Penguins Free Agency Dilema

This Coming Free Agency for the Penguins will decide the future of the franchise. Are they going to be a success for a few seasons or are they going to go full steam ahead with becoming a powerhouse in the NHL for the next several years. Here are the top ten prospects that the Penguins need to consider and not allow other teams in the east or west acquire.

This Coming Free Agency for the Penguins will decide the future of the franchise. Are they going to be a success for a few seasons or are they going to go full steam ahead with becoming a powerhouse in the NHL. Here are the top ten prospects that the Penguins need to consider and not allow other teams in the east or west acquire.

  1. Markus Naslund– I believe this may be the man we get to play with Crosby if Hossa does not sign. A couple downfalls though is his age he is 34 but still averaging about 50 points a year which would put his price maybe right around what we want to pay Hossa. He has also stated he would like to come back to Pittsburgh probably to finish off his career in the next 3 or 4 years???? I give this a 90% chance.

  1. Marian Hossa- Without a doubt I want the Pens to keep Hossa, but he can easily ask for $8.5-$9.5 million a year with the way he plays in the regular season, and if teams are smart they wont give him the most because he only has performed well once in the playoffs and that was playing on a line with? CROSBY! I think he may sign here in Pittsburgh I give it a 85% chance.

  1. Sergei Fedorov- (LOL) I think it is funny I am putting this here but it is a very possible situation. Fedorov has played with greats such as Yzerman and Ovechkin. Why not finish a career with Crosby? His asking price is probably the least out of the top three but has the capability to perform as well if not better than the other two. I give this a 50% chance of happening.

  1. Mark Streit- He is a superb Offensive Defenseman in his three years notching a little over 100 points. He has good defensive skills and may not hit as much as Orpik but if the Pens are unable to keep Orpik he maybe a good substitute. I say a 20% chance of this happening

  1. Wade Redden- A great defensive defenseman only one year where he has had a minus in the NHL not a big hitter but definitely makes up for that in his defense abilities. I doubt that Ottawa will let him go but his asking price I would say will be around $7 to $8 mill a year so who knows but would add much more defensive depth that the Pens need if they expect to defeat a team like Detroit in the Finals. I give this a 15% chance of happening.

  1. Brooks Orpik- I say he was underrated all season even when Therrien decided to throw him up as a forward I didn’t hthis it was necessary. And in the playoffs he was superb demolishing anyone who stood in his way. He has stated he would take a so called hometown discount to stay in Pittsburgh probably around $4mill a year for 3 or 4 years he will take. I give this a 95% chance of happening.

  1. Cory Stillman- Average I’d say 45 points a season asking price $6 mill a good 4 or 5 seasons left in him, another possible teammate of Crosby’s line, but again he isn’t as good as the top three but when he is on he can be a real asset. I give this a 40% chance of happening

  1. Michael Ryder- He is 28 averages about 50 points a season yet not so much luck in the Playoffs. Plays right wing and is a very good finisher when it comes to powerplays. With the way Montreal has been stacking up their team it’s a possibility they maybe looking to clear up some cap space and letting him move on. I say asking proce of $6.5 to $7.5 million for 5 years. I give this a possibility of 35%.

  1. Martin Straka- Yes number 82 without a doubt he had his best season in 00-01 with the Penguins and unfortunately has not had a chance to relive such glory since. His speed has decreased with age and injury but still one of the quickest out there. He has maybe 1 to 2 years of quality playing left and maybe a asset on Crosby or Malkins wing. I give this a 50% chance of happening.

  1. Brian Rolston- Averaging 50 points per year he is a toned down version of Sidney Crosby. May not be as flashy but can finish plays when they are to be finished and can set up plays as they are needed. Probably would be a great pick up by the pens probably around a $7 million a year for about 4 or 5 years. I give this a 40% chance of happening

Notable players from the Pens Organization.

Adam Hall– definitely showed talent through out most of the season and playoffs

Pascal Dupuis- Showed he can skate with Crosby but cant exactly perform with him. Maybe a good line mate of Jordan Staal or even Malkin

Connor James– Even though he only played a few games this past season, there is definitely a part that tells me we need to keep him for depth. He is a lot like a Max Talbot player and we need to have depth in that area of our team.

Ty Conklin- What is there not to be said of Ty? He brought this team together when they believed they were down. A star goaltender and unfortunately has a chance at a starting position on another team but a high quality back up to Marc-Andre Fleury.

8 Responses to Penguins Free Agency Dilema

  1. Kramer says:


    Great time for another sausage race.  Check it out!

