Grabo – Kadri
      Mac – Sutter – Fratt
      Komarov – McClement – Orr

      Gardiner – Gunnarsson
      Liles – Streit
      Franson – Komisarek


      +McLaren, Brown, Steckel, Kostka, Fraser, Holzer, Scrivens

      • blaze says:

        In sorry but am I the only one that thinks that D is awful. Probably the softest group in the league. You force Dions minutes to Gardiner who is not mean to go head to head against Ovechkin,Crosby,Staal etc. Gunnarson the closest thing to a shut down Dman which is not good. And who gets the C?

        Is Lupul actualy ready for that responsibility? I’m not nearly as sold as everyone else. What happens if his play suffers and he puts up 40+ pt seasons. Lupul isnt exactly defensively responsible either.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Not exactly for the same reasons as you Blaze, but sorry Mojo, I’m not thrilled with that line-up either. I see us getting smaller again and I think that’s the wrong way to go. I like Kadri as the third line centre with Frattin, I think they could both be good third liners for us. I see a fairly soft team from top to bottom.

          • mojo19 says:

            Mark Streit is way feistier and way more involved than Dion Phaneuf. He’s tougher than you think. Watch an Islanders game.

            I payed the $50 for NHL game centre, it’s opened my eyes a bit. I watch parts of a few different game pretty much every night, and I’m gonna have to disagree with you calling Streit soft.

            O’Reilly would be a much tougher, harder on the puck, harder hitter, and win more battles than Bozak. Sutter is as tough as Kulemin. This team is actually tougher, not softer. Besides, it’s a work in progress, I would just try to get O’Reilly in place, we’d be be better off moving forward with O’Reilly than Phaneuf.

            The defence you fix in the summer and at camp. Don’t be so short-sited you guys.

        • doorman says:

          As for who gets the “C” well i think that then in becomes the waiting game again. It has to really. I mean you need to see what the offseason brings, then Nonis has to be sure of his coach. I am not saying gas Carlyle either, just saying it’s a factor.

          • blaze says:

            True but then there’s another gaping hole, no captain. If the offseason doesn’t bring one which is really asking a lot to begin with anyways then what?

            What team has ever had any success at all without even being able to name a captain. It will be a completely leaderless group.

            • doorman says:

              Ummmm, it already i, lol….Hey wait maybe we just need a new Ipod? And pending if carlyle is long term choice for coach ,he seems to have a bromance going with the way McClement(who I might add i suggested we aquire before, thank you…lol) would be a caniddate for sure. I think too many teams elect the best player as opposed to the best team player. And, while he is having a rough year, Morrow could be brought in to supply leadership alone.

            • mojo19 says:

              I’d re-sign Streit in this case and hand the ‘C’ over to him. Offensively Streit has been way more consistent than Dion. Posting an average of 50 points per year over the last 5 seasons. Dion averages about 42 points per season over the last 5 years (and that’s with a 60 point season from 5 years ago bringing the average up).

              Streit’s a solid captain on the Island and for Switzerland, and a big game player who steps up huge for the Swiss in international play (proof, we lost to the Swiss in Italy and had to take it to the shootout in Vancouver.)

        • mojo19 says:

          You’re thinking too short term, blaze.

          The D is awful right now, that D is also awful. We’re addressing one thing at a time. This would put us in a much better situation going forward. We’re not winning any Cup this year no matter what moves we make.

          We have a ton of good young D coming up the pipe line, so I would flip Dion for a good young forward, and I’d move Kulemin only in a deal where we could get a gritty, young centre + back. This would help to re-shape us going forward.

      • blaze says:

        Forwards do look good though.

        • mojo19 says:

          Thanks. That’s the whole idea. Also the defence is more or less the same. Like I was saying earlier, our D is pretty shitty right now. I’d like to see us land a talent like Streit, and wait on the kids. If we could land Streit for lesser assets (2nd rounder and Ashton/Blacker) and move out Phaneuf, who is younger, for bigger assets (young fwd like O’Reilly) than this would be a legit course of action to make the team better.

    • leafy says:

      That would be an vastly improved line up.

      I don’t have a problem with Bozak as a 3rd line center. In a smaller role, he could still be useful.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      add Bozak to the Kulemin deal, the Pens would need a replacement 3rd line center and we could potentially get a bigger piece than a 1st.

      Kulemin + Bozak for Sutter + Morrow maybe? After trading Phaneuf getting a solid D-man prospect would be a great return.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        Kulimen is only 26, he’s big, strong, protects the puck, goes to the net, plays both ends of the rink, plays hard every night and has the potential to score 20+ goals a season while making only $2.8 mil a year.
        We are already too small up-front, so we trade one of our only wingers with size and offensive skill for a 3rd line centre and D prospect or late 1st or second pick?
        Sorry, I don’t see how any of those trades solves a need for Toronto. If anything, we lose something we do need.

