Penguins out of Pittsburgh?

TSN is reporting that Lemiuex and company are unhappy with the progression of getting a new arena in Pittsburgh for the Penguins and is eluding to possibly moving the team.

Mellon arena is the oldest and smallest arena out there and, from what I have heard, it seriously shows it to. After this season, cities can start making bids on the franchise, who in all likelyhood want to stay, but if they can’t, don’t think management won’t pull the plug.

The article reports Kansas City is interested, which to me seems a huge waste (Not sure of how big a hockey community in Kansas could be.) However I have also heard the following possibilities:


Quebec City

Seattle (However, most probably Portland because they have a proper arena)

One question: If you take an eastern conferance team and move it to the west coast, can it still be an eastern conferance team? (Kinda like how Detroit is a Western conferance team). Personally I feel if Seattle or Houston get the franchise we should make it a western team and move Detroit to the conference it belongs in.