Penguins to fire coach?

Rumor has it that Penguins coach Eddie Olczyk will be the first head coach to be fired this season.

Speculation is that the firing could come as early as Friday, October 21. With the most recent loss to the New Jersey Devils at home on October 20 the Penguins have now opened the season without a win through their first seven games.

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  1. Bishop7979 says:

    Although I’m not his biggest fan by any means given that the beat writer for the pittsburgh post gazette just today reinforced how much support Olczyk gets from both Mario and by Craig Patrick I’d be surprised to see this happen.

  2. guinsfan4life says:

    I actually started the Eddie O watch about a week ago.

    No substantiated rumors to the effect and nothing would suggest anything is coming but you have to figure it is…

    First of all, Mario has said that their problems aren’t from a personell standpoint, and they do have Therrien coaching the minor league squad.

  3. Aetherial says:

    Bob Hartley can’t be far behind… yeesh do the Thrashers look auwful lately and the dirty stuff looks bad and reflects on the coach.

  4. cgolding says:

    can the article from prior to the season about how the pens were going to be oh so good get re-posted and i refuted this by pointing out the absolute lack of any defensive talent on the roster? i’m not saying eddie is a very good coach… i don’t think he is… but they don’t have anyone on that team that constitutes a solid two-way player.

    mario is also a coach killer at that…

  5. thatleafsguy says:

    trust me man you weren’t the only one refuting that article……they lack any solid veteran defefensive defensemen, goaltending and 2 way players, pens fans thought they could get by, by simply outscoring the oposition, boy were they wrong, leclair and lemieux are not what they used to be. that team needs major defensive help, and a goalie thats less of a siv then thibault and they need it quick.

    hell i think potvin or dafoe may be better than thibault at this time. they should have signed cujo boy did they make huge mistakes.

    the pens should sign rob zamuner, jeff finley and brad bombardir i think these guys could help them., which is pretty sad really.

  6. Beckfan5 says:

    What I want to know is that if theres no “source” for this speculation then where does the “rumor” come from?


  7. marcs797 says:

    i thought fluery did good in the game i saw against buffalo, though he can thank those 3 red things surrounding him too

  8. FlyersFanForever says:

    I hate to say it but this team is a lost cause. I don’t think that anything can save them.

  9. rmg185 says:

    lol, I agree the pens aren’t too hot and they need to make some changes… but come on, “Lost cause” are you serious??? It’s 7 Games into the regular season. This isn’t football. Lets settle down with the drama here.

  10. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    Its only been 7 games man……………..I guess the Preds and Sens will meet in the finals since they won all their games and teams like L.A, sabres, Carrolina, Minnesota will go to the playoffs since apparently teams cant bounce back after only 7 games…………..

  11. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    I saw 2 pens games so far all and eddie o is doing a crappy job right now Before last night crosby wasdnt on the PP and hes their best damn player and Thibault………………….SUCKS RIGHT NOW Caron has been phenomenal in net they should start goalies for their talent not their name

  12. intelligentscorpio says:

    Olzck is not experienced to take the Pens out of this losing spiral. He has never coached before in the NHL. Last season was an AHL team, and he looked interesting because nobody in their right mind expected them to win anything.
    Now, we have the big boys playing, who are mature and have a certain style of play they are used to. Eddie O needs to show leadership, show them that he can be trusted to win.
    I think, if Patrick wants to take this team anywhere, he needs to get a solid defensive defenceman, and a solid 2 way centre. That’s the minimum. Then give the coach 10 games to show what he can do with this team.
    It may be too late by this time to get in the playoffs. However, a good foundation and a good roster can only get better and win in the near future.

  13. cementhead says:

    We are 7 games into the season and you think it may be too late to get into the playoffs?

    OK… step back, breathe deeply, and reassess.

  14. WYflyerfan says:

    Crosby is thier best player?? Are you serious. I watched him play several games and I don’t think he looks that great. The one game I watched it looked like he was crying to the ref at every stoppage. I cannot stand players like that. He needs to shut up and play the game. He hasn’t earned the right to complain about calls.

  15. WYflyerfan says:

    If you think its that bad I gues the Flyers won’t make the playoffs.

  16. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    He has passion for the game and his team and he wants his team to win and not the best player? his points and play say otherwise

  17. hockeynut says:

    Someone inside the Pens organization.