  9. doorman says:

    I still like phaneuf to Dallas lol they have future pieces I really like

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Who are you thinking Doorman? Phaneuf for Ryder and Dillon(throwing something out there)? That kind of thing or something totally different?

      • doorman says:

        Nah I am think I would love Campbell or Faska or both plus add if we have too. I think we can trade a dman like Dion for futures, I just don’t see it outright damaging our blueline. I do not see Ryder as a future piece. I am stoked out young guys are playing, so lets add. The net is Kari’s and with in a year or two campbell could really push Reimer. Plus I am not sold on scrivens to be honest.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Hmmm. I have always believed Reimer is the real deal and would rather have a veteran goalie to back him up. I am not sold on Scrivens either, but I also don’t see aneed at this point for a young goalie prospect. Although I quickly suggested it…I see Ryder fitting in well with Kuli and Grabo and Dillon giving us that Big, tough, young d-man we lost in Schenn. How about something like…Phaneuf, MacArthur, D’Amigo/Ashton for Faska, Dillon, Ryder. Would that make us both happy?LOL

          • doorman says:

            I like Reimer, I think he is a number one, I only say Campbell as hey I wouldn’t mind a great goalie tandem. Like I said to push not replace. I think Campbell is a couple years aways, so I agree on the vetern back up. What about Ryder I don’t like is that he is UFA after this season. So how about Faska, Campbell & Dillon?

  10. Gambo says:

    To LAK: Phaneuf
    To TOR: M. Richards

    To DAL: Grabovski
    To TOR: Morrow, 3rd.

    Summer: Sign Morrow, Bozak, Kadri, Komarov, Orr, Gunnarrsson, Franson, Kostka. Also sign Streit and Nabakov.




    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      The Kings gave up Simmonds, Schenn and a second to get Richards. Then they trade to get Carter and re-unite the pair. They win the cup.
      Richards is a hard nosed guy who can score and performs well in the post season. He has 5 pts in 8 games this season and that is considered a slow start? Plus, he is signed for another 6 seasons with a reasonable cap hit of $5.75 mil.
      Why on earth would LA trade him for Phaneuf?

  11. nordiques100 says:

    I wonder if the Leafs did do a Kulemin to Pittsburgh deal, they would use that asset to get O’Reilly.

    O’Reilly and Kulemin are a lot alike. Players willing to be physical. Players with some offensive ability. Players with good size. The only difference is O’Reilly is a centre, not a winger. That adds some value, considering the Leafs need at centre.

    The question is would the Avs want another defence prospect? They have Erik Johnson whom they are building around. Tyson Barrie is with the team now, and Stephan Elliott has been close. They drafted Duncan Siemens in 2011 and he is on the way.

    The Pens really only have blueline prospects to offer be it Pouliot, Morrow, Depres, Maata or Harrington.

    So, i guess it depends, would the Avs have an appetite for any one of those blueliners? They would probably want in addition to that a forward as well to take the roster spot of O’Reilly. Afterall, the defenceman they would get from Pittsburgh, other than Depres, would be in junior still.

    • doorman says:

      If we landed Harrington I would be more inclined to keep him rather then deal him off. he is a big bodied shut down guy, who is physical, oh and captain material, lol.

  12. leafmeister says:

    To WSH: Kessel, Phaneuf, Finn
    To TOR: Ovechkin, Jeff Schultz

    Ovechkin – Grabovski – Kulemin
    JVR – Kadri – Frattin
    Komarov – Bozak – McClement
    Brown – Steckel – Orr

    Gardiner – Franson
    Liles – Gunnarsson
    Kostka – Komisarek


    Still bad enough to be in a position to add another top prospect at the draft, but would dramatically restructure the team. Its pretty outlandish, but it would certainly put Nonis’ stamp on the team.

    • doorman says:

      The question there to me becomes will Ovie be the player he was or the stay more the player he is? That is a ton of money to tie up not knowing. Kessel is truly only in a slump,IMO, Ovie I am not as sure about. But you are talking one guy with 75% of the cap hit of two. At that point I would be more inclined to trade Dion and Pihil for futures and keep going then spin our wheels with Ovies name and cap hit.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      That would be a blockbuster for sure. Personally, I wouldn’t do that, but it would make a lot of
      The only top end player from Washington that really interests me is Backstrom.

      • leafmeister says:

        Dreams come true man. Rangers fans went to bed dreaming about trading an awful contract for a young top pairing shutdown defensemen and look what happened?

        BTW, stick to allowing songs to articulate your point. They are much better at it.

  13. blaze says:

    Since we’re all do fantasies may as well throw mine in the mix. I don’t feel like any one move is unrealistic but landing them all is. Didn’t bother to see if it’s cap compliant but I’m sure it’s close, might be over.

