Pen's Igloo Melting & Number of Game Suspension Gone Out of Hand

When in the world is Lemieux going to play a game, and is Colin Campbell doing a good job? How should the NHL regulate the suspensions?Lemieux’s hip problem injures Pens

Hedberg has become less popular, Straka is not scoring, and where is Kovalev? One line cannot win you a game easily. Lemieux has missed two straight games because of a hip muscle injury, and he is still questionable for Sunday’s game. Where is this leading to? It appears that Lemieux is now a very high injury prone player. Not only will he miss the games he said he would throughout the season, but now he might miss games because of injuries. This would not have been a huge problem if Jagr was there. The Penguins without Lemieux equals no playoffs. Lemieux should be playing next game after Sunday for sure, but it does not mean that he will be all fresh and healthy.

The Penguins must act quickly before running at any risks where Lemieux will miss more than 15 games this season. And yes, that means they should make a trade, without receiving another number of prospects obviously.

Members who have joined the HTR Hockey Pool and have Lemieux selected, do not worry too much. When Lemieux plays a healthy game, he will score points, however, Lemieux must play with a skillful winger like Kovalev or Straka.

Colin Campbell’s does not know his limits

It has been reported that Igor Ulanov and Dale Purinton of the New York Rangers have been suspended for 7 games. Colin Campbell stated that both of the players’ checks could have been very dangerous. He also stated “Prior to the start of the season, all clubs were advised that there would be a stricter enforcement regarding illegal hits to the head.”

How did this guy get this job anyway? So let me get this straight. Bill Guerin’s slash towards Patrick Stefan’s jaw, which ended up breaking the jaw, was only worth 3 games suspension. It is incorrect to say it was accidental, because it was not accidental. It very much reminds me of McSorley’s slash on Brashear’s head. Guerin’s slash was intentional, as he was facing Stefan’s head.

Results: 1-Intentional slash; 2-Injured player

Purinton’s so called “high stick”, was not intentional to injure the player, but it was intentional to start a fight with him, yes a fighting instigator.

Results: 1-Intentional instigator for fighting; 2-No injured player

Ulanov’s high stick check was very intentional. He lost his control, and aimed a high stick/crosscheck at Konowalchuk’s face.

Results: 1-Intenioal high stick; 2-No injured player.

Colin Campbell has done a very bad job in the past few years with giving out suspensions. Last seaspn, did Nolan really deserve 11 games suspension? Later, Audette’s cheap shot slash, deserved 4 games suspension? It does not make sense, not one bit. So, there should be better regulations for suspensions, not depending on one’s opinion. Here are my thoughts on what the NHL rules for suspensions should be:

Slash to the head= 3 game suspion without injury, 6 game suspension with injury.

Cross Check Boarding= 6 game suspension with injury, Game Misconduct without injury.

Elbow/punch to the head= 5 game suspension without injury, 8 game suspension with injury.

I think that is the way it should be. It is a joke that suspensions depend on one’s opinion, because Campbell went way out of hand with this one. What are your thoughts on this?

Micki Peroni

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