    I cannot disclose the exact source for obvious reasons.

  18. Kamakaze says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again…

    Everyone pinned this team to be in the playoffs, people even though they would be on top of the conference. NO team in ANY sport this day and age wins on scoring points alone. There are teams that can win by playing a more offensive game, but ALL championship teams know how to play SOME defense. It’s just a fact.

    This team has ONE defensive defenseman and he is a rookie. Their goalie is very average, however it isn’t his fault. NO ONE is helping him. You couldn’t put anyone back there to keep the puck out of the net. This team plays NO team defense, hell, the defense doesn’t even play defense.

    I don’t know how good of a coach Ed is, but this wasn’t the right job for him. They need someone who will tell Mario to sit down and shut up and backcheck. A guy who will slap Crosby upside the head and put him on the 4th line and tell him to work. Someone who will punch Gonchar in the face and tell him to earn some ice time by playing his position at least SOMETIMES.

    Then they need to get guys who can do more than just score or hit. They need defensive players, a two-way center, some defensive defensemen. Guys who play consistent, smart and aggressive. They don’t need to get a ton of muckers and grinders, but they need guys who play smart, night in and night out.

    The point is, Olczyk just can’t do this. It isn’t his fault, he just don’t know enough and he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy. You need a coach with a big ego who will swagger in there and demand EVERYTHING from these kid of guys or else they just won’t get it done, and Ed just can’t do that, he doesn’t command that kind of respect at this point in his career. Let him work as an assistant, maybe even in the minors, and give him time, he may turn out to be a good coach. But right now this team is not for him.

  19. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    Have you even seen the pens defense this year and i dont mean sit there and read it on paper actually watch a game it may not be OTT defense but it isnt as bad as you seem to believe the BIG reason why they arent playing well is because of incomplete passes ALWAYS it goes Player to boards to player or Player to boards to other team they just arent getting passes through to the other players stick. dont let your mind fool you just because a defensemen has alot of points under his belt doesnt mean they cant play defense

  20. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    Ive heard all the reasons why the pens are doing crap and mostly it is pointed toward their defense let me say it isnt as bad as you think it isnt the best in the league but its really not that bad they have almost all their defensemen playing defense just because Gonchar has a few points under his belt does not mean he cant play defense if you people actually watched a pens game youd understand what m talking about reading it in words is not the same as watching a game plain and simple

    Now the REAL reason the pens are doing crap lies mostly on Incomplete passing they cant pass to each other NONE of their passes go through to the other players stick except for crosbys it always goes from player to boards to player or other team and this is a huge problem that has lead to almost all their defeats they arent playing like a team there playing like a whole team of Jagrs

    Goaltending is also an issue Thibault looks like hes flopping around the ice half the time and going down too fast now Caron on the other hand has proven nothing but being an awesome goalie whenever he is put in net pens do good and go to OT or he will be put in half way through the game andf not let in any goals Caron is the way to go here

  21. G0LEAFSG0 says:

    bob hartley should go “it was a clean hit on lindros” then bolton elbows a tampa bay player? was that a clean hit too?

  22. Freeze says:

    Won’t it be hard for any coach to succeed in Pittsburgh with Mario around (player and owner)? Sure, go right ahead and bench Mario and Mario might turn around and fire you.

    If you’re going to change coaches, you have to get rid of Mario too. But how is that going to happen?

  23. Bishop7979 says:

    My only real problem is the comment on crosby. have you seen more than 1 pens game in person?

    “A guy who will slap Crosby upside the head and put him on the 4th line and tell him to work.”

    He and Recchi are the two hardest working players on the team. they produce they backcheck, they skate hard and they work along the boards and infont of the net.

    Crosby isnt Lecalivier in his rookie season coasting along on his rep, he’s out there working and taking control of games, even when others are coasting along on their reps (mario, Leclair, gonchar)

    “This team has ONE defensive defenseman and he is a rookie”

    the pens have no rookie defensmen on the team this year. the closest is a 24 year old Orpik who was a rookie who played in all 82 games the year before the lockout.

    I’m not eddies biggest fan, but he isnt the right coach for a team full of vets. hes a great teacher of young fowards, guys who as a 36 year old ex player he can relate to. but when there are guys who are the main forces in the lockerroom who are older than him, more respected as players than he was, and are still playing the game, I cant see him having the kind of control a guy with a keenan like persona would get.