    Kulimen and Bozak to PIT for Sutter and Harrington.
    MacArthur to NYR for a 1st.
    Franson to DET for a 2nd.
    Komisarek to NYI for a 3rd.
    Liles to STL for a 2nd.


    Cory Perry. 6y 7m
    Douglas Murray. 4y 3.85m
    David Clarkson. 3y 4m

    JVR. Grabovski. Perry(A). (nice top line)
    Lupul(A). Kadri. Kessel. (great secondary scoring)
    Frattin. Sutter. Clarkson. (true shutdown)
    Brown. McClement. sub. (bangers PK)

    Phaneuf Gardiner. (25min a night top pair)
    Gunnarson Murray. (true shutdown 22min a night)
    Reilly Kostka. (sheltered offensive minutes 13min a night)

    cheap vet goalie.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      I like the overall forward concept, not thrilled with the D.
      I see no need to move Franson for a pick. just my opinion.
      Not thrilled with the Pitt trade.
      I like the signings…Clarkson-He might have been had about 3 years ago if we pursued it. I really wanted us to go after him but I got no support on here.
      I like the balance of size with speed and skill.

      • blaze says:

        Ya Franson doesn’t need to be traded no, but the one year deal I’m not sure what he’ll be looking for for money.

        He has offensive talent for sure but I gotta say Kostka is quite a bit more sound in the defensive end than Franson so I went with Kostka. A fair amount of offensively caPable dmen in there and Holzer makes a solid 7th.

        I actually would love a Gunnar-Murray combo. Gunnarson is our mos versatile two way dman and id love to reward him with a consistant partner and top 4 minutes. I think the two Swedes would fit together perfectly in a shut down role Murray adding some serious size and can fight too.

        I don’t remember anything about Clarkson but I’ve always been a fan. I think he is a touch overrated as a goal scorer and his defensive game could use some work but paired with a defensive specialist like Sutter and another defensive responsible and hard hitting Frattin could make a great line. Having two guys who can shoot the puck on his line would be good for Sutters game as well. Nice to add some toughness to the top 9 which was my intention.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Hard to overrate Clarkson as a goal scorer at this point. 30 last year and 7 in 9 games this year. He just needed proper ice time.IMO
          I can’t remeber who it was I had a convo on here with about Clarkson around three years ago. His best year was 17 goals at that point and I said – give him top six time and he will be a 25 goal guy. I said we could use his skill and toughness. I was told he was nothing more than a career 3rd liner who will get about 15 a year and wasn’t worth his $2.67 million contract. Then again, I said Luke Schenn would rebound last year and have a good year and pot 29 pts..oops.LOL

      • blaze says:

        As for Phaneuf and Gardiner, they’ve played together a little before so it’s not unheard of. Phaneuf has been roving around a bit less this season so hopefully it won’t be too much offense. I think the slick skills of Gardiner will give Phaneuf an easy out when in trouble and he won’t have to force plays.

        Having a Gunnar-Murray pair can take some pressure of Dion too making him more of an all situation players getting some more favorable match ups as opposed to going head to head against all the stars all night.

        Not a fan of Kostka getting as much ice time as he does. I do like his game and I think there is a role for him but I think him being in mid season form somewhat influenced Carlyles opinion of him and as the season continues his effectiveness will fade.

        I’m not a fan of pairings constantly being juggled and split up or one half getting 10 minutes more ice time than the other half. Phaneuf and Gardiner are both 25 minute players so lets give a shot at 25 minutes together and see what happens.

    • doorman says:

      Hey since we are do fantasies here I have one simple move that changes the whole team, one player, that’s all. So we go on a massive hunt, find the fountain of youth(road trip, I’ll bring snacks you guys bring the beer, lol). We take the necessary amount and prompmtly go to Kelvington, Sask. We find Wendel, he drinks and is again the player he once was. He pulls on the jersey and shocker it has the “C”. Our first game is against boston where zafter propmtly handing Lucic and Thornton their respective a$$es, he proceeds to score a hat trick. The team has no choice but to play balls to the walls as they a scared for their lives. Hows that fix sound?

  14. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    What the hell. I’m in for fantasy Leaf team. LOL

    To Washington
    Kessel, Liles, Bozak, D’Amigo
    To Toronto
    Backstrom, Chimera, Erskine, 2013 2nd

    To Anaheim
    Phaneuf, MacArthur, Leafs 2013 2nd
    To Toronto
    Perry, Allen

    Lupul Backstrom Perry
    Kulimen Grabo JVR
    Chimera Kadri Frattin
    Brown McClement Orr
    Steckel Komarov

    Franson Gardiner
    Gunnar Komi(Reilly next year hopefully)
    Allen Erskine
    Fraser Ranger

    Scrivens(If we can’t get a veteran back-up.