  2. wheresthesoda says:

    Ryder asking for 6.5? what are you kidding me, Stillman asking for 6 million. Where the hell did you get these numbers. yea i'm suprised Avery isnt on that list asking for 5 million

  3. habsrock99 says:

    "Mark Streit- He is a superb Offensive Defenseman in his three years notching a little over 100 points. He has good defensive skills…"


    Are you on crack? He has good offensive instincts not superb and notched 62 of his 109 career points last year which coincidentally happend to be his UFA year. And he's quite possibly the worst defender in the NHL today. For every Point Shot he did he made 5 turnovers which turned into quality scoring chances. He makes Bryan McCabe look like Niklas Lidstrom defensively. If the Pens want him, have fun because you'll be cursing the signing everyday for the entire length of the contract. And that actually goes for any team that happens to sign him.

  4. intelligentscorpio says:

    The player names you have are mostly good, except maybe Streit and a couple others. What is funny is the amount of money you are ready to dole out for each of these has beens(on account of Ray Shero), Mario Lemieux and company. Do you think that Shero is stupid enough to pay them 6-7 mil a year?

    Go back and check the nhl salary structures of other reams to learn a thing or two about cap management.

  5. dcz28 says:

    The Pens have Crosby, Malkin and Staal up the middle so remind me again why they would be looking to add another?

    Your salary estimates are beyond crazy…the only ones that are remotely close are Hossa and Orpik, the rest you are off by a couple of millions.

    This UFA crop sucks and not much is worth a lot of money and/or long term deals…glad the Wings pretty much have everything they need already, just need to sign their own players and maybe look to add one player if they find the right fit player wise and salary (short term very likely).

  6. kamullia says:

    I am sorry, but I have to agree with the mill here. Your salaries might as well be helium weather balloons. Also, some notes on the players you mention:

    1. Hossa – One word: Winter. Winter is Hossa’s agent, who is very well known among NHL circles as the equivalent of a Vampire on roofies. Hossa is guaranteed not to return. The Penguins Shero has openly said that the last offer he gave Hossa is the last and firm offer (meaning he will not make further changes). If the offer is not good enough now, how good do you think it will look when the other teams start opening up wallets and trying to outbid each other for his services in the open market?
    2. Federov – why in the world would the Penguins need his services, let alone want them? Absolutely ridiculous. They are overflowing with younger, faster centers, and they certainly have no need for setup men. Federov as a winger, well…might as well give the job to a younger guy with less salary cap for the same expected output.
    3. Streit – Not only does his defensive side lacks what the Penguins need, but they are overflowing w/ offensive defensemen. If anyone is going to take up a roster spot as offensive defensemen other than the ones already in the lineup, it would be Goligoski who’s waiting in the wings for an injury or some kind of trade to get NHL work (with Pens or not).
    4. Redden – the only way Redden will land in Pittsburgh is if he decides beyond doubt that wants to play for the Pens and no other team, regardless of money offers. This is highly unlikely knowing Redden and his dislike for the players in a Pens uniform (the feeling is mutual).
    5. Stillman – he will consider himself lucky if he can last 3 seasons in this NHL without getting bought out. Problem is that if he gets bought out, he wil not ever find a NHL player job.
    6. Ryder & Naslund – actually have a chance of landing in Pittsburgh, but more than likely it will be a player like Huselius to do so.
    7. Straka has proven to be devious and shifty on the ice with the Rangers, the problem is that he does not put enough pucks in the net for the Pens to really get enough out of him. With age being a concern, regardless of how durable he is, he simply is not likely to return to the Pens.
    8. Rolston – is probably the best the Pens can do in free-agency to obtain someone to replace Malone in certain aspects. But many problems here, among them his age and the fact that he wants back with Minnesotta and the Wild feel the same about Brian.
    9. James – he is an unrestricted free agent come July 1st. Why would he want to come back to Pittsburgh is beyond me. For one, the Pens have plenty of players of his caliber or better ahead of him for an NHL spot. Not only that, but if teams feel he is worth it, he will get better pay and better chance with another team. The Pens would have him as a filler in WBS, but that decision is up to James only, and the Pens are not really worried in losing him. They have plenty of players ahead of him in the list of possible stints in the NHL. James probably had his last change at that now.
    10. Conklin – Even bigger guarantee to be gone from the Pens. This is Conklin’s one and only chance at cashing in free-agency from a carrier he resurrected. You really think he would even think about returning to Pittsburgh.

    In short, the vast majority of the players you mentoned are simply not real solutions and simply not worth pursuing from the Pens point of view. Good decent writing, but you need to do a lot more research next time.

  7. ChyldProdigy says:

    "I doubt that Ottawa will let him go"
    If you think for even ONE second that Ottawa will resign Redden, then you are absolutely out of your mind.  Murray has done nothing but sh*t on Redden for not waiving his NTC and can't push him out the door fast enough.  All season long he was throwing Redden to the wolves by publicly stating that he was declining trades. I will go on record and 100% guarantee that Ottawa will not resign him.

  8. HABSSTAR says:

    "Here are the top ten prospects that the Penguins need to consider and not allow other teams in the east or west acquire."

    What are they gonna do, shoot these guys?  Because there's no way they're signing all of them and apparently they can't let any other team in the league acquire them.  LOL!

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