  24. Kamakaze says:

    I have seen the Penguins play, and while I admit I might be harsh on Crosby, I think the point is that he is a young kid and he should be taught to work hard all the time, and I kind of feel like if they just let him do his thing and be easy on him, he will just coast the rest of his career. That’s why I think someone with more disciplin would work for him in the long run.

    As for Orpik, he was the play I was refering too, and I admit I didn’t realise he played a full season before the lockout, but I have heard good things from him as far as being a good defensive defenseman.

    I agree about the respect factor. Kind of what I was trying to getting at. I kind of feel like this team needs a coach who, if Mario doesn’t do EVERYTHING he needs to do, he will bench him or demote the guy to less ice time. I’m not saying Mario should be benched, but I think someone with the kind of guts and nerve to do that, is the kind of guy they need to have, because you’re right, I don’t think this team is playing as well as they can. They are playing on reputation, and not so much on heart and hard work.

  25. panthers1788 says:

    What are you talking about, that is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Why would you want to sit a Hall of Fame Player like Lemieux, and don’t even tell me is it because he is looking old and doesn’t deserve to be playing. The guy is still at least one of the top 15 players in the league. Eddie needs to get Lemieux back on the wing. Also, who cares about spreading out your talent put Lemieux and Crosby on the same line and jump start something. Those two would just feed each other. Yes maybe Crosby is a little faster than Lemieux but having Lemieux be your late trailer is not such a bad thing.

  26. johnnymouthpiece says:

    Can’t comment on Olczyk but Craig MacTavish and his entire staff in Edmonton deserve the axe. They’ve blamed it on financial inequity for years but now we’re seeing the real reason why the Oilers are mediocre and falling fast; coaches that cannot properly motivate or prepare their players. The Old Boys Club must be dismantled. I would say turf Lowe too, just to make it a clean sweep. While he hasn’t been a bad GM, he hasn’t been a great one either.

  27. Beckfan5 says:

    And you are????????????

  28. FlyersFanForever says:

    Yes, it is a young season and I am really not trying to extrapolate from the pens recent numbers. If that were so I would have provided some possible stats. The most likely senario is that Pittsburgh gambled and lost. I used to think that CP was an incredible GM but he is truely lost. Not one move he has made has paid off. What’s even more amazing is that everyone was saying stupid things like..”Mario is the real coach”…”Mario runs the show”…Mario, Mario, Mario. Damn it, I like him more than anyone that has ever played the game but let’s be real here, they can’t handle any of the teams that they’ve played against with exception of Columbus and that team was destroyed by the flu. Look people, talk to me when this team does something worth talking about except losing. Hell, they could lose every game but they won’t, they’ll most likely lose most. Mario is not the answer and until he stops being the Pens bread and butter, they will suck. I hope it all works out. Really, I do.

  29. Kamakaze says:

    I think that is part of the problem. Either Mario at some point has to step down as a player, or accept the fact that while he is the owner of the club, he might not always know what’s best on the ice, and so part of that is him being able to take that kind of criticism, and work with it as any good player would, make the best of what the coach does or says, and set an example for the rest of the team.

    He is one of the biggest coach killers of all, because this time, if the player doesn’t like you or what you say, they won’t just not listen or complain, he will personally fire you himself. Good luck finding a coach who can deal with that and put together a good team…

  30. panthers1788 says:

    Where do you guys come up with this stuff at. How many coaches has Mario made it public that he doesn’t believe in their system or shows some type of “Coaching” on the team and not letting the coach do that?

  31. thatleafsguy says:

    I think Hartley will go before Olczyk, hes falling flat on his face right now.

  32. guinsfan4life says:

    What bothers me most about Eddie O is his demeanor behind the bench. He constantly has his head in his hands. The stress of the job appears to have already gotten to him. I think that he has shown leadership and they can trust him to win; case in point he is starting T-bo in goal today after his dismal performance against the devils, and he came back with MAF after he allowed in 5 goals in a previous game. So I think he has showed that he has trust in the players to turn it around.

    They shouldn’t need any additional players. They already shouldn’t be this bad to need other players, however it is what it is. I agree they do need a center, perhaps one that can win faceoffs, which they are horrible at. Rumor has it they are interested in Brendan Witt, which would be an upgrade.