    • doorman says:

      R_L_F, you know what buddy, when we are on the phone with Nonis, just cause I like your trade ideas so much and you find my ideas entertaining, I am gonna put in a good word for you to be the back up. how’s that sound? I will tell ya it is gonna hurt and but probably pay half decent.

    • blaze says:

      Franson on the top pairing scares me, so does Komisarek getting 20+ minutes a night. I feel like that D would get eaten alive. Gunnar is a on good spot I don’t like making Gardiner the number 1 dman.

      Nothing at this point has shown him to be a number one going head to head against Crosby or the terrifying Nash-Richards-Gaborik line. Espcially with a borderline defensive liability like Franson.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        I agree D is still a little weak. I really wasn’t placing them by pairings by 1st, 2nd 3rd though. D could be easily added to via FA. Is it really much better with Dion and Liles over Erskine and Allen though.I know some will say “yes”, but the additions of Backstrom, Perry and Chimera make up for it to me. Put Gunnar with Allen and Komi with Erskine or re-arrange the D-pairings all together.
        With that forward group. I planned on playing in their end more than ours.LOL

        • blaze says:

          I’m not sure how anyone could even hint that Allen and Erskine would even be a fraction as effective as Phaneuf and Liles.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            I’m not saying they are as good of players. It’s the overall make-up of the D. The current line-up is a little too much of this and not enough of that. I was referring to -as a group would it really be much worse? I don’t think it would. Alone, Dion and Liles are better no doubt. Up-front, we would be much better, making our D look better.

    • blaze says:

      Forwards look solid. This would be the second line as the shut down line as opposed to the third. Lupul Backstrom Perry could be dynamite.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      I would do these trades, that’s more like it.

  15. nordiques100 says:

    All this talk of Dion and trading him. Interesting. I think he more than anything needs a partner.

    And, he is also right now re-learning, without a training camp, how to play on the left side. I think his struggles are due to that.

    He is also doing it with a career minor league who has a total of 10 games of NHL experience, all this year.

    i can understand his slow start. I obviously agree, he needs to do more. but, right now he is trying pretty hard to be less mistake prone.

    I think though dion’s style is a riverboat gambler. He takes chances, he joins the rush, he plays reckless.

    without a strong, steady, reliable partner who can play those kinds of minutes, it is hard for Dion to be Dion IMO.

    right now his most suitable partner is Gunnarsson. That seems to be common in Carlyle’s world as he likes Gunny with everyone due to his reliability.

    But I think they want Dion on the left side, so a RH dman is needed.

    Those are so hard to find. The leafs have actually 4 of them on the roster, Kostka, Holzer, Franson and Komisarek, but none of them are really all that good. I only see Holzer as a strong candidate to be part of the leafs future plans in the next several years to come.

    There is not much via free agency with maybe the best RH blueliner out there being former leaf Ian White. The Leaf’s wont need any more smallish guys back there with Liles already, Gardiner likely back next year, and possibly Reilly gaining a full time job.

    So on top of what Nonis has to do already (get a top centre, get bigger, get a goalie maybe, add more depth, succeed in the draft), getting help on D is added to the list.

    • doorman says:

      Like I have said I am torn on a Dion trade, it has it pros and cons, but a lot of that for me revolves around what nONIS DOES WITH Kessel. If he trades Kessel I think he looks to see what Dion is worth. But, unlike us knowlegdable HTR armchair GM’s, we have forgot it was Nonis who was credited with landing Dion. By default that makes him his guy.

      • nordiques100 says:

        ultimately all the final says went to Burke.

        Nonis now has the final say. It will be interesting to see how he plows forward.

        Again, hard to judge Dion based on 10 games so far this year. I think he needs help. I think Nonis knows he needs help.

        but there is only so much he can do. again, he has to be patient about it.

        There is nothing wrong with doing nothing, especially if they play .500 hockey. i mean its not warranting anything hasty to be done.

        • doorman says:

          I don’t view what he is doing now as nothing, letting the kids play is the best choice made recently. Factor in a good coach and take away the fear of being yanked at the first mistake and things get better. Nonis needs to see what he has before he can fix what we don’t.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      What Dion needs, more than anything is to be ignored for a while. Every shift is analyzed, every time he gives up the puck people give him the McCabe treatment. Let’s just ignore him, then evaluate his season overall because he’s not getting traded anytime soon. He’s coming off a productive year, I’m sick of people getting written off because they’re not lighting up the league in the first couple of games coming off a lockout.

      • nordiques100 says:

        Hard to be invisible as the captain of the hockey team in the centre of the hockey universe.

        That’s not his fault. Burke/Wilson anointed him this stature. And Toronto is well Toronto, no player gets ignored.

        I think he will be fine. He’s played almost 6 years straight now on the right side and now back to the left….with a minor league defence partner. Its not the best position to succeed that’s for sure.

  16. leafs_wallace93 says:

    I hate these rumors, the Pens are good and the Leafs are bad so it makes sense that the Leafs give away one of their few good forwards (Kules) for a second rate prospect that will probably never make the NHL because that is what a true ‘rebuilding’ team does. Caputi & Skoula didn’t help us and neither will giving away Kulemin.

    Stop running the Leafs like a small market loser franchise!

    • nordiques100 says:

      Well I am not too sure how Maata will fare, but I do like Harrington and Pouliot as prospects.

      Harrington especially. This guy is a rock on D, has some offensive potential and has not only skill, but the other intangibles like heart and leadership.

      I can’t say i’d trade an established top 6 forward for him, but second rate is an erroneous term to link to a guy like Harrington.

    • doorman says:

      Who exactly is the second rate prospect some of us have asked for? Some of us also added a + in there. All good teams look to improve and sometimes that means taking a good prospect for a player. The Leafs might even be able to learn a few things from some small market franchises, a few have won the cup that we didn’t recently.

  17. doorman says:

    Nords, this here “Harrington especially. This guy is a rock on D, has some offensive potential and has not only skill, but the other intangibles like heart and leadership.” is what I said above in a post, he has captain written all over him. I think you take away NHL Nuge at this years WJHC, and he is the guy wearing the “C”.

  18. leafs_wallace93 says:

    If we’re trading Dion….

    Dion for Bobby Ryan.
    Ducks need a horse on their back end and can market Dion with a highlight real of hits and goals. With Getz and Corey walking they’ll have a player to sell tickets to hipster California know nothing hockey fans.

    To Edmonton for MPS and Gagner
    Oil need to build there blueline are have spare parts up front they won’t sorely miss.

    To Philly for Coutier and Simmonds
    Philly blueline is depleted at the moment and Phaneuf is a big enough name to garner attention for that market.

    To Carolina for two first round picks
    Steep price for Carolina but they’re marketing their team as a contender and not playing like one. This is a message to their fans that their window is now, kind of like what Jays fans feel. Have to keep in mind that Carolina isn’t a fanbase that is going to whine about missing a couple of draft picks for a hockey team.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      -Ducks deal wont happen, not enough. Phaneuf for a UFA Getzlaf though, not impossible.

      -Edmonton wont do that, they value Gagner too high (as they should), just as well though, we have a Gagner already in Grabo, don’t need another.

      -Philadelphia deal…. LOVE IT!!! That being said, Philly would not be able to stop laughing if Toronto offered that. We really could use Couturier though, gotta find a way to get it done. 😛

      -Carolina deal…. could happen if they are desperate for D. Not sure we should do it though.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        Phaneuf is physical, was a top ten scoring blueliner last season and logs huge minutes all while he’s accused of under performing so there is still upside.

        Ducks have already shopped Ryan, not like there is better return than Dion on the market. You can only make the Getz deal if an extension is already worked out.

        Gagner is due for a raise, not like the Oil want the head ache of setting a precedent for their more talented RFAs for years to come.

        Couturier had 27 points last in 77 games and he’s an untouchable? Simmonds has top six potential. Hardly that much to give up for a top 20 blueliner.

        Carolina’s blueline is fugly, there the Jays of the NHL, that’s a market looking to win now not tomorrow.

    • doorman says:

      I have no problem with the trades you proposed with the exception of Edm. I think MPS is fine but they need to add. And Carolina trade is mid rounders I would prefer one and a prospect plus I think they would be more inclined to do that. Love the Ana and Philly ideas though I am not sure we get both from Philly?

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        I don’t like the Edmonton deal just put it there for the ‘I hate Dion and he’d be worthless in a trade’ crowd.

        I can see Carolina missing the playoffs and helping our lottery odds. Have to try to exploit a team that is desperate to be better than they really are in the trade market.

        Do you think Ed Schnieder has patience to develop Courtier? He’s on death’s door and desperately wants a cup. Phaneuf has the Philly type tough guy persona. We did get a 1st out of them while Versteeg was doing nothing for us.

        • doorman says:

          For the record I don’t hate dion but I would rather trade him the. Lose him for nothing. I also would never deem a player untradeable, ever. That being said it is what he brings to the table that could help our team via a trade. We are obviously going with youth and it is about time. So the way I see it is if we can get players that meet out criteria for talent/youth going forward why not explore it? There is no given dion or kessel will wanna stay through rebuild process, so rather then lose them for nothing keep our options open. I do however think dion was misplaced as captain, not that we have many other candidates right now.

        • I agree with Steven. Philly would be laughing too much to even consider that. I think the ducks want more than Phaneuf. Just because he logs huge minutes doesn’t mean his value is a lot higher. It just means a coach can’t justify giving him less minutes with his cap. Are you saying somebody else on the leafs can’t take his minutes? I think Phaneuf is a second line D at best. He’s lost more than just a step.