  33. FlyersFanForever says:

    I agree with you WYflyerfan, Crosby hasn’t looked that good. It’s Recchi that makes him look good and he’s starting to whine again just like in the juniors. His numbers are very misleading.

  34. Kamakaze says:

    I don’t think it’s something “Mario Does”. I guess you could say it’s just the psychology of the situation. How do you reprimand your boss? That can be difficult in it’s self, but then your boss is one of the greatest ever in his field, and arguably commands more respect in his field than anyone else. That isn’t something your average joe can do, especially a younger coach like Olcyk (sp?).

  35. Kamakaze says:

    He is almost in the same situation, but at least Hartly has a couple good defensive forwards. I think Atlanta’s team is a lot better actually, so I’m surprised at how they are playing. But again, they have a shaky goalie situation, a very young kid, and an older veteran. They seem to be fine upfront, with some decent scoring depth, and some pretty good checkers, grinders those kind of guys, but defensively, they are kind of a mess. I haven’t seen too many of their games, but it seems like they either route their opponents, or get routed themselves…

    They are facing some injuries though, and I think once their goalies get healthy, he will start to seriously be evaluated. If he gets his goalies back and they still aren’t winning at least sometimes, then he will have some problems.

  36. intelligentscorpio says:

    Let me correct you on this. Mario does not run the team on the bench, that’s Olzchk’s job. Mario earlier in his career had some problems with Isbaseto and some other idiot coach brought in by the now bankcrupt ownership. Any player with this calibre of talent would have raised objections to bad coaching. Look at Jagr, he forced Patrick to bring in Hlinka, then asked for him to be fired if Pens wanted him to play.
    So stop the MARIO, MARIO rant for all the Pens problems.MARIO is still a force to be reckoned with. He had a goal and an assist in the NJ game, i.e. 66% of all scoring !! The team has played bad all seven games, so don’t blame Mario for everythin bad in Pensland.

  37. PensCrosby87 says:

    Gonchar has taken WAY too many penalties. He has put the Pens 2 men down on 3 different occasions. Also if you watch the Pens D they have just a horrible time trying to get the puck out of their own zone. This causes too much cycling in their zone and they get tired which results in a stupid penalty. I do agree that the Pens passes have been horrible. Too many passes have been blind cross ice passes that result in the opposing team intercepting the pass and skating right in on net. And Thibault, no wonder we got him for what amounts to a 6 pack of Bud light. Hope the Pens turn it around soon!!

  38. FlyersFanForever says:

    I’m not blaming Mario for anything. My rant was really about some of the people on this site claiming that he’s the coach just because he’s Mario, though, those claims were made a couple months ago. Strangely enough these were the same people that claimed Pit had one of the best defenses in the NHL. Obviously, they don’t. I really do feel bad for Edzo. He’s may not be a great coach but he kicked ass as a commentator with Lang. My roommate and I used to laugh our asses off b/c they sounded drunk half the time. Thanks for your honesty and respect.

  39. FlyersFanForever says:

    While I feel obligated to dislike the Pens, being a Flyers fan and all, I can’t rag on Edzo. Yeah, maybe he not a very good coach right now but with time I think he could be much, much better than he is. I just hope they stick with him a little longer (if not the whole season) and he doesn’t lose the respect of the players. He deserves more time. Mario seems to like him also so that should keep him around.

  40. rojoke says:

    Hartley may have a more leeway than Eddie O, besides the fact that this isn’t his first pro coaching job in his life. Hartley lost his two starters within a week, and his number two guy before camp ever opened up. And with Dunham back in a week or more, he’ll have the chance to get the team back on track. That and he’s won games this season.

    Eddie O is just in over his head. The worst thing that ever happened to him was the lockout. If the cap hadn’t come in, the Penguins never would have signed guys like Recchi and Leclair, the expectations wouldn’t have been as great, and he could have grown with the team a little better. But with Mario and the rest of the Pens ownership suddenly being able to get some guys who could play now, and trying to get a new arena built, they need a good club, a competitive club, to justify the investment in a new building. Is he capable of providing the coaching to make this club significantly better in the next month or so before they lose any optimism amongst the Pens fans? They have Michel Therrien in Wilkes-Barre just waiting for Craig or Mario to press the eject button.

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