          I think if you offered the Oilers this deal last year you could’ve gotten a deal here, I’m not so sure they go for it now.

          Carolina is slightly over paying here with 2 first.

          In no way am I saying deals like these don’t happen, I’m just saying it would be a bad deal for the other team.

          • Gambo says:

            A second line D at best? Are you kidding me?

            If Dion Phaneuf had a partner who is actually a top 2 D man then I guarantee he wouldn’t be getting all of this criticism. Phaneuf is a great D man, but it’s no secret that he isn’t capable of handling all of the pressure of being the best defenseman on the team.

            No knock to Kostka, he’s been a nice surprise, however he shouldn’t be getting top 2 ice time and he’s certainly not helping Phaneuf play his hard hitting, intimidating game that terrifies opponents.

            • leafs_wallace93 says:

              I chuckled at that a bit too, it’s one of those Phaneuf isn’t Chara so he’s lucky to be in the league comments.

              If Dion Phaneuf was on the open market do you think he’d get 2nd pairing D money or would a handful of teams be offering him a phat contract with max term?

            • mojo19 says:

              Gambo its okay. Take a shot at Kostka, he’s been pretty brutal overall. He’s got decent wheels and decent hands, but he’s not a 3rd line winger. This skill set as an NHL d-man hasn’t been good.

              Granted, he’s a raw rookie, he could still be okay as a depth defenseman if he refines his game a little.

  19. nordiques100 says:

    Well a good comeback effort. Other than the bad shortie given up, it was a fairly well played defensive game by Toronto.

    Just 3 highly skilled goals. actually all 5 goals in that game were scored with high skill.

    Kessel finally off the Oh-fer. Good for him. This was the kind of game the team’s best offensive player needed to come up big in. Despite the trade winds, I think the teammates like him. I think he’s gained some respect working hard on D. Carlyle is pushing him. Thats the absolute best for team and player. A supportive but tough, fair coach. Not a coach who would proclaim after that game he is better than Rocket Richard.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Do you really think these are legitimate trade winds? It’s just typical Toronto media when the Leafs flirt playing sub five hundred hockey and the sky starts falling.

      • doorman says:

        I think it is partiasl media but partial truth. Dreger says Nonis has got calls on Kessel he is a scorer coming to the end of a deal. That makes him a question mark, Dion is in the same boat. Honestly if they each didn’t have only one season left on a deal I don’t think it is more than media. I am not opposed to keeping or trading either guy. This of course is pending return or $ value in contract. I am not sure I give Kessel 7.5mil+ a year. If he and Dion wanted to sign similar 6.5 mil deals, grweat lets move forward. If not explore everything!!

  20. Gambo says:

    Following up with what I said above on how the problem is getting Phaneuf a D partner, not trading Phaneuf. These are some D I think could be available.

    -Keith Yandle: Already being shopped by Phoenix.
    -Jay Bowmeester: Flames should look into rebuild.
    -Karl Alzner: Struggling D man on a struggling team.

    • doorman says:

      -It would cost a boatload to land Tandle, IMO.

      -Bowmeester and his contract would be eaten alive here

      -Alzner, I would like but I don’t think Wash. is in a hurry to trade him and he won’t be cheap to obtain.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        We have Top prospects in Gardiner and Reilly. A steady young veteran in Gunarsson, Franson has size and a great low shot from the point and is looking solid. Komi and fraser adds toughness on the backend. Without these pieces we could not afford to move Phaneuf. Moving Phaneuf(and his salary) could land us a piece we need more than Dion, which makes him tradeable.IMO
        Adding more salary to the backend would be a mistake I think.
        We need top 6 help upfront more than Dion on the backend. If moving him can land that, then I think we need to explore it.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          In addition to prior thoughts.
          Todays d-men have to be physical even if they are offensive talents. Drew Doughty realized it and now has a cup.
          Toronto has too many D-men not playing physical or it’s just not their game.
          Dion included. If Dion wants to stay here, or show the team would be better off giving him help over moving him, then he needs to be a dominant force back there in all aspects of the game. He has the 8th highest cap hit of NHL d-men. He needs to step it up and show that money is not best spent elsewhere.

          • doorman says:

            Very good outlook on this situation.

          • blaze says:

            Dion Phaneuf is 8th in hits for Dmen in the NHL and has missed the net twice this year. These are real stats from not made up stats people use to discredit him.

            The hate Dion gets is unprecedented.

            • doorman says:

              I am not hating on Dion, lol, I am simply stating keeping our options & minds open, especially if we are unsure of a resign. Going with a youth movement also means, we need to think long term, if that means an asset that CAN bring something back is traded then fine.

            • mojo19 says:

              It’s not unprecedented. His intensity level isn’t what it used to be. He used to throw open ice hits and bone crushing hits in the corner. Dion is playing softer each year. That’s what I see. I want him to pick it up. I don’t care if he’s 8th in the league in hits because he tends to finish his checks. I would rather him be 20th in the league but every 3rd hit actually inflicted some pain.

              • blaze says:

                Dion had a handful of nice hits last night against the Jets. If we’re basing worth of a defenseman now on the ability to open ice hit there arnt many good dmen in the league.

                Last year I could show ya a dozen crushing open ice hits so he’s hardly slowly down. He ended Poor Mike Sauers career likely.

                Carlyle has his playing more reserved and not getting caught hunting for the open ice hit. Maybe if he had a non-rookie D partner he could afford to pinch more often.

        • blaze says:

          Without Dion we have by far the worst D in the league. Notice who was the third star las night despite zero points?

          • mojo19 says:

            Dion is still a good player. But I would Schenn-JVR type swap him for a forward who could make a serious impact.

            • nordiques100 says:

              the issue with that is that the Leafs will have no one capable of doing what Dion does right now.

              Kostka – career minor leaguer who shouldn’t be playing 25 minutes a night.

              Gunnarsson is a 20 minute guy, but extend him longer and he loses effectiveness.

              Komisarek – cant even be trusted to be in the lineup.

              Fraser – another career minor league guy suited for depth role.

              Holzer – still a raw rookie. he’s probably going to ceiling at Gunnarsson, 20 minutes max

              Gardiner – the only one probably capable….but obviously not ready for that yet. Needs to get healthy.

              Franson – another depth guy who can work extra minutes being on the PP. But i’d be afraid to see him log 20 minutes.

              • blaze says:

                Agreed and as for Gardiner while he is certainly capable of big minutes I don’t want force him to be the guy to go against the stars of the NHL. With a solid partner sure but lets not ask too much of the kid.

              • Gambo says:

                I’m really liking Franson, he’s playing great offensively, steady defensively and is also throwing the body around a little.

      • Gambo says:

        I think Alzner and Franson would look really good together, just randomly throwing that out there haha. And yeah the asking price for Yandle is probably too high. Oh and I don’t want Bowmeester, never have, just throwing his name out there lol

  21. doorman says:

    So I have been thinking about this from a different view, who needs to make the playoffs even more then the Leafs? Two teams I can think of, Wash. McPhee needs to save his job and the Isles, they need to make money. These are the teams Nonis need to exploit in terms of trading a guy like Phaneuf. Neither team has great leadership, lol, maybe they will think Dion is say the missing link. I can think of many assets I would like from both. From Wash. I would approach a deal starting with Forsberg, with the NYI I would start a deal around Reinhart. Like I said just thinking of two teams we maybe able to match with on a trade.

  22. mojo19 says:

    Anyone who think the Caps should trade Ovechkin is crazy. He’s still a top 3 player in the NHL, and I don’t care what the “experts” say. I watched the replay of last night’s Pitty-Wash game, OV is an all out animal, capable of taking his game to a level others can only dream.
    He seems uninspired at times, but he hasn’t “lost it”.

    Last night he took a penalty because he was being involved and getting amped up, this was the key. After he got out of the box, he got into a mix-up, drew a penalty, then scored on the PP and looked pretty happy to put one in. Vintage OV.

    There is a direct correlation to the amount of penalties OV takes and the amount of points he scores. When he’s involved in a game he’s on the score sheet everywhere, this is what the Caps need out of him.

    • Gambo says:

      Yeah he’s still incredible to watch, always has been on another level. It would be cool to see them get Getzlaf and Perry, maybe trade up Backstrom and Forsberg or something.

      I love seeing Ovy score, just not against the leafs.

  23. mojo19 says:

    The Calgary Flames will make the playoffs this year. You heard it here first, and while they’re climbing out of the basement.

    Mark my words. Someone quote me on that later, I’ll man up if I’m wrong, but this team is too good to keep losing like they have to start the year. Hell they outplayed Chicago last Saturday and took the heart-breaking shootout loss if anyone caught the CBC double-header.

  24. mojo19 says:

    One bad Burke trade that no one talks about – Anton Stralman for Wayne Primeau and a 2nd. Stralman has been a very good player for NYR. He’s patient with the puck, makes smart passes, and can skate really well.

    • nordiques100 says:

      they made that trade to trade that 2nd and a 3rd to get their 2nd back to trade to Boston for Kessel.

      • mojo19 says:

        I think we also flipped a minor leaguer in the deal, who came with Exelby from Atlanta in the Kubina deal. I can’t remember his name. I would go with Colin Stuart, but I could be wrong.

        • nordiques100 says:

          yes that’s him. brother of the Jets Mark Stuart.

          that 2nd rounder we got for Stralman that we traded away…it ended up being Brandon Saad of the blackhawks. That guy would look nice in the Leafs top 6.

      • mojo19 says:

        And you could be right nords, but I rememberer us acquiring our 2nd rounder back from Chicago to make the Kessel offer-sheet a possible threat. So it must have been a 2nd deal. Maybe flipped the pick from Calgary for our own?

  25. mojo19 says:

    The Islanders just landed Tim Thomas. Nabokov is 4-4-1 this year with a sparkling 2.00 GAA. Garth Snow LOVES goalies.

    • doorman says:

      Snow loves goalies because he always wanted to be one, LOL. As for that I think he loves the staying above the cap floor even more, lol.

    • mojo19 says:

      Snow is also a jerk. Remember when Nabokov wanted to come out of Russia to play for the Red Wings to try to win a Cup. But then Snow took him off waivers, and Nabby sat out the year. Snow then used his option to “toll the contract” keeping Nabby hostage for another year. Eventually Nabby re-signed with the team, being a good team guy.

      Now Snow has the option to toll Thomas’ contract through next year if Timmy doesn’t suit up at all this season. I’m guessing Snow will do his thing, not allowing another goalie to hit free agency.

  26. mojo19 says:

    Lubo Visnovsky activated by the Islanders too. This is a big boost for them.

    Their PP should be Tavares, Moulson, Streit, Visnovsky, and either Nielson or Grabner now.

    More on the Islanders, the waiver pick up of Keith Aucoin from Toronto was a huge boost for them. He’s got 4 goals in 10 games.

  27. mojo19 says:

    If Anaheim is having trouble re-signing their two superstars, at the draft I would offer up Phaneuf and Kessel for Perry and Getzlaf’s right’s, contingent upon them re-signing with us.
    Similar to when Cliff Fletcher granted exclusive rights to the habs to negotiate with Sundin, we would have received Grabovski as part of the package coming back if Sundin had agreed to terms with Montreal.

    This will help Anaheim recoup their losses best they can, and would give us an edge on all other potential suitors, who wouldn’t want to pony up that kind of NHL talent to get these stars. Gotta think outside the box a little here.

  28. doorman says:

    I personally wouldn’t make the Ana. trade it had nightmare written all over it. I would rather move Kessel/Phaneuf for their own repective returns and take my chances with Getzlaf/Perry, which I don’t think is happening.

  29. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Why is it that if you suggest to trade a guy like Phaneuf or Kessel it is hate talk?
    I don’t hate either of them, but I do think we could improve as a team (which is greater than the individual) if we traded them for assets that would help in areas we have a glaring need. They can be packaged with other players to get a decent D-man returned as well. It’s not hate, it’s a different perspective.
    One thing I don’t inderstand is all the “it’s not Dion’s fault that Burke and Wilson made him captain.” I think that they had a conversation with Dion about it first. I highly doubt it was “oh, by the way Dion, you’re our new captain.” I would think it was discussed in length and Dion accepted the role and challenge that went with it.
    As far as Dion goes, there are some things I don’t like along with the obvious that there is to like.
    For instance, He seems winded alot. He glides around too much from what I see. He looks tired and I’m not sure if it’s lack of conditioning or he just can’t handle the load. He may not miss the net alot, but he probably leads the league in hitting players in the chest who are infront of the net. He gets up too high on the penalty kill leaving way too many 2 on 1’s down low. He hits yes, but are players giving up the puck early because they think Dion is close by…I don’t see that anymore.
    1 point in 11 games doesn’t cut it either for a guy on the number 1 PP unit making $6.5mil a year. Guys are knocking Franson and he has 5 pts in 8 games while playing way less minutes and is a +2, yet no one wants to give him more minutes. does he make some mistakes? Of course, so does Phaneuf though. Why has he out-produced Dion? because he keeps his shots down below the Knees for one thing. That’s a fairly easy thing for Dion to fix, yet he never has even though it has plagued him most of his career.
    Dion is big and has some obvious talent… hard shot, can throw big hits, can rush the puck for example.
    He also has some difficiences that do not seem to go away…skating has not improved, can’t keep his point shot down and he cannot seem to find the right blend of being responsible yet know when a big hit or jumping into the rush is needed and players are in position to cover him.
    The best defence pincher on the team is fraser for cryin out loud. He constantly puts pressure on the opposing wingers who are trying to chip the puck out and on many occasions he keeps it in. he doesn’t get caught for 2 on 1’s either. These are the things Dion should be doing as well though.
    I do not hate Dion, I do expect more from him though. His overall game has not improved.IMO If he tries to play better defensively, his offence suffers. If he tries to do more offensively, his defence suffers. With his size and talent, he should be able to put up decent numbers while being responsible defensively, but he hasn’t figured out how to do both. He is in his 9th NHL season, he should be a better 2-way defencemen by now. Sorry, I don’t hate him, but I do expect more than he has shown me